8 Nov 2012

All you need to know about Shipwrecked!

Shipwrecked! is just a few days away and we hope that all of you are excited and hyped up about it!! If you have no idea how to get to Blooie's, no worries! We will be telling you how to get there from Haw Par Villa Station in this post ! Even if you already know how to get there, don't stop reading! As we will be providing details about your DRESS CODE for the Fac Outing!

5.30PM - 9.30PM

So here's how to get to Blooie's Roadhouse Bar and Grill!
21 Science Park Road #01-01
The Aquarius (Science Park II)

By Bus
Bus stop along Pasir Panjang Road: 10, 30, 51, 143, 188, 200
Bus stop along Science Park Road: 183

Take along Circle Line to Haw Par Villa station.

Exit the station via Exit A (it's the only exit by the way).

Once you exit the station, you will see a bus stop opposite the road.

Take the overhead bridge on the right to cross over to the other side. Cross Pasir Panjang Road only, and not to the other side of West Coast Highway. In other words, get off the bridge at the first staircase. DO NOT JAYWALK.

Walk to bus stop 2 and wait for any bus.

 Alight exactly 2 stops later (opposite Singapore Science Park II). You'll be able to see the big Science Park II sign beside Science Park Road, and some World War II monument at the junction. If your bus passed by all these plus a Shell petrol station, you've missed your stop.

Walk in via Science Park Road. It's a very short journey in.

You'll see a sign. Walk straight ahead around the bend to Aquarius. 

You will eventually see a restaurant behind the trees and a fountain. That's BlooiE's.

At this junction, turn left to enter BlooiE's.

Now that you know how to get to Blooie's, the next thing will be, WHAT TO WEAR ON THE DAY! Well the thing is, we want YOU to decide! Come in something related to the theme SHIPWRECKED! Let your imagination run wild! Maybe you are a pirate, desperately searching for gold in the deepest part of the ocean. Maybe you are a sailor, searching for a lost compatriot. The possibilities are endless! So take time to think about what you will be wearing on the day itself, and encourage your friends to dress up as well, as the BEST DRESSED CLASS will receive a PRIZE!!

So see you guys at Shipwrecked! and don't be late!

Lots of Love,
Artemis Fac Comm 12/13


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