31 Dec 2013

10 hours to 2014

Hey Artemis!

2014 is just around the corner- and it's sure to be jam-packed with new activities for all. For you, our Artemisian batchmates, the new J1s will be coming in this February and many of us are already preparing to welcome our juniors (whether they enjoy the welcome or not is up to us). Aside from that, this is the year that many of us will initiate SL projects, lead teams to competitions and have a hand in planning the Semester One performances. Even more pressing is the fact that A Levels will be held at the end of the year.

So here's a word from a bunch of naggers: despite your hectic study and CCA schedules, don't forget to take some time to rest, relax and enjoy this year with your friends and classmates. Look forward to Chinese New Year, Dramafeste, April Fools, Faculty CIP, FO1 and MAF. We'll work hard to make sure that there are a whole bunch of exciting and fun activities planned for you.

Some of you may have also noticed the black wolf silhouette on the new About Artemis page:

Get ready for the new Artemis wolfhead and faculty T-Shirt (only to be revealed at a later date).

In the meantime, while we're still making the best of the last few days of 2013, here's a late little something to celebrate Christmas and the Happy New Year: a message from your Faculty Heads, Lim Yi Fan and Ho Jin Yang:
Lots of Love,
Fac Comm 13/14

24 Nov 2013

And the Lights Went Out

Hey Artemis!

It's been nearly two weeks since our FO2 and the school year concluded, and we're sure that many of you have had a great time sleeping, slacking and having fun so far this holiday. Well, we won't distract you for long, except to give a great big THANK YOU for attending our first major event.

Thank you to the great performers:

To our sporting and very comical VIPs:

Especially our winning pair of VIPs from 13S61:

And last but not least- YOU, the faculty of Artemis.

Thank you for all of your wonderful support. We wouldn't have been able to come so far without you.

See you next time, and happy holidays!

(for more pictures, please check the Artemis flickr photostream under the Memories tab to the right from Monday onwards!)

Lots of love,
Fac Comm 13/14

8 Nov 2013

Journey to the Centre of Bugis +(in Smart Casual)

Hey Artemis!

Tired after OP, or still practising for yours? Wish you had a break, or could fast forward to tomorrow? While all we can say to the latter is endure, and 加油 everyone, here's some other good news: FO2 IS ALMOST HERE! And these are just some general things to take note of:


There are only two rules for dressing in this FO.
1. AVOID shorts, FBTs  and slippers.
2. Be comfortable.

And these are the directions to Hood, with helping pictures, done by our own Fac Head and Dance IC truly:

1. Exit Bugis MRT

2. Turn right, towards the Girls' Generation Wall

3. Turn right, go into Bugis Junction and go up

4. Walk past Chewy Junior(who is also our sponsor) in B1 to find the escalator

5. Go to Level 2

6. Follow the signs to find the connecting bridge between Bugis Junction and Bugis+. Enter it.

7. Enter Bugis+

8. Find the escalator.

9. Go to Level 5

10. Light's Out @ Hood, Bugis +

(If still unsure, please ask your CT reps or other Artemisian friends for help along the way.) See you there!

Lots of love,
Fac Comm 13/14

24 Oct 2013

Lights Out!

Hey Artemis!

How far would you go to get an FO2 ticket? Would you book a date and save some cash? Or would you do what some did here?

(dislcaimer: nobody was harmed in the making of this video)

In about two weeks time, OP(and PW) will finally be over, and the Artemis FO2 is here to provide each and every one of you with the perfect way to celebrate! Come down this 10th November for an evening to remember. There'll be good music, delicious food, fun games and more!

FO2 promises to be a blast, an exciting event to be shared with your fellow friends in Artemis(and not of Artemis). And..don't worry, you won't have to do anything illegal to get a ticket.

Lights Out @ Hood, Bugis +. 10th November, 6-9pm

Artemisian tickets can be ordered anytime between now and this friday from your CT reps, for only $16 each. For non-Artemisians, tickets will be sold at $24, with ticket orders unconfirmed till further, personal, updates from Fac Comm members. Non Artemisian orders can be made here.

