1 Dec 2011



Let's take a look at what happened at O' Learys!

Our lovely Fac heads Johnny & Ashley, practicing for their performance.

Queuing up to get in!

O' Learys

O' Learys

The awesome food! Yum

Our hosts for the day- Kerry & Marcus

Meet our Performers!

Weishan & Rachel

Weishan & Youwei

Nathanael & Debbie

Joel & Mingao

 And our quest for the Big Bad Wolf begins:
Contestants getting ready...

Our contestants shaking their butts in an attempt to get all the ping pong balls out of the box.

Our Semi-finalists : Donovan & Marcel






However, only ONE could be crowned 
Artemis Faculty's  
Congratulations to Ronghao!

Thank you all for coming and we hope you had a great time! See you guys next year at our next Fac Outing! :)

Artemis Fac Comm ' 11

10 Nov 2011

Directions to O' Learys

HEY Artemis!

O' Learys is located at 30 Raffles Avenue, #01-04, Singapore Flyer.

Here are the directions to O' Learys from Promenade MRT.

Upon coming out from MRT gantry, head towards Exit A.

Take the escalator up and you should see this.

At the junction - Temasek Ave, cross the road on your right.

With Marina Mandarin on your right, turn left and cross the road again.
Then, walk in the direction of the helix bridge.

You will see the flyer on your left.

Upon reaching the flyer, walk through the food center, then turn right.

Just keep walking, and you will see O' Learys :)

You can also take buses 106, 111 and 133 to Temasek Avenue. Singapore Flyer is just across the road.

See you at WANTED on Saturday!

Artemis Fac Comm

Fac Outing

Hey Artemisians, Non-Artemisians, and all the people attending WANTED!

WANTED is coming in two days time! Aren't you excited!?
While you are getting ready for Fac Outing, do take note that indemnity form is a must, so remember to submit your indemnity form for Fac Outing if you have not already done so.
You can submit it to your CT reps(for Artemisians) or bring the signed form on the day itself.
Don't worry if you don't have one or have lost yours, cos you can print it out here.

so see you at:

With Love,
Artemis FC 11/12

3 Nov 2011


Hello Artemis !

Presenting to you … 

Artemis Faculty Outing : WANTED

The Artemis Faculty Outing will be held on 12th November, Saturday from 5:00pm – 9:00pm at O’ Leary’s Bar & Grill @ Singapore Flyer. Tickets are sold at $17 for Artemisians and $20 for Non-Artemisians.

For Artemisians, please purchase your ticket through your CT Rep and hand in the indemnity form by tomorrow (Fri) or latest next week.

For Non-Artemisians, approach any Artemis FC Member to purchase your tickets.

Join us in our quest for the BIG BAD WOLF, and you’ll be sure to have a WOW WILD WEST of a time :)

Do check the blog regularly as we will be posting more updates about Fac Outing.

Hope to see you there!

With Love,
Artemis FC 11/12

23 Oct 2011

Faculty Outing

Hey Artemis,
Our annual Fac Outing is coming real soon and most of you are probably dying to find out where it would be held this year! Well here's a riddle for you to solve to shed some light on the place we're going!

Below an eye,
Under a clear blue sky.
It begins with an O,
and ends with a Y.
Coming 12th November,
Year 2011.
That's the location,
of THE Fac Outing.
So keep the date free,
It's after OP!
You won't regret,
The fun you would get!

So what are you waiting for! Look out for our banner and bridge announcement! More details would be given when the time comes. So don't forget, keep 12th November free else you'll regret!

Your Fac Outing I/Cs,
Ang Yang & Wen Ting

12 Oct 2011


We came, warred and left.

And the Artemis Faculty, especially your Sports I/Cs, are extremely proud of you guys! We really appreciate your participation, and for those who stayed to cheer the teams on, your support and your brimming ARTEMIS SPIRIT! 

Just for your information, the results are currently being compiled by the PE dept, so we wont know what they are until the teachers contact us, so you should be hearing from us on around Thursday! So do keep a look out for them!

Meanwhile, we would like to thank all Artemisians who have participated or contributed to FOS once again!

With all our <3,
Your Artemis Sports I/Cs,

10 Oct 2011

Fac Breakfast!


In the midst of all the exciting match-ups, here's a little update on the UPCOMING FAC BREAKFAST!

Date: 14th Oct 2011 (Coming Friday!)
Time: 08 00hrs - 09 00hrs
Venue: Canteen
Attire: Artemis Faculty Shirt + Uniform bottoms (i.e your skirts and your long pants)
Things to bring along: Uniform Shirt (All of us will need to change to full-u after Fac Breakfast)

More information will be released in time to come! Look out for our cute banner! :)


With Love,
Artemis FC 11/12

29 Sep 2011


Hello all Artemisians!

