28 Feb 2011

Dramafeste Tickets

Hey Artemis!
so...we have some SAD NEWS :
The ticket sales are really slow...
Please go for Thursday's performance as well!
It is a super important day for your Artemis cast because its their opening night,
and they would really need your support!
I'll just like to tell you guys that there are 85 tickets to be sold per night
so there are still many many tickets left!
i'm sure you all want our Artemis faculty spirit to be felt in LT 3 right?
so we need your help to make this possible.
so that you can cheer on Artemis's production.
so we can WIN some prizes!!!!! yeahhhhh
Now that you know there are more tickets available,
what are you waiting for?
go to http://smb.chs.edu.sg/smb/college_student/ to get your tickets now!
hope to see you there!:D
Nicola and Chernyuen

26 Feb 2011


Hello Artemis!

You guys were really really super duper mega awesome today! Standing on the stage, we could really feel the Artemis spirit & power unleashing, it was like wahhh!!! I think you guys would have noticed that the music was somehow faster like !#$^*(^&* and chipmunk-fied (this proves that technology sucks) BUT you guys know what, even though the music was screwed up, we caught up with the speed and it was still neat, synchronised and AWESOME! This shows how good we are, and nothing can ever bring us down :)

Even though we did not win POP together, im sure you guys felt the Artemis spirit while dancing tooo right! Adding on to what many other people said about the ARTEMIS FACULTY DANCE 2011 (im sure you guys would have heard about it too), it was really really an awesome job done. NO JOKE K!

Winning isnt exactly everything.
We win, we cheer.
We lose, we cheer louder, better
& soar even higher ♥

(here goes the story of us as your dance ics)

Like we said earlier during our first meeting at LT3 with you guys, both of us didnt really expect ourselves to be where we are now. like seriouslyyyy. It was really a dream come true for both us. We started brainstorming ideas on how we want the fac dance to be like- something fun and enjoyable and yet cool, searching for songs for fac dance and tried choreographing dance to the many many songs since November last year, all the way to early January. And we went through many drafts cos we rejected quite alot of what we came up with (by ourselves). It was kinda tough but yup we did it hoho!

Then we showed the fac comm and who really liked it alot and there you go, Artemis faculty dance 2011. :)

Then came the teaching process which the attendance, hmm honestly, affected us for quite a bit. haha. And honestly, we wouldn't have been able to get through this if the fac comm didn't support us through, and some of you for being so-ever supportive and turned up for every fac dance practice. (some of your CT reps actually went to talk to you guys and pull/drag you guys down for fac dance right haha).

Then gradually, more of yall came and wah, omg we were sooooo happy. then more came. & even more came. We were seriously over the moon like all the way upppp the sky you know. Moreover, when you guys danced like there's no tomorrow when the music was put on loop, it was really really heartening to see you guys enjoy the fac dance so much:)

Then there came the days where blockings got cancelled due to the weather. but you guys were not demoralised and came to tiantang & inner plaza to continue practicing. We were super touched. Really.

Last but not least, 25 Feb the day of POP came and you guys once again, screamed like there's no tomorrow and danced your very very very best. & you know the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction you get when 200+ people learn your dance and are so enthusiastic about it.

It felt really really good.

What made it way better was that we could actually feel everybody coming together as one faculty, cheering and doing your 101% for yourself, and your faculty.


Thank you for adding so much color to our journey as your dance ics.
Without you, we are nothing.

To end it off, we just wanna say that

We are so freaking proud of you guys, like seriously omg.
It's not just the fac comm, but also many artemis J2s. & im so glad that we have all of you in Artemis because i think we have all the cutest and loveliest juniors here.

( we swear this is heartfelt, everything in this post comes from the bottom of our hearts)

We may have lost, but we have got our hearts as one whole cool blue Artemis.

Thank you so much, ARTEMIS ♥

With love,
Your Dance ICs
HuiJun & ZhengXiang

25 Feb 2011

HOW TO PAINT! & Indemnity form!


It's FAC CIP tomorrow!! :D As promised during your briefings, here are some instructions on HOW TO PAINT! Please download & read through carefully! :)


& in case you lost your indemnity form, click here to download & remember to bring it on the day you're comming!

JIAYOU! & see you tomorrow! :)

& one last reminder!!

Fac CIP Directions!

