30 Jan 2013

2013. The unorthodox fac dance.

Ahem ahem.
This year's Artemis Faculty Dance will be quite... different from past years. It contains elements that no one has seen before in the history of Hwa Chong. Before we give you more details, let's start with our song choice.

If you need a recap on how the 2012 Faculty Dance song sounds like, take a look at our dance during Open House 2013 :) That dance was a great one! But we're being a bit ambitious to take a different approach this year ^^

We will officially reveal our first song clip at 10pm sharp. STAY TUNED AND WATCH OUT FOR THIS SPACE RIGHT HERE.

Here's something to begin with. A 4 second clip on how we start the dance :)

clue: d..dd...dubste.... get ready for some eargasmic bass!

With lots of love,
Artemis Fac Comm 12/13

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