The recent Post-Promos schedule mentioned that students in Physics/Biology/Chemistry Olympiads are exempted from Festival Of Sports.

We've asked our teachers and these students will be allowed to take part in FOS.

All the best for Promos and we'll see you at FOS! (:

Your Sports I/Cs

24 Sep 2011


YO C1 ARTEMISIANS! How's your mugging for promos? Hopefully you have been working hard for them ehh! Anyway, the rules for the 2011 Festival of Sports have been confirmed! There are some complications though, but these are the tentative guidelines that you have to adhere to (for those playing). The rules will be presented as per event so please just scroll down to the sport you will be playing in!

 Hwa Chong Institution (College)
Festival of Sports (FOS) Inter-Faculty Competition 2011
General Rules and Regulations
1. Objectives
1.1 Promote healthy lifestyle through mass participation by students.

1.2 Promote Olympic values of Friendship, Excellence and Respect amongst students.

1.3 Allow students to practice what they have learnt during PE. Promote Faculty spirit among students.

2. Date and Time of Competition
10 & 11 Oct 2011, 1 – 6 pm

3. Games Format
3.1. Inter Faculty Competition
Total of 8 games will be contested, namely Basketball, Flippa Ball, Floorball, Netball, Soccer, Table tennis, Ultimate Frisbee & Volleyball. Refer to annex A for details.

3.2. Each student is allowed to take part in 1 game only.

3.3. Students can only represent their respective faculties.

3.4. The team will be disqualified if it has fielded an illegal player.(i.e. Players from other faculties or players playing multiple games).

3.5. No more than 1 school team player is allowed to play in their respective game at any one time.

3.6. ‘School team player’ refers to the school team list for the National Schools Games (Basketball, Netball, Soccer, Table tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball & Waterpolo), produced by the CCA teachers in charge.

3.7. Each faculty must identify 1 student referee for each game and performing refereeing duties when requested.

3.8. Details of rules and regulations, fixtures and safety points pertaining to specific games can be found in the respective games handouts.

4. Competition Schedule for all games
Day 1:
10 Oct 2011
Basketball (1st round)
Floorball (1st round & finals)
Flippa Ball (1st round & finals)
Street netball (1st round)
Street Soccer (1st round & finals)
Ultimate Frisbee (1st round & finals)
Volleyball (1st round & finals)

Day 2:
11 Oct 2011
Basketball (Semi-finals & finals)
Street Netball (Semi-finals & finals)
Table tennis (1st round & finals)
Reserve day for:
Flippa Ball
Street Soccer
Ultimate Frisbee

5. Safety
5.1. All students who sign up for the FOS are to ensure that they are fit and suitably prepared for such sporting activities. They should consult a doctor if they are in doubt.

5.2. Students are advised to have ample rest and sleep prior to the competition day.

5.3. During competition, they should always keep themselves hydrated.

5.4. If there is any injury, it should be immediately brought to the attention of the teacher-in-charge of the respective game.

5.5. During a competition, students are reminded to show consideration and care for each other.

5.6. First Aid Club members stationed at the first aid post in block D will administer first aid when necessary.

5.7. There will be an ambulance on standby during FOS, in case of critical injures.

6. Sportsmanship
6.1. Displays of Olympic values of Friendship, Excellence and Respect are encouraged.

6.2. Students are encouraged to display good sportsmanship throughout the competition.

6.3. While striving to perform well, they must always respect the opponent teams.

6.4. Shake hands before and after each match.

6.5. Jeering is strictly prohibited.

7. Attire
7.1. All students must wear their respective Faculty shirts during the FOS. Bibs will be provided for the teams playing in the match, where necessary.

7.2. Students who are inappropriately attired will not be allowed to participate.

8. Competition format
8.1. For sport that each Faculty can only send 1 team, the teams will play round-robin matches. The eventual winner will be the team that tops the league table.

8.2. For sport that each Faculty can send 2 teams, the teams will be put into 2 leagues and play round-robin matches within the league.

8.3. Points system for each league
8.3.1. 3 points are awarded for a win during the league;
8.3.2. 1 point is awarded for a win during the league;
8.3.3. 0 point for a team that concedes a walk-over;
8.3.4. When a walk-over a conceded, the team that conceded the walk-over will be disqualified from the remaining games. All scores and points awarded prior to the walk-over will remain.

