20 Feb 2013

Behold... The Artemis App!

Hey Artemis!
The long-awaited Artemis iPhone App is finally here! Viewing the Artemis blog on the iPhone has never been easier!

Here are 5 reasons WHY you should install the Artemis App:
1) Stay updated on our news on the Artemis blog!
2) Show off how COOL Artemis is to have our very own iPhone app!
3) It's updated to fit the new iPhone 5 screen, and it looks AWESOMEE!!!
4) Have lots of fun scrolling through the blog posts and admiring the beautiful thumbnails!

Android users! Do not fret! Even though you are unable to install the app, you can still visit the application using the web browser on your phone at http://artemis.neq3.com/artemisapp ! It is the official mobile version of the blog and should work just fine on Android devices. It looks exactly like the iPhone app so you aren't left out!

Below are the instructions for installing the Artemis App! This set of instructions can also be found under "Links"!
So hurry up and visit bit.ly/artemismobile to install the iPhone webapp! Upload photos of the app on your homescreen to Facebook and Twitter to showcase your Artemis Pride!

With Lots of Love,
Artemis Faccomm 12/13

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