28 Feb 2013

We've Made History.

Winner of 2013 Fac Shield.

Thank you Artemis. This wouldn't have been possible at all without each and every one of you. With your enthusiasm, craziness and strong love for Artemis, we won the 2013 Fac Shield. It is still so unbelievable and it feels so surreal but yes we did it. We won the 2013 Fac Shield.

Thank you for giving us so much hope, thank you for displaying such strong fac pride. Thank you for initiating cheers, it really made us smile :) Thank you for being so brave when defending our structure during War Games; you guys made history (again) for being the first batch of Artemisians to win War Games. Thank you for working so hard for the SODACHE Challenge; you guys were really creative and everyone certainly enjoyed themselves. Thank you for being so enthusiastic for fac dance, thank you for keeping your lines straight, thank you for chanting so so loudly, thank you for giving us such a wonderful POP experience. You guys were certainly outta your mind, y'all got your craze on and of course, the audience was electrified :) We've gone through so much together as a faculty, and everyone really played a role in achieving our dream of clinching the Fac Shield together. As Fac Comm, we love you guys so so much and you guys made our efforts worthwhile. We really like to thank you for giving us the best orientation experience ever; it was really so amazing and wonderful :')

As we close this Orientation chapter, we hope that your fac pride for Artemis will continue to grow even stronger. Do support your friends who are part of the Dramafeste Cast & Crew in Dramafeste next Thur & Fri! Till then, have fun in school! Once again, thank you so much, we love you all.

Who are we are we are we?
Cool blue sexy Artemis <3

With lots & lots & lots of love,
Artemis Fac Comm 12'13

24 Feb 2013

Royal Invitation to Dramafeste 2013

Hey Artemisians,

Have you been wondering how to buy tickets?

Fret not, the emb message for ticket orders will be posted on MONDAY 25 FEB.

Unfortunately, Prince Charming's (not so) Grand Ballroom (a.k.a. the LT3) is not nearly enough to host every single one of you, hence only the first 85 orders for each day will get their tickets.

Alas, as the Charming fortune has been splurged by the royal heir, His Majesty cannot afford to hold the ball for free. Thus, we regretfully inform you that the invite costs $5 for the 7th of March and $6 for the 8th of March. The higher charges for the Friday Ball is because ambassadors from lands far and beyond will be attending the festivities, and judging the standards of Prince Charming's Ball in comparison to the ones held by the Kingdoms of Apollo, Athena and Ares.

As such, you can expect much entertainment because His Majesty does not do things halfway. In his 18th Birthday Ball, He has hired well-renowned jesters, carpenters, artisans, seamstresses and technicians from our very own kingdom (a.k.a. your own classmates in the cast and crew), and his Royal Court (a.k.a. the Artemis Fac Comm and Dramafeste Committee i/cs) have worked tirelessly for weeks to ensure that every single one of you will have a ball of a time!

p.s. note that while the message will be posted in the afternoon, only reservations after 5pm will be entertained (to ensure fairness for classes which end late).

With Love,
His Majesty's Royal Court
Artemis Fac Comm '12 - '13

20 Feb 2013

Behold... The Artemis App!

Hey Artemis!
The long-awaited Artemis iPhone App is finally here! Viewing the Artemis blog on the iPhone has never been easier!

Here are 5 reasons WHY you should install the Artemis App:
1) Stay updated on our news on the Artemis blog!
2) Show off how COOL Artemis is to have our very own iPhone app!
3) It's updated to fit the new iPhone 5 screen, and it looks AWESOMEE!!!
4) Have lots of fun scrolling through the blog posts and admiring the beautiful thumbnails!

Android users! Do not fret! Even though you are unable to install the app, you can still visit the application using the web browser on your phone at http://artemis.neq3.com/artemisapp ! It is the official mobile version of the blog and should work just fine on Android devices. It looks exactly like the iPhone app so you aren't left out!

Below are the instructions for installing the Artemis App! This set of instructions can also be found under "Links"!
So hurry up and visit bit.ly/artemismobile to install the iPhone webapp! Upload photos of the app on your homescreen to Facebook and Twitter to showcase your Artemis Pride!

