1 May 2012



Please check and ensure that your name is in the following list:

12S61          Lau Zhen Xiang, Lim Zhi Sheng Andre, Ooi Bo Wei, Seow Kailynn Dawn, Toh Heng Yu

12S63         Alvin Leow Zheng Wei, Hsu Yi Peng, Li Hanyi, Lim He Kai, Ngui Jia Yi

12S65         Gan Ming Hui, Hao Qing, Nie Liang Jun, Yeo Chun Hui

12S67         Chia Sheng Wei, Jolene Loi Shi En, Looi Yee Tat, Nina Chua Shining, Tan Jing Yi

12S69         Chu Hsiao-Hsuan, Edmund Lau Jia Hao, Lim Hui Siang Shawn, Lim Jia Yu

12S6B        Angela Verita Lin, Shaw Wen Xuan        

12S6D        Chia Teik Jin Aaron, Tiffany Thalia Gunawan, Yip Weiheng Darius

12S6F         Anna Zhou Yue, Lee Kah Hui, Nai Ze Song, Poon Weng Shern

12S7B         Chia Yi Da, Lim Ying Ting Sheryl, Tham Wan Qing

12S7D         Ng Yau Xuan, Ong Kaijin Gin  

12S7F          Hee Jia Min, Hu Pei Yu, Liu Jiani Sherry, Zhao Xing Liang

12S7H          Lim Shu Ying Serene, Tan Luoyi, Wong Tien Min Elgenia

The following people are candidates running for Dance I/C or Pub I/C but are not nominated to be a CT Rep:

Dance I/Cs: Oon Chang Sheng Ryan (61), Wang Ming Ren (65), Wee Lin (7F)

Publicity I/Cs: Yeo Chee Yew (65), Chun Wang Xuan (6D), Tan Yu Zhi (7B), Gay Wei En Colin (7F), Lisa Koswara (6D), Stephanie Yong Yu Shan (7H)

For those who are aspiring to be in the Artemis Faculty Committee 2012/2013, here's what is required for your interviews! (Prepare for the BOTH portfolio(s) that you have indicated interest in)

-Prepare a Faculty Outing event proposal . Make it as detailed as possible.
-Include venue, event name and rough outline of programme.

-Prepare a cheer unique to Artemis
-Prepare a cheer for Combined Sports Meet or Festival Of Sports
-Think of plans to increase participation for Combined Sports Meet and Festival Of Sports.

- Suggest design(s) for faculty shirt
- AND Prepare at least 2 of the following:
1.Design a publicity banner/poster for a Faculty Outing (pick either a past FO title or your own title)
2.Create a teaser video for a Faculty Outing
3.Come up with design(s) for a faculty item (something other than pullover)
(Designs can be either digital or hand-drawn)
-Do bring along your own artworks or designs, especially blog skin designs if any :)

-Observe the upcoming Fac Outing and prepare an appropriate logistics list require for the entire event.

-Choreograph 6-8 eights. About half should be feasible moves for fac dance. The rest can be used to showcase your dance prowess.
-Learn your Fac Dance well

-Just come mentally prepared ;)

As the saying goes, "By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail". So be sure to prepare adequately for the interviews and give it your best shot!! 

All the best for the preparations! (:

Artemis Fac Comm '11/12

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