10 Feb 2013

Learning the Fac Dance.

Hi artemisians,

Here's your friendly guide to learning the AWESOME-EST ARTEMIS FACULTY DANCE EVER! Stay tuned to this blog post for all the tutorials, mirrored and slow-mo, and the back view as well!

Firstly, what better way is there than to watch our Faculty Dance video again! :D a very big thank you to every single one of you who have supported us and are still cheering us on! This year's Faculty Dance will be CRAZY and every single Artemisian of batch 2013 will show how CRAZY WE CAN BE DURING POP!! :))

To avoid confusion, since some juniors have reflected that it's hard to learn the dance from the actual dance video, here's the MIRRORED version for you to learn from! This should solve any confusion! :)

The tutorial videos are not out yet, so do look out for them by the end of Sunday night!! Sorry for that, meanwhile, we do have some short tutorial videos for specific moves also available on ArtemisFaccomm youtube channel!

Last but not least, here's the Fac Dance Track for you all to download. Please please please do take the initiative to learn by yourselves and perfect the moves! By Wednesday, we hope that all of you are ready to show it to us! :) http://tiny.cc/artemisfacdance2013

With most sincere gratitude for walking the road with us,
Artemis Faccomm 12/13 <3 #artemislove

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