With Lots of Love,
Artemis Faccomm 12/13

16 Feb 2013



Once again, great job for POP and War Games! :D:D

But don't let your faculty spirit burn out, because we will need your support for our upcoming event:


Thank you so much for the enthusiastic (and admittedly completely shocking and downright overwhelming) support so far! Out of the 116 sign-ups (I really didn't expect this many), we have finally selected our finalised cast and crew members for this production!

(I would select every single one of you but unfortunately we have a limit of 40 people :< )

So here goes!


i/c: Arthur Chionh from 12S7H (also director and scriptwriter OMG cool max)

13S61 Yeo Swee Guan

13S63 Denise Tan Yi Xuan

13S67 Zeng Fang Ni

13S67 Amanda Chua

13S6B Andrea Yong

13S7F Goh Hui Ting

i/c: Shi Guan Ming from 12S7B

13S61 Justin Arsita Kasin

13S61 Gee Ping Tan

13S63 Boey Rui Yu

13S63 Lee Dao Ming

13S63 Loy Kheng Fang

13S63 Teng Ying Wen

13S65 Lim Tenn Shaun

13S69 Lionel Lim

13S6B Yong Zhu Cheng

13S6D Ng Tze Yi

13S6D Kevin Chee Wei Jie

13S6D Joshua Ng Qi Hao

13S6F Liew Ying Qi

13S6F Joshua Tan

i/c: Prisca Ho from 12S61

12S61 Rui Sian

13S61 Gabriel Tan

13S61 Kwok Si Ting

13S63 Shi Yu Yan

13S6H Tan Ze Nuo

13S7B Chiang Yan Li

i/c: Nicole Lim from 12S7H

13S61 Svena Yu Rui Xin

13S61 Kim Miyeon

13S6D Ferina Liong

13S7B Ma Qian Hui

Khor Ru Shan from 12S6D 

13S61 Joel Lee

13S6B Aloysius Mok

13S6D Chee Kai Hao

13S7B Cho Ming En

Stephanie Tan from 12S6D 

Congratulations to every one who were selected (: (:

Remember to buy tickets to Dramafeste 2013 and support your friends and ARTEMIS!


your DF i/cs Tiff&WX,
on behalf of
Artemis FC '12-'13

The true winners. A letter from us Dance ICs.

#written on 15 feb 2013.

Hi Artemis!

It's your Dance ICs writing this post here, and beware of a really long post, but these are things that we sincerely want to say to you guys so hope y'all read! :) (and for other facs, if you find it offensive at any point, please don't take it to heart :) we're quite emotional as well)

Thank You
from the bottom of our hearts! You guys have proven to us that you are winners in every aspect! When the announcer didn't mention Artemis as the winner, we shed a tear, not because we didn't win, but because we know that every single one of you put in your heart, your sweat and all your effort into this Fac Dance.

So forget about the trophy, forget about the competition, today you have proven more than that to us. When we scolded y'all for not being loud enough, for not being high enough, and for not chanting as loud as we expected, one thing you showed us today was the determination to change. You showed us darn right during POP itself that y'all can cheer, can be high, and more importantly, you guys showed us your pride for Artemis and the Fac Dance!

The many other comments about your "LINES", your "Booowap Bo wapu wapu Waaooo", "Jump jump slide" etc. you took note of them and changed it. Everything was just perfect during POP itself. From the first day till now, every single one of you have transformed from newcomers to friggin' dance professionals, so we as Dance ICs are extremely proud of you guys because ultimately we have made you love dance and have fun!

There's something that has really touched us this past few days. And that is when we were walking around school to our lectures or whatever purposes, we saw Artemis classes practicing their fac dance amongst yourselves. Sometimes we said hi, sometimes we didn't cuz we didn't want to interrupt, so we just 心里暗爽 a bit haha, but IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, when we saw that, a part of our hearts melted. You guys have touched us through such little things and this is already more than enough for us :')

Also when Haoqing and I ran out of our voices during the pracs, shouting at y'all and correcting your mistakes, we are thankful that many of you tried to shush the crowd down and tell your neighbours to give their attention to us.

