14 May 2012

Artemis Fac Comm '12/'13!


After a week of intensive interviews, Artemis Fac Comm '12/'13 has been selected! 

Introducing to you, the new Artemis Fac Comm '12/'13!

We would like to sincerely thank all Artemisians who came down for interviews, especially those who put in much effort to prepare for interviews, be it the creative proposals, detailed logistics lists, cool cheers & dance moves! 

Artemis Fac Comm '12/'13 promises to strive our very best in serving Artemis and we promise that we'll make Artemis cooler, bluer & sexier than ever :) Do continue supporting Artemis and we hope that your love for Artemis will continue to grow stronger :')

Who are we are we are we?
Cool blue sexy Artemis <3

With love,
Kang Ming & Yi Xian

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