6 Jul 2012

Cool Blue Sexy Fac Hoodies!


Our cool blue sexy fac hoodies finally arrived today :) You guys should have collected them by now! It was really awesome to see so many of you putting on your hoodies so proudly when y'all first got it! And it was definitely a sight to behold to see so many blue jackets everywhere! Artemis fac pride was practically prevalent everywhere in the school and it definitely makes us feel so proud to be part of Artemis! <3

We sincerely hope that you guys like the fac hoodies and will continue to wear them frequently in school because the fac hoodies are seriously too cool to be true! ^^ May we feel prouder with each passing day as a member of the Artemis Faculty as we flaunt our blue & sexy hoodies :D

With love,
Artemis Fac Comm '12/13