29 Aug 2012

Gratitude Month 2012

Hey Artemis!

We hope that you enjoyed the yummy JellyHeart that you may have received from your friends today! Do remember to thank them for it and continue the spirit of giving and receiving thanks :)

Gratitude Month is nearing to an end soon, and Fac Comm would like to thank the whole Artemis so so much for your active participation in our initiatives, be it the Gratitude Board & Artemission, Heartbooth pictures, KOI & JellyHeart delivery services as well as the Artemis twitter and instagram account. We certainly had tremendous fun organizing these initiatives for you and we hope that you guys have enjoyed yourselves and learned to appreciate the small little things/people around you more often! :)

Although Gratitude Month is coming to an end soon, do remember that all these doesn't end here! Being constantly appreciative and grateful will certainly help to change your perspective of life and realize how wonderful life is with these people and motivations around!

Last but not least, since Gratitude Month is ending off with Teachers' Day Celebrations, please remember to show thanks to your caring and loving teachers who have patiently guided you in one way or another during our time here in Hwa Chong. A small little card/gift to show your appreciation will certainly light up their day and make them feel that whatever they have done for us is worthwhile :)

Once again, thank you Artemis for participating actively in the initiatives planned for you! Fac Comm is certainly grateful to you! :) WE LOVE YOU ARTEMIS!!! <3

With lots & lots of love,
Artemis Fac Comm 12/13

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