26 Jun 2011



Blocks will be arriving in 黄城 tomorrow.

We won't be wishing you good luck; luck is for the weak.

So here, wishing everyone all the best for their coming blocks :)

With Love,
Fac Comm '11/'12

16 Jun 2011


-the dead blog has risen from its ashes-

YO Artemis!

It's the ’11/’12 Artemis Fac Comm in the house!

Hope you have laxed enough during your holidays!

because. you. are. now.


which is


which is


which is


away from blocks.

if you haven’t started mugging, its time to… or you’ll suffer.


Artemis will still <3 you! so don’t worry :D

As new fac comm, we'll be meeting you guys sometime in term 3! We are super duper hyper excited about the cool-blue events we’ll be planning for y’all in the term ahead and we hope you can give us your fullest support! (:

anyway, here’s some cool-blue lyrics for you (changed from party rock anthem by LMFAO), so enjoy them together with the video!

study blocks is in the house tonight
everybody just mug a few times
and blocks will make you lose yo’ mind
everybody stop wastin' your time~

(mug that)

-everyday I'm studyin'-

Last but not least, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Felicia our Activities I/C! xD

Fac Comm ’11/’12 (:

-being blue has never been so cool :D-