12 Feb 2013


Face-Off, an Artemis Dramafeste 2012 production.
Are you a budding actor or actress?
Interested in designing props for our play?
Think you can flatter our play with your talent in film-making or Photoshop?
Want to help beautify and handsome-fy other Artemisians?
Do you know your stuff when it comes to Lights and Sounds?

If you answered YES OMG YES to any of these answers, sign-up for Dramafeste already! (Also applies to answers like "yes" or "maybe..")
If you're interested in joining Artemis Dramafeste 2013 as an actor, or as a crew member in Props, Costumes and Makeup, Lights and Sounds or Publicity, do tell your senior CT Rep!

BUT WE ALSO STRONGLY APPEAL TO ALL THE ARTEMISIAN GIRLS OUT THERE! If you're slightly interested in becoming our actress, don't be shy and just give it a try!

There is absolutely no drawback to being part of the Artemis Dramafeste 2013 family! Let me just show you its benefits:
You'll end up being a much more confident speaker!
Unforgettable memories.

Auditions start tomorrow, the 13th & there'll be another session on the 14th. They will be from 4-8PM on each day so do head on down if you want to be an actor or actress!

If you really really really cannot join Dramafeste 2013, then be sure to make the 7th and 8th of March free! On those 2 days, you can see the fruit of our hard labour and enjoy a wonderful play :)

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