Regardless of the result, don't be discouraged because what matters most, is that we had fun and that we showed our Artemis spirit tonight!

Memories spent together
Now that that marks the closure of your orientation, and soon to come is the busy-ness of school work, tutorials and block tests, I really want you guys to remember all the memories made this past week, not just with us, Faccomm, but also with your class! 

On the first day of Fac intro, when all of you walked into the hall, we were ecstatic seeing you for the first time! Then it came to our first ever debut showcase of the Fac Dance just for y'all. I bet that when you saw the mask and heard the dubstep, you were like "woah!!" right? hahaha. Anyway the response from y'all was great, and soon after came much positive response from other Hwa Chongians as well :)

Then came our first dance prac. The weather was pretty bad and my phone playing the music was drenched. We stood on the wooden stage teaching all of you the first song Outta Your Mind, with rain constantly splashing on us. There was thunder and I remember making that stupid comment "Even the heavens are cheering for us". That was first time you guys showed your Artemis spirit, after winning War Games, the cheers from you all maintained at high levels throughout the dance practice.

Everything went smoothly, we finished teaching you the first 2 songs, and I tell you something, you guys learn fast. Between that CNY and the next Wednesday, like I mentioned earlier, we saw Artemis classes practicing by themselves :')

On the second practice, it was yet another unforgettable experience. Running out of venues, we chose the terraces and practiced in the midst of Track and field training. We blasted the music and shouted at the top of our lungs. But all of you yet again learnt intently even after the sun set. I remember the point when our electricity got cut off, but we decided to have one final run. Without amplifiers, we used a X-mini portable speaker that was essentially not loud enough for everyone to hear. But with your chants and stuff, everyone danced with all their hearts just like wolves coming out at night <3

The third practice came as quite a shock to us. Especially after practicing within your classes, when we gathered at the central plaza, that was the point when we thought "You guys did it". The effect was there, all of you remembered the moves without us dancing in front, and the chants were also almost there!
We continued to clean up at AOA after the central plaza blockings, and it started raining again. The heavens were being kind on us.

Then.. it finally came to Today. Our last practice before POP. And personally I hope the biggest takeaway today was the prep talk that we gave you at EP3 Shed. Haha, singing the whole dance as a faculty while each class sent 2 dancers up to dance was a refreshing and fun experience. And doing the butt shakes to Hey Soul Sister.

Then, it was time to show what we have learnt for the past week, in POP. And you guys gave your all. Really, no regrets. Both for you and for us. <3

This marks the end of your POP journey and for us Dance ICs as well. We spent the last few months choreographing, selecting and mixing the music, deciding the prop, to make this dance for you. And you performed our hard work beautifully. For that, we thank you more than anything!

And finally, go and watch the fruits of your hard work :) :

(credits to PenguinParadisology for the video)

Yours Sincerely,
Artemis Dance ICs
Weng Shern and Hao Qing

and on behalf of the whole Artemis Faccomm 12/13

14 Feb 2013

Everything POP!

Hello Artemis!! Great job to everyone today and well done! Y’all look like almost finished products of some awesome breakthrough machinery that’s gonna entertain the crowd with your ROBOTIC and ELECTRIC dance! :D Now here’s all you need to know to make tomorrow a stunner for not just us to remember, but for Hwa Chong to remember and for the camera to capture!

Before we start on anything, let’s start with the most important thing of all: the Judging Rubrics

We really need every single one of you to be present for POP okayy! Part of the judging goes to which faculty has the most people, or more specifically, how enthusiastic is each class in participating! So guys, do turn up in your ARTEMIS FAC SHIRT AND JEANS ok!!

Mentioned earlier, we need you guys to really go crazy. Drink redbull, get a sugar rush just before, by hook or by crook LET’S GET THE MOMENTUM ON AND WE NEED ALL OF YOU TO CHANT, SHOUT AND HIGH WITH US THE WHOLE TIME EVEN BEFORE! Even during the dance, what is most important? CHANTS AND HOW “FULL OUT” YOU GUYS DANCE. Basically what I mean is to really exxxaagggeerrattee your movements and make every step obvious such that you look like you’re proud of dancing every single step. Remember, you guys only get to dance it once, so do it well, do it with all your MIGHT!!!

