24 Jan 2011



Are you having fun doing your HBL?

As we reminisce about shows like jewel in the palace as we see the young Chang Jing serve her bowls of water to Han Shang Gong while the music plays and Chang Jing tries to do all sorts of different drinks for Han Shang Gong.

Seen the amazing QA experiments as they change colour after being placed in a water bath? From orange to colourless , or the presence of red/white or even the pretty silver preciptate?

What about your very own adventure as part of Anbu? The earth, fire and water countries each have their own competitive advantages! Was taking on a role as a spy exciting?

Lastly, as we go back to school tomorrow? Do you think that your creativity has been killed?

Remember to complete all your homework and not watch too much videos on youtube as you will be conveniently lead there by some videos and you might end up getting distracted!

See you in school tomorrow!

Artemis Fac Comm 10/11

12 Jan 2011


Ante Up, Artemis!

On the red carpet today we rocked the house with our awesome Artemis dance moves! Open House is over, but orientation is coming right up in a few weeks' time. Artemis Fac Comm has already started learning the new cool blue Artemis dance moves. New Fac dance coming your way in no time, so anticipate!

Shot of our cute Dance I/Cs "GET SO HIGH"ing during rehearsals

Artemis Fac Comm 10/11

10 Jan 2011

First day in school!!

Today is the first day back in school, a new beginning for all! Whether 2010 was a good year or a terrible year for you, it was all in the past. Forget those things which are behind and reach forward to those things which are ahead, press toward your goal in 2011 :)

To some of you out there that might be still struggling to get used to the new term and feeling life is tough, here's a video to cheer you up.

Artemis Fac Comm 10/11

1 Jan 2011



It is 2011 already! Hope you had a good time in 2010!

May 2011 be a good year for all of us!

Wishing everyone a happy happy new year!

Lots of love,
Artemis Fac Comm 10/11