Hello Artemis!! :D

Here are some directions to help you get to Kebun Baru CC on Sat/ Sunday :)

If you're taking the MRT, alight at Ang Mo Kio MRT station (NS16) & look for exit C that points you to the Bus Interchange!

Go down the escalator & through the underpass!

Look for the escalator that brings you to the Bus interchange!

Look for bus 269! It's the one with the sign in BLUE! (& you'd probably see people wearing the same shirt as you :P )

Alight 5 stops later, at Blk 170 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4

Once you get off the bus, look to your LEFT (back facing the road!) You should see Kebun Baru CC! (building in orange & white!) :)

See you there! :D

Fac CIP ics :)
Xinyi, Hanyi, Lu Chang


Hi Artemis! :)

Dramafeste is coming up! We hope you will come support Artemis in this event and cheer on your classmates/juniors who'll be performing. It is going to be a night filled with drama and suspense and you will surely enjoy yourself!

Below are more details about Dramafeste 2011:

Date: 3 & 4 Mar 2011 (4 Mar is judging night)
Time: 7 - 10pm
Venue: LT 3
Ticket Price: $5

Closing Date: 28 Feb, 2359hrs

Tickets will be sold at $5 each. Please logon to EMB to purchase tickets.

Please abide by the following rules:
1) Tickets are sold on a first-come-first-served basis. This will be done via your login time on EMB to the relevant message.
2) Tickets are sold at one per person.
3) No mass ordering or booking for others.
4) Please do not re-sell or pass your tickets to people from other faculties. Each faculty has its own allocation of tickets.

We hope to see you there!

Your Artemis Dramafeste i/cs,
Chern Yuen 10S7D
Nicola Koay 10S7H

24 Feb 2011


Dear Artemis,

Tomorrow is POP :) Aren't you excited? We are. Because you have filled us with so much confidence, confidence that you will do the faculty proud, like you have already done ever since we first met you. And we just wanna say, we've never stopped feeling this proud :)

Seeing you guys dance our fac dance over and over for the past few days really touched us. Occasionally I'll join in with you to dance, and after 3 or 4 times I'll be really tired and I'll feel like resting. But you guys went on and on, over and over again and your moves just gets sharper and sharper each time you do the dance.

Tomorrow is the last time we're gonna dance this fac dance together as a faculty. I'll definitely miss seeing you dance, hearing our dance music going on and on, the smiles on your faces while doing the dance and most importantly, the enthusiasm from you guys.

From the bottom of our hearts, we really love all of you. :)

A last message to all of you before we all go to sleep and prepare ourselves for a long day ahead. Cliche as it may sound, winning really isn't everything. As we've said before, as long as you have done your best, you shall think back on this experience and smile like a winner.

we shall cheer like winners,
we shall chant like winners, and

Most important I'm sure all your dance ICS want, is for you to have fun and enjoy yourself while dancing :) so do remember to SMILE brightly and really really just enjoy yourself. Remember, you only get to experience POP once :) And do remember to thank your dance ics for patiently teaching you the dance over the last two 2 weeks :)

ARTEMIS, for what we have seen in you, we have only one word to describe you.


Tomorrow is the day when we'll bring the beat down.
We'll show them how.


Loving you always,
Jolin and Murfei,
On behalf of Artemis Fac Comm :)


Hello Artemis!!!!! ^^

It was great seeing you guys dancing and cheering your hearts out during the dance practice today! :D(Even though the weather seemed to be going against us :O bleh.)

aint you guys excited? heheh.

to facilitate the blockings process and to let you guys have a rough idea of how formation will be like...

pardon my drawings. sorry!

so basically, there will be this middle line on the central plaza, then there will be 3 columns on each half.

the 2 middle columns will stand from the 3rd-10th square away from the middle line. so there will be this 7-square-length for each pair to move around, and around 3-4 squares width. Then the pair will stand in the middle of that 7-squares, and all the slides and movement should be kept within these 7 squares.

so for the next 2 columns on each side, count 3 squares away from the inner column and then following 7x3 squares will be your dancing area. (this applies to the outermost 2 columns too!)

i know this sounds rather complicated, but dont worry cos there will be Seniors standing infront of each column to guide you guys. so what you guys need to do, is just to align yoursef to them! and make sure you are standing in a straight line with the pair/s at your sides too.

anw, there will be blockings from 1650-1740 @ central plaza & hopefully, it will be dry weather! :/

what to bring tomorrow:

1. Artemis Fac shirt!
2. Long pants (as long as you feel comfortable dancing in it)
3. Belt! (it will be useful if your suspenders is not well-stretched for your body)
4. Suspenders!!!
5. A heart filled with enthusiasm ^^

*clip it somewhere and leave it there overnight!*

Last but not least, drink lots of water to prepare your throat for tomorrow!