Guys, I kept shouting today “LINES” “LINES”, you can see how friggin’ important that is, make sure no matter what, BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS AND align whenever possible. Just don’t do it during the moves itself, when there is silence or no moves, then adjust! But from the looks of today, you guys are awesome so KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Wow factor
Same thing as Neatness, if you want people to WOW at us, keep your movements SHARP AND NEAT. Keep practicing the fac dance tonight and familiarize yourself with the beat and the dance steps, so everything will be super fluid and FULL OUT tomorrow!

Now that y’all know the judging rubrics, please please please remember all we mentioned today and correct your mistakes!!! Do not repeat the same mistakes you’ve been making all this while, and put that effort to change J

Anyway, now for the second most important thing: THE PROCEDURE (and things to take note along the way)

We are the second faculty to be called up, after Athena so everyone just prepare everything beforehand! Attach your mask to back of your head and your wristband, and on the MC’s cue, we will start shouting “Why will we win this, cuz we are Artemis!” infinite times till we finally reach our positions, as attached here! This will take no more than 2 minutes. After Dance IC’s count of 3, everyone will WE ARE ARTEMIS and wave your hand and face the back together!

The music will then start and just GO ALL OUT! After the dance, Dance ICs will lead “Who are we are we are we” cheer, please please guys respond spontaneously and immediately and HIGHly~~ DO whatever you want, throw your masks, SHOUT HEY HEY HEY HEY whatever, then afterwards we will chant “Why will we win this, cuz we are Artemis!” till we leave the stage!

Keep your highness throughout and only feel SHAG after the whole thing KAYS!! J))


The formation image is located in an earlier post, and you guys are probably familiar with it now so here’s the more important point!

DO NOT FOLLOW THE LINES ON THE FLOOR, their bent and you guys will not have straight lines from the camera’s POV.


hey hey hey hey (soft)
Hey Hey Hey Hey (louder)
HEY HEY HEY HEY (loudest)
In the zone
Why so serious (the second one)
Come on GIRLS
Come on BOYS
come come get your crayon crayon
Don't. Stop.
Artemis Artemis
Electric shock
Electric shock

And lastly, ENJOY YOURSELVES. Just to let you guys know, winning isn’t everything! Competition is extremely fierce this year, so let's just put in our best!! As long as you guys enjoy yourselves and after the dance, WE WILL BE EXTREMELY PROUD OF YOU GUYS AND IM SURE YOU GUYS WILL FEEL THAT SATISFACTION FOR YOURSELF TOMORROW!

General instructions for tomorrow:

Please report to your class benches at 3pm tomorrow! We will be sending you guys more info through SMS tomorrow. Remember to bring your fac shirt and jeans and drink plenty of water! Not good to fall sick before and after POP!

See you tomorrow!!! :D

Lots of love,
Artemis Faccomm 12/13 <3

12 Feb 2013


Face-Off, an Artemis Dramafeste 2012 production.
Are you a budding actor or actress?
Interested in designing props for our play?
Think you can flatter our play with your talent in film-making or Photoshop?
Want to help beautify and handsome-fy other Artemisians?
Do you know your stuff when it comes to Lights and Sounds?

If you answered YES OMG YES to any of these answers, sign-up for Dramafeste already! (Also applies to answers like "yes" or "maybe..")
If you're interested in joining Artemis Dramafeste 2013 as an actor, or as a crew member in Props, Costumes and Makeup, Lights and Sounds or Publicity, do tell your senior CT Rep!

BUT WE ALSO STRONGLY APPEAL TO ALL THE ARTEMISIAN GIRLS OUT THERE! If you're slightly interested in becoming our actress, don't be shy and just give it a try!

There is absolutely no drawback to being part of the Artemis Dramafeste 2013 family! Let me just show you its benefits:
You'll end up being a much more confident speaker!
Unforgettable memories.

