1 Jan 2013

Bye 2012, Hello 2013.

Bye 2012, it is 2013 already!

HAPPY NEW YEAR ARTEMIS!!! Before we start on the new year, let's recap on some of the activities that we Artemisians have gone through together in the year 2012!

During orientation, the J1s (current J2s!) got introduced into this Artemis family! We fought with such pride during War Games, and danced with much swag during POP.

As a faculty, we participated in Extreme Makeover 2012 and served the community by providing painting services to some homes! :)

Also, the Dramafeste cast and crew did Artemis proud by representing us in FACEOFF!

In May, the J1s attended their first ever Artemis Fac Outing - Take Flight. Sadly, it was the last Fac Outing for the J2s too. Nevertheless, it was still awesome and we had lots of fun that night @ Scape :)

With Fac Outing 1 as their last event, Artemis Fac Comm 11/12 stepped down and Fac Comm 12/13 stepped up to take up the responsibility of serving Artemis :) Thank you seniors for all the guidance that you've given us and we promise to continue the legacy that y'all have left behind :)

Gratitude Month in August allowed Artemisians to show their gratitude towards fellow Artemisians in the form of post-its, HeartBooth photos, jellyhearts & KOI! It was sure great fun displaying our gratitude and appreciation for one another ^_^

After promos, Artemisians fought hard in the annual Festival of Sports and we were second runners-up this year! Kudos to those who fought and supported Artemis in any way possible :) 

Also, Artemisians had their annual Fac Breakfast - Rolling in the Dip at the Canteen! Making popiah was an interesting experience isn't it so? ^_^

Rolling in the Dip

Artemis J1 Batch 2012

It was November and hence time for some fun after the torturous PW journey! J1 Artemisians went for their second Fac Outing - Shipwrecked and had a wonderful time determining the 2012 Big Bad Wolf and watching performances as well! 




And that concluded an eventful 2012! It was indeed a blast and we hope that you guys have enjoyed your journey in Hwa Chong thus far as an Artemisian :)

In the year 2013, it is time for us wolves to shine again! We promise to organize even more exciting events for Artemisians to spice up your JC life! 

Meanwhile, for the incoming J1s, we are really excited to welcome you to this Artemis family. Be prepared to learn the ULTRA COOL & FABULOUS new Fac Dance and represent this faculty for the annual War Games & POP! WE WILL WIN THE FAC SHIELD THIS YEAR YEAH C'MON ARTEMIS!

For the J2s, be prepared to come back to school on 7th January :) It would be a tough year for all of us with A's, but just be assured that your classmates and teachers will be there to support and cheer you on along the way! 

It is going to be another exciting and fulfilling year, hold on tight Artemis as we embark on this 2013 journey together as Artemisians! <3 

With Lots of Love,
Artemis Fac Comm 12/13

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