4 Feb 2013

Day 6

We know it feels like the end of the week today thanks to our timetable rearrangements but unfortunately it's Tuesday tomorrow :/ But hopefully this will cheer you up! :D

We all noticed how much you loved our dance dare that was released last night, but did we tell you that it's only half of what we have? Well, now you know!

Today, our trailer is for the new J1s out there. Last Friday, while you were having icebreakers with your OGs and SODACHE session, we went around to visit you and your OGLs ;) see if you can spot your OGs and OGLs, or even yourselves in our third and final dance trailer!

As you might have noticed, our two dance dare trailers showcased some of the cool and sexy moves we have in our Fac Dance. With all the clues you have gathered thus far, what do you think our Fac dance is actually like? :)

It's coming very soon.

View our full playlist for Fac dance: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLBTV1kDv_VqcoYyBc-zKt0PJa6EdJdjk

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