With love,
Hui Jun & Zheng Xiang!

22 Feb 2011


Hello Artemisians!

Good job to those who came down for fac dance practice today! You guys were really awesome!!!!

Anyway, just in case you all forget the pointers that we mention during practice, we're posting them here for your reference (:

1st Song: G-Slide aka the "wheels on the bus go round & round"
  • When walking forward after the first two steps of the dance, remember to lean your body right, left, then centre. Remember, RIGHT THEN LEFT! (it follows the foot you move)
  • When you do the "fake high-five" and "slapping hands" part, step out your left leg to keep the balance.
  • When sliding away from your partner, don't slide too much.
  • After you slide, keep in line with the person in front of you!
2nd Song: The Shinee World
  • For the first guy solo, when yall slide out, try to keep in line with the person in front of you (i.e. slide the distance the guy infront of you slide)
  • Listen and follow the "DOOP BOP DOOP BOP DOOP BOP" sound when doing the punching down steps.
  • Make sure you are clear of the puppeting part! Don't swing your hands in the wrong way! Keep your hands steady when you swing. Dont let it droop!
  • Girls are supposed to slide out at the end before the guys; GIRLS FIRST THEN GUYS. REMEMBER!

3rd Song: Jump
  • BEFORE the Lucifer palm waves x3 thingy, slide your RIGHT leg back (instead of sliding your left leg back)
  • When doing the waves x3 thingy, step back with your RIGHT leg.
  • AFTER the Lucifer palm waves x3 thingy, bring your LEFT leg to your right leg (instead of sliding your right leg to your left leg)
  • At the "people walking" part, bend low!
  • Remember to slide out at "whole southSIDE" into separate lines after doing the qian shou guan yin thing. keep the lines straight!
  • Remember your jump timings. & keep your respective lines straight!
  • Remember the spin at "OH my god". The jumpshots are not the end of the dance!!!
  • Everyone must squat together at the beep! Your butt must touch your shoe!

4th Song: We-have-no-idea-what-it-is-called
  • Know which way to turn
    Girls: R-L-R-F
    Guys: L-R-L-F
  • Guys, even if you're in the midst of spinning, or have become completely lost, just get down to the ending pose at the final BOOM!

  • When the actions require you to bend your knees/ squat, really go DOWNNN.

  • Just make all your actions BIG.

  • Watch your lines! Keep them straight all the way, then you'll look neat (:

    Chanting hypes the atmosphere, and motivates the people around you too. The louder it is, the greater energy we will have in our dance.

Last but not least, TADDDDAH!


please pardon my ugly drawings.
The jumping sequence goes from ORANGE-BLACK-PINK.
The last camera sound will be done by us,
simply because there's no time to do the
"OMG, the funky beep" thingy.
*and i still cannot do it* lol


Winning the competition is not the main point, it is your enthusiasm and pride for the faculty that really determines whether we have succeeded or not. When we look at the POP video that will be posted on youtube after the event, we want all of you to be able to tell yourselves without regrets that we have put in our 101%,and everything dont matter because we did our best.

Can we do this together Artemis?


With love,
Hui Jun & Zheng Xiang

20 Feb 2011

Fac Dance Updates!

Hello Artemisians (:

Now that it's just 5 days to POP, here's an update of the practices coming up and also some tips.

22/2/2011 Tuesday 3.30pm Amphitheatre

23/2/2011 Wednesday 2.30pm Tian Tang
(Blockings: 4.30pm - 5.15pm Central Plaza)

24/2/2011 Thursday 2.30pm Tian Tang
(Blockings: 3.45pm - 4.30pm Central Plaza)

Note that there are no end times because as long as you want to practise, we are more than happy to stay to help you (:

1. Gold suspenders are for guys, silver suspenders are for girls. Exchange if you got the wrong one!
2. Stretch the suspenders (very important)!
3. Try doing the dance with the suspenders! Must be able to slip them off in time!
4. Dance along with the video to check whether your timings are right.
5. We'll be announcing which shutter sound you should jump at on Tuesday!
6. Remember to SHOUT!!!