More details will be released at a later date- see you there!

Fac Comm 13/14

26 Aug 2013

Steal The Stage

Hey Artemis,
Guess what- Faculty Outing 2's just around the corner(after promos) and here's your chance to be a big part of it.
Ever wondered what it felt like to be up there?

To sing on stage, and just have fun?
Do you love to dance, to juggle, play an instrument or to do stand up comedy?

Do you have a special talent(of course you do) that you want to show to the world?

Well here's your chance- SIGN UP TO BE AN FO2 PERFORMER TODAY.
Auditions will be held after promos, though sign up will be available from today till Teacher's Day, 6th September. Performers will receive subsidised tickets to FO2, an exclusive backstage pass to all other performances and a great experience not to be missed. 

(just imagine all of your friends and classmates cheering for you)
So grab a friend, grab a guitar or grab a mike, if that's what you want- use FO2 as a stage to show everyone what you can do.
Please click on the survey below to sign up soon! Or sign up offline with the forms each of your CT reps have: 
Lots Of Love,
Faccomm 13/14

21 Aug 2013

Gratitude Review

Hey Artemis!

Here's a little something to take your mind off prelims and the recent C1 tests- a video wrap-up of Graititude Month. Enjoy!

Lots of love,
Faccomm 13/14

9 Aug 2013

Little Things

It’s the little things that count the most to each of us- the little gestures, of saying hello, of a gentle wave, or perhaps of not saying anything at all. Perhaps at this point, one would think that this post is about one’s friends, or family. In truth, this is about everyone.

Hey Artemis!

Have you seen these boxes and posters around?

(Judging from the fact that we ran out of post-its at each box within three hours, we’re guessing yes)

This week, Artemis showed our gratitude to the Higher Education Unit, the school cleaners, the security guards and the canteen vendors, writing notes of appreciation and placing them in/on various boards/boxes along the walkways. AND- for the past two weeks, our classes have been conducting their own individual gratitude month activities- cleaning the class benches, writing notes for their classmates/senior class and more. An outpouring of thankfulness, perhaps a little forced, we admit, but good-willed (we’re C1s too)

But with all this talk of every single Artemisian thanking others- friends, senior classes, HEU staff, cleaners etcetera, there’s two more groups of people to thank. Firstly, all of you.

Thank you for participating actively in Artemis Gratitude Month 2013, and for taking the time to make someone’s day. We hope that you felt the message Gratitude Month is trying to send, and strive to continue showing gratitude to others, even as this month comes to an end.

And secondly, the teachers.

In four days’ time, nominations for the Most Caring Teacher Award 2013, to be given out to awardees on Teacher’s Day, will close. So we all have from today till then to submit our nomination forms. Details are on EMB. Let’s wrap up Gratitude Month with one last thanking- to our teachers, for being there.

Lots of love,

Fac Comm 13/14

20 Jul 2013

Ten In One

Hey Artemis!

So it's been a week since our official introduction as the fac comm 13/14 to you guys and we hope you guys enjoyed it. It was a great start to our term ahead, and we hope that we can continue to wow you with our upcoming activities and initiatives!(hint hint: gratitude month) But while they're still in the planning stages, here's something to keep you howling for more- the playlist of our faculty intro videos. Just click the videos below to watch it all again. Or go to http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLBTV1kDv_Vq8U-Kqwjm5D9P3Wu1OyXKK for the whole playlist.

now for the individual videos

Fourthly: SPORTS ICs
Fifthly: THE LOGS
(with two videos because their footage was too good to cut)

Lastly: THE PUB ICs
From the slow to the troll, it's all there in HD(Hot Definition) So sit back, relax and enjoy.  
Lots of Love, Fac Comm 13/14 
p.s. A special shout out to Joel from S61 for helping us with handling the lights system. Thank you!

30 Jun 2013

A Message From Artem Smith

Hey Artemis!

So, as a rough translation of everything above- be prepared and don’t be scared for blocks next week! Just sleep early, eat well and make sure to revise. Hold it in there, after this week, everything’ll be over. Good luck for blocks everyone!

Lots of love,
Fac Comm 13/14