8 Aug 2012



Welcome once again to GRATITUDE MONTH 2012! It's the time for you to go around and thank people - your peers, your teachers, your family and many many more! As you've probably learnt on Friday, here's all the things that will happen during this very special month!

Gratitude Board

On your way to the canteen you may find a very pretty board along the walkway which looks like this:

Do grab some post-its from your CT rep, pen down a lovely note for a special person or group you'd like to thank, and paste it onto the board under the appropriate category.

Every now and then, we will clear the board, roll up all the post-its, and place them in this box:

And watch the wolf silhouette be filled up by your rolled-up post-its! So keep on pasting post-its onto the board - we aim to fill up the box by the end of the month!

Lastly, at the end of the month, we will try our best to deliver the post-its to whoever you dedicated them to. So if you'd like your post-it to reach whoever you're thanking, do state clearly who we should deliver it to!

Food Delivery

Thank your friends by satisfying their taste buds! We have for you Koi and Jelly Hearts, and we'll deliver them to whoever you tell us to, as long as he or she is from Artemis!

We have six cool flavours of Koi bubble tea, available in the first half of the month!

Get a Gratitude Card from your CT rep, fill it out and return it to your CT rep by 8th August, together with a payment of $3. The Koi will be delivered by us together with your lovely Gratitude Card to whoever you'd like to thank on 17th August.

Jelly Hearts will come to you in the second half of the month!

Just one original flavour for you to express your truthfully grateful heart. Same things apply: grab a Gratitude Card from your CT rep, fill it out and return it to your CT rep by 20th August, together with your payment of $2.50. The Jelly Hearts will be delivered on 29th August together with your Gratitude Card.


A picture speaks a thousand words. How about 36 pictures? How about adding in a heart symbol? For the next few days, your CT reps will be preparing Heartbooth collages of your class. Just FYI, a Heartbooth picture is something like this:

Have your photos taken, and we will print it out for you and give you a pretty frame for it as well! As a CT group, you may decorate the frame and then present it to your CT on Teachers' Day! So smile wide and say cheese! :D

Artemis is going Social

Now you can find Artemis on Twitter and Instagram! And during this special month, you can tweet your gratitude messages and dedicate them to your friends, and we will retweet them to share them with all Artemisians viewing our Twitter feed! We'll also be going around snapping notable moments about gratitude or anything related to our initiatives, and posting these photographs on our Instagram account. So do follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @coolblueartemis. Of course, do let us follow you back too, so we can view retweet anything that you have which is interesting and related to Gratitude Month!

At the same time, do not forget our Facebook group! We'll be posting updates there on top of any posts here, so do stay tuned! :)

A Final Piece of Entertainment

Lastly, just for your viewing pleasure, our Gratitude Month video once again! Please enjoy :)

We'd like to say a big big THANK YOU to you for supporting us, the Artemis Fac Comm, and we hope you'll have a meaningful and fruitful Gratitude Month 2012! :D


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