With love,
Hui Jun & Zheng Xiang



Keep in mind the remarkable spirit we displayed during campfire night XD

Give your 101% for POP, let us SHOW THEM HOW we rock the house!

Perfect your dance grooves and keep up the spirit, go ARTEMISIAN JUNIORS!!!

Make us proud, make yourself proud, make the faculty proud!

Always Got Your Back,
Artemis Fac Comm

(Photos: courtesy of Kenneth Lu)

17 Feb 2011

keep it up!

To those who came down for fac dance practice today, we just want to say a big THANK YOU to you guys!

We were really touched by your enthusiasm in doing the dance over and over again (: Try to do the dance along with the mirrored video at home to check whether your timings are correct. Your senior CT reps should have told you all already, but in case you're not aware, we'll be at the banner painting area at 4.30pm tomorrow to help anyone who wants to learn, or just dance along (:

Oh, and try to stretch your suspenders so it won't be uncomfortable.

JIAYOU PEOPLE, one week and one day to POP! As long as we do our best, we are already winners (:

Hui Jun and Zheng Xiang

16 Feb 2011

Extra Practice!

Hey Artemisians!

We understand that some of you have other commitments and cannot make it for the dance practices that we have scheduled.

Therefore, we are holding one extra practice session on 19th Feb, Saturday, 0900 - 1100 at Inner Plaza!

To those who want to master the fac dance, we strongly encourage you to come on down! You all can treat it as a class outing or something! This is the best chance for you to clear any doubts so that all the moves will come naturally when Artemis shows off our stuff on POP (:

Reminder: There's practice tomorrow outside auditorium at 3.30pm!

See you there!

Hui Jun and Zheng Xiang
P.S. Hip Hop auditions are on Saturday afternooon ;)

15 Feb 2011

Fac Day 2011 Epics

Hello Artemisians!

We know you totally enjoyed the show we put up for you during Fac Day last week, so for the benefit of those who missed it and for those who would like to watch the funny stuff again(and again), here are the video epics!

Fac Day Opening Trailer (available in 480p)

Fac Day Portfolio Ads (available in HD)

Proudly brought to you by your Fac Comm 2010/11 :D

Artemis Fac Comm

13 Feb 2011

Countdown to POP!

Hello Artemisians! :)

The next fac dance practice will be on 15 February, Tuesday, 1600-1730. Instead of having it at the location allocated to us (Salt centre open area), we shall have a mini fac dance session with your senior class fc member (venue and time may vary for different class). It will be in a smaller group to help facilitate the learning process. The remaining dance we have yet to taught you guys is rather easy and the moves are repeated. Yup, so do listen to your senior fc when they are guiding you along:)

Next practice will be 17 February, Thursday, 1600-1730 Venue is the area outside audi :) we will go through the remaining dance once more, and recap the front parts of the dance.

The final dance practice will be on 22 February, Tuesday, 1600-1730 @ amphitheatre. We will recap and put the music on repeat mode! We shall do hmmm, like 50 times of the dance okay!!!! LOL juuuust joking!

23 & 24 february will be blockings for fac dance @ central plaza. Time allocated to us are 1630-1715 on wednesday and 1545-1630 on thursday!

Last but not least, POP will be on the 25th February (night time) @ central plaza in school!

With your love and enthusiasm for fac dance '11, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

SO! sync the video and song into your phone/ipod nowww ^^

listen to the song everyday,

watch the video everyday!

only after POP then you can be sick of seeing our faces on the video okay!
(best not to be sick of our faces at all la hor! lol)

With love,
Your Dance ICs
Huijun & Zheng Xiang! :D

12 Feb 2011

Artemis Faculty Dance 2011

Your long awaited Faculty Dance 2011 :)

Mirrored tutorial:

Mirrored+slow tutorial:

Artemis Fac Comm

To our beloved faculty.

Hi Artemis,

We are sure all of you had lots of fun during campfire yesterday. Admist the fun and laughter, we were really bursting with pride, and we would like to say that

we are all really proud of you guys.

