9 Oct 2012

Get ready to ROLL!


Welcome, welcome, welcome, to post-promos!

These two days have been filled with loads of sports and action as everyone fought in the annual FOS.

And after loads of exercise, you'll feel hungry won't you? ;)

Don't fret, cos on Wednesday morning, we will serve you breakfast (yayyyyy)! We have everything planned for you, from the tasty food to the fun and games, so just come prepared to EAT and HAVE FUN!

Oh, one more thing we need to mention! The greatest fun is actually in the food, so roll up your sleeves (we know our uniform/shirts are short-sleeved but we also know that you wear our awesome hoodie everywhere you go) to get ready for some ROLLING! That's gonna be the greatest fun :D

So cya on Wednesday, 8 am at canteen! And please be in BLUE (:

ArtemisFC <3

P.S. Okay, the post wasn't very helpful was it? But you've actually seen our cool blue banner and now we sing for you xD So that should complete the story. Cheers!

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