24 Feb 2013

Royal Invitation to Dramafeste 2013

Hey Artemisians,

Have you been wondering how to buy tickets?

Fret not, the emb message for ticket orders will be posted on MONDAY 25 FEB.

Unfortunately, Prince Charming's (not so) Grand Ballroom (a.k.a. the LT3) is not nearly enough to host every single one of you, hence only the first 85 orders for each day will get their tickets.

Alas, as the Charming fortune has been splurged by the royal heir, His Majesty cannot afford to hold the ball for free. Thus, we regretfully inform you that the invite costs $5 for the 7th of March and $6 for the 8th of March. The higher charges for the Friday Ball is because ambassadors from lands far and beyond will be attending the festivities, and judging the standards of Prince Charming's Ball in comparison to the ones held by the Kingdoms of Apollo, Athena and Ares.

As such, you can expect much entertainment because His Majesty does not do things halfway. In his 18th Birthday Ball, He has hired well-renowned jesters, carpenters, artisans, seamstresses and technicians from our very own kingdom (a.k.a. your own classmates in the cast and crew), and his Royal Court (a.k.a. the Artemis Fac Comm and Dramafeste Committee i/cs) have worked tirelessly for weeks to ensure that every single one of you will have a ball of a time!

p.s. note that while the message will be posted in the afternoon, only reservations after 5pm will be entertained (to ensure fairness for classes which end late).

With Love,
His Majesty's Royal Court
Artemis Fac Comm '12 - '13

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