We would be lying if we said that the results didn't make us sad, but what caused our tears was not the results, but because of what we've seen in you. It was your support for the faculty, for us, the sheer volumes of your cheers even when we danced without the music, which truly truly touched us. When the dance ended, you stood up and cheered for us. Your enthusiasm, the spirit, the support, made many of us very emotional. It really matters to us, alot.

At the central plaza last night, when I was feeling really really upset, it was you who kept me going. You started chanting AR-AR-ARTEMIS, you showed our hand signs high and proud, and your chants and screams gets louder and fiercer with every word.

You guys were my driving force,

to dry my tears, and to bring back the fighting spirit. You guys showed me truly what our slogan meant: THE PACKS GOT YOUR BACK.

You cheered me up when no one else could.

All hope is not lost, so do not feel dejected, do not be affected by the results. When there is a will, there is ALWAYS a way. POP is just 2 weeks from now. Keep fighting, keep going strong. Never ever give up, cause one thing for sure is that, WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP. As long as we put in all our efforts, have fun and have gave it our all, no matter what the results shall be,


Remember the very first day which we met? When we said that you are the ones who will paint the image of the faculty? You are the little puzzle pieces when put together, will form an amazing picture. We have seen so much enthusiasm, fighting spirit and faculty spirit in you and we are all really really really touched to see that you guys are still raging with emotions and wanting to display your love for Artemis. So as you chant, shout and scream for Artemis, we hope you feel like you have made up a faculty that you can proudly announce that you are glad to be part of.

And even though we didn't get a chance to stand on the stage last night to say THANK YOU, that we are really really really really really really proud of you and that we love you, we shall tell you right now that..



we shall rock the school down at POP. Let's go Artemis, we shall SHOW THEM WHO WE ARE. WE SHALL SHOW THEM,


Love you guys ALWAYS,
Jolin, Murfei, ARTEMIS FAC COMM.

10 Feb 2011

Faculty Dance Song 2011

Hello C1 Artemis!!

Did you all enjoy your dance session today? We hope you did, because tomorrow there's another two sessions! Haha. But really, fac dance is something really fun to do and we hope you all will grow to love doing it as much as we do!

Also, the fac dance song is now up for downloading. Click here or you can also check under the TROVE. Save it in your phones or mp3s and practise when you have time! If you are unsure of any steps, feel free to approach your dance ics zhengxiang and huijun (this is best) or any faccomm member (this is good too).

Practise hard and rest well!

From huijun: YOUR DANCE ICS LOVE YOU!! ^^

Artemis Fac Comm 2010/11





9 Feb 2011

Tomorrow is the day we go to war!

Hello Everyone!

War games is tomorrow! There are a lot of water bombs to throw and exciting pool games that await you!

Ready yourself to run and hide and frolic in the sun!

Hydrate yourself to attain maximum enjoyment!

Play hard and play smart tomorrow!

If you've never been enthu before, now's the time!

Remember, that
YOU will be be the new image of the faculty,
YOU are the ones who are gonna win the Faculty Shield, and
YOU will be the ones who leave behind a legacy and make Artemis an entity to be proud of!

So go all out and cheer for FACULTY PRIDE. Let the FACULTY SPIRIT burn in your heart. If in doubt, JUST WHACK!

And most most most importantly, HAVE FUN :D

Lots of Love,
Artemis Faculty Commitee 2010/11

6 Feb 2011

Welcome, my friend :)


Tomorrow, you'll be embarking on your FIRST step towards weeks of fun and dance, of cheers and tears (of joy), towards two years of belonging to your faculty.

Whether you're in ARTEMIS, Apollo, Athena or Ares, give all out to your faculty, have fun and enjoy the next few weeks of fun, before the tedious jc life starts. :)

TO ALL THE J1 ARTEMISIANS IN ADVANCE, we're really really excited to meet you tmr!!! So look forward to a smashing 1 hour with the faculty committee tmr, from 2.30 to 3.30 in the LT3. :) :) You'll know that you're in the right venue once you step into it ^^

SEE YOU GUYS TMR! :) :) :) Be excited!

Love, your faculty heads,
Jolin and Murfei



is the day we witness the birth of new Artemisians

Do YOU have what it takes to join the pack?

2 Feb 2011


Hey hey Artemisians!

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR everyone! Can't wait to know the list of juniors joining our beloved faculty!

Artemis Fac Comm 2010/11