2 Nov 2012

5 Reasons to go for Artemis FO!!

The good food served at Blooie's is NOT an understatement. In fact, more than 85% of what you are paying goes to the EXTREMELY DELICIOUS food so it will be worth it!!

Shipwrecked will feature performances from your song ICs, live bands and dances!! You wouldn't want to miss out on the chance to support your classmates on stage as they showcase their AWESOME TALENTS! The performers have gone through a rigorous round of selection to be featured during the FO, and they have put in A LOT of hardwork into their performance, so come on down and give them ALL your support!!!

3. Gifts and Prizes to be Won!!
Everybody will get a chance to win a prize during the FO! There will be prizes given to both individuals and to the entire class!! So drag all your classmates along for a higher chance to win this prizes!!

4. The Big Bad Wolves!
Your classmates will be competing in a series of CHALLENGING tasks, and they require YOUR HELP! Come on down to the Artemis FO to watch and help your classmates fight for the ULTIMATE title of The Big Bad Wolf!

5. Once in a lifetime experience!
Think about it, this will be the ONLY Artemis FO2 2012 that you will be attending in your ENTIRE LIFE! You can take this time to treasure moments with your classmates and close friends. This is one of the rare times that you will be free from all the stress from studying for tests, exams so seize this opportunity and SEE YOU THERE!!

With Lots of Love,
Artemis Fac Comm 12/13

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