Auditions start tomorrow, the 13th & there'll be another session on the 14th. They will be from 4-8PM on each day so do head on down if you want to be an actor or actress!

If you really really really cannot join Dramafeste 2013, then be sure to make the 7th and 8th of March free! On those 2 days, you can see the fruit of our hard labour and enjoy a wonderful play :)

11 Feb 2013

Learning the Fac Dance (Part II)

We have created a brand new series of tutorial videos of different parts of the dance so that you can learn the fac dance on your own before the next POP practice! Do take the time to watch the tutorial videos as they contain step-by-step instructions for you to master the moves! Most of the tutorial videos are mirrored so that it would be easier to follow! If the clip is mirrored, it would be specified on the bottom left corner of the screen.

During POP, we would be doing some of the moves in CANON, which means that different sections would be performing different moves. Take a look at the 2 images below, which includes the formation and when your class is supposed to come in at the canon parts!

The tutorial videos are embedded below:

You can view the full Fac Dance playlist here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLBTV1kDv_VqcoYyBc-zKt0PJa6EdJdjk

Download the Official Artemis Faculty Dance 2013 Soundtrack here: http://tiny.cc/artemisfacdance2013

With Lots of Love,
Artemis Fac Comm 12/13 <3

10 Feb 2013

Cheers to Artemis <3

Remember our first wargames victory? That very moment when we knew we won, our hearts pounded as one, we were so happy we cried, and we cheered so loud, so hard, that we couldn’t hear ourselves and lost our voices. In that very moment, we realized how all of us belonged, how each of us had a special place in this cool blue faculty.

This is what cheers can do. Perhaps all of you don’t realize it, but cheering has the ability to stir strong emotions inside us, to express the feelings of insane joy that no other way can ever compare, and to unite strangers to become one family. Cheers have that magical ability.

So we urge you to be familiar with our cheers, cheers that are unique only to Artemis and nowhere else. Cheer when you feel like it, and be rest assured that the entire pack will be behind you to cheer you on to show their support. Cheer like you never did before, and you will feel the difference, the feeling of being part of us, the feeling of being a true Artemisian. Cheer so loud that you lose your voice, lose your mind, and lose yourself in the coolness and blueness of Artemis.




We are COOL,
We are BLUE,
We are SEXY,
We are STRONG,
We are WOLVES,
*Last time – add claps!

Familiarise yourself with the lyrics and beat alright? (: they will come in really useful at POP ;) 

Learning the Fac Dance.

Hi artemisians,

Here's your friendly guide to learning the AWESOME-EST ARTEMIS FACULTY DANCE EVER! Stay tuned to this blog post for all the tutorials, mirrored and slow-mo, and the back view as well!

Firstly, what better way is there than to watch our Faculty Dance video again! :D a very big thank you to every single one of you who have supported us and are still cheering us on! This year's Faculty Dance will be CRAZY and every single Artemisian of batch 2013 will show how CRAZY WE CAN BE DURING POP!! :))

To avoid confusion, since some juniors have reflected that it's hard to learn the dance from the actual dance video, here's the MIRRORED version for you to learn from! This should solve any confusion! :)

The tutorial videos are not out yet, so do look out for them by the end of Sunday night!! Sorry for that, meanwhile, we do have some short tutorial videos for specific moves also available on ArtemisFaccomm youtube channel!

Last but not least, here's the Fac Dance Track for you all to download. Please please please do take the initiative to learn by yourselves and perfect the moves! By Wednesday, we hope that all of you are ready to show it to us! :) http://tiny.cc/artemisfacdance2013

With most sincere gratitude for walking the road with us,
Artemis Faccomm 12/13 <3 #artemislove

9 Feb 2013

Artemis Fac Dance 2013 Soundtrack

The official Artemis Fac Dance 2013 Faculty Dance Soundtrack is released! Download it here: http://tiny.cc/artemisfacdance2013

Download it on you computer and transfer it to your phones, iPods, mp3s, zune, walkman or whatever portable devices you have, so that you can groove to our fac dance wherever you go and practice wherever you are!

