28 Feb 2013

We've Made History.

Winner of 2013 Fac Shield.

Thank you Artemis. This wouldn't have been possible at all without each and every one of you. With your enthusiasm, craziness and strong love for Artemis, we won the 2013 Fac Shield. It is still so unbelievable and it feels so surreal but yes we did it. We won the 2013 Fac Shield.

Thank you for giving us so much hope, thank you for displaying such strong fac pride. Thank you for initiating cheers, it really made us smile :) Thank you for being so brave when defending our structure during War Games; you guys made history (again) for being the first batch of Artemisians to win War Games. Thank you for working so hard for the SODACHE Challenge; you guys were really creative and everyone certainly enjoyed themselves. Thank you for being so enthusiastic for fac dance, thank you for keeping your lines straight, thank you for chanting so so loudly, thank you for giving us such a wonderful POP experience. You guys were certainly outta your mind, y'all got your craze on and of course, the audience was electrified :) We've gone through so much together as a faculty, and everyone really played a role in achieving our dream of clinching the Fac Shield together. As Fac Comm, we love you guys so so much and you guys made our efforts worthwhile. We really like to thank you for giving us the best orientation experience ever; it was really so amazing and wonderful :')

As we close this Orientation chapter, we hope that your fac pride for Artemis will continue to grow even stronger. Do support your friends who are part of the Dramafeste Cast & Crew in Dramafeste next Thur & Fri! Till then, have fun in school! Once again, thank you so much, we love you all.

Who are we are we are we?
Cool blue sexy Artemis <3

With lots & lots & lots of love,
Artemis Fac Comm 12'13

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