Once again, jiayou for POP and check back for tutorial videos for the fac dance! GET READY TO INHALE THIS!

With Lots of Love,
Artemis Fac Comm 12/13

8 Feb 2013



Let's JIAYOU for the Post Orientation Party (POP) by perfecting our cool blue sexy fac dance! You can watch the fac dance right here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jt5HHWxDkzQ

Watch the video and familiarize yourself with the moves so that the 2 dance practices will be fruitful! You can  subscribe to the Artemis Faculty youtube account for a series of tutorials on some of the more challenging moves in our faculty dance! Check out the first tutorial video right here!

Thank you Artemis for making history today, and let's continue to strive for the ultimate Faculty Shield!

With Lots and Lots and Lots of Love,
Artemis Faccomm 12/13 <3 <3 <3

6 Feb 2013

It's here.


5 Feb 2013


We don't have much for you today and forgive us! We've been rewarding you with lots of funny videos so let's just keep it simple. :) Besides tomorrow is the day that we'll release our faculty dance, so expect the real bomb to drop tomorrow!

Tonight, we will reveal to you our PROP. Remember the first day when we revealed our dubstep? What goes the best with that? And... remember Poreotics?

This year we're going crazy. This year we're doing something different. This year let's JABBA together! our prop is none other than the JABBAWOCKEEZ MASK!! Expect something great!

it's us, your Dance ICs with the mask! :)

Signing off with love,
Artemis Faccomm 12/13 <3

4 Feb 2013

Day 6

We know it feels like the end of the week today thanks to our timetable rearrangements but unfortunately it's Tuesday tomorrow :/ But hopefully this will cheer you up! :D

We all noticed how much you loved our dance dare that was released last night, but did we tell you that it's only half of what we have? Well, now you know!

Today, our trailer is for the new J1s out there. Last Friday, while you were having icebreakers with your OGs and SODACHE session, we went around to visit you and your OGLs ;) see if you can spot your OGs and OGLs, or even yourselves in our third and final dance trailer!

As you might have noticed, our two dance dare trailers showcased some of the cool and sexy moves we have in our Fac Dance. With all the clues you have gathered thus far, what do you think our Fac dance is actually like? :)

It's coming very soon.

View our full playlist for Fac dance: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLBTV1kDv_VqcoYyBc-zKt0PJa6EdJdjk

3 Feb 2013

Day 5

Today, we bring you a pleasant surprise.

Just last week, we went around school showcasing our awesome Fac Dance.

Did you catch us? Probably not, because we were behind you ;) Check out our second trailer!

Stay tuned, cos' there's more to come about our Fac Dance! And watch your back next time so you won't miss out on cool stuff like this xD

And with this, our little guessing game comes to a close! A big thank you to all those who sent in your enthusiastic responses! For those of you who tried but failed, fret not, we'll be releasing something new here everyday so do look out for them! You'll figure it out soon :D

Follow us on Twitter, retweet our tweets, subscribe to our YouTube Channel and like our videos :)

2 Feb 2013

Guess the songs

IT'S DAY 4 TODAY AND LET'S PLAY A GAME!!! All the songs in the 2013 Artemis Faculty dance are included in this image. If you manage to guess all the missing letters, you can email to artemis.hc@gmail.com to win something cool :) Include your name and contact number in the email too!

Hint for this game: if YOUR ARTEMIS MODE IS ON, you can guess the missing letters very easily :)


1 Feb 2013

Day 3

Can you feel your heart pounding with excitement? Artemis Fac Dance 2013 is all about getting CRAZY. Yes, CRAZY! It's time to get hyped up and ready for our cool blue sexy dance! Still craving for more? Don't worry, in the next few days, there will be more Easter eggs that will be released HERE on the blog so do come back everyday for more updates on the fac dance!!

Just in case you've missed the blog posts for Day 1 and 2!
Day 1: http://coolblueartemis.blogspot.sg/2013/01/day-1.html
Day 2: http://coolblueartemis.blogspot.sg/2013/01/day-2.html