8.4. The top 2 teams from each league will advance to the semi-finals.
8.5. 1st position team of each league will play the 2nd position team from the other league in the semi-finals.

8.6. The winner of the semi-finals will advance to the finals, while the losers of the semi-finals will play for 3rd and 4th placing.

8.7. Each faculty will be awarded points according to their teams’ final positions in each of the sports.
8.7.1. Championship points award for top 4 teams in the final standings: Champion (1st) – 5 points, 2nd – 3 points, 3rd – 2 points and 4th – 1 point.
8.7.2. Overall Faculty Champion will be determined by the highest number of Championship points accumulated after all games are completed.
8.7.3. In the event of a tie in point scored, the Overall Faculty Champion will be determined by the number of 1st positions won.
8.7.4. In the event of a tie in number of 1st position won, the Overall Faculty Champion will be determined by the number of 2nd positions won.
8.7.5. In the event of a tie in the number of 2nd position won, the Overall Faculty Champion will be determined by the number of 3rd positions won.
8.7.6. In the event of a tie in the number of 3rd position won, the Overall Faculty Champion will be determined by the number of 4th positions won.
8.7.7. If the tie persists, the Faculties involved in the tie will be declared as joint-champions.

5 v5 Basketball Rules & Regulations
Rules of the game
All official rules of Basketball shall apply, with the following modifications:
1) Each faculty can send 2 teams for the competition.

2) Each team must have a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 players.
Only registered players on the faculty team list are allowed to compete.
No changes shall be made to the team list unless a valid reason is given
e.g. on medical leave. The replacement player must be from the same
faculty and is not registered to play in another game.

3) Only 1 school team player in the team is allowed to be playing on the
court at any one time.

4) A grace period of 5 min is given for teams that come in late. Any later
than 5 min will immediately warrant a walkover and 3 points will be
awarded to the winning team. The walkover team will also be disqualified
from the entire competition.

5) There will be no time allocated for teams to warm up on the court before
the game. All teams are to report 5 minutes before the match time to

Competition Format
1) Each team from each faculty will be grouped into A or B and each group
will compete in a round robin system. Top 2 teams from each group will
proceed to the semi-finals and finals.

2) Duration of each game -
Preliminaries: 2 halves of 7 minutes (running clock) with 1 minute break
in between halves.
Semi-finals & finals: 2 halves of 10 minutes (running clock) with 2
minutes break in between halves.

3) Each team can call for a maximum of 1 time-out (1minute) per half. The
time-out will not constitute to the playing time.

4) A player who fouls 4 times must leave the game and be substituted.

5) Substitutions can be made whenever the game is stopped. There is no
limit on the number of substitutions.

6) In the event of a tie in regulation time, the teams will play a 3-minute
(running clock) overtime to determine the winner of the match.

7) In the event of a tie again after overtime, the winner shall be determined
by a penalty shoot out by 5 players (including 1 school team player only)
from each team.

8) Teams will be awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a loss and 0 point for
a walk-over/disqualification.

The referee's decision is final in all matters. Any other matter arising that is
not covered shall be decided at the discretion of the PE department

6 v 6 Flippa Ball Rules & Regulations
Rule Description
1) Five Players A team consists of 6 players in the water at one time – 1 goalie and 5 outfield players.

2) A team can have up to 6 substitutes who can either be interchanged after a goal has been scored and before play has started again OR at any time from their corner of the pool, but only when the player being replaced has reached his/her corner of the pool, so as to ensure there are only 5 field players in play per team at all times.

3) Game Duration A game is made up of 2 x 7 minute halves with teams switching ends at halftime.

4) The break at halftime is 1 minute.

Starting play 
1) To start the game, players line up along their respective goal lines. 

2) At the referees whistle, the referee drops the ball in the middle of the pool and players move to the centre line.

3) Position is granted to the team who reaches the ball first. The first pass must be backwards to a team mate.

1) A goal is scored when the whole ball crosses the line of the front 2 posts (the ball does not need to touch back of net).

2) The ball carrier can only shoot when they are in the attacking half of the court. It is not permissible to shoot from one’s own half.

After A Goal
1) To start play after a goal is scored, players from each team must return to their own half. The ball starts at halfway with a player from the team who did not score the goal. On the
referees whistle, the player with the ball must pass backwards to a team mate and then the game will continue

Corner Throw 
1) A corner throw (taken from beside the red 2m cone) will be awarded if the ball is knocked out of play off the baseline by a defending player or goalie.

Free Throw Infringements
1) Minor foul or infringements below will result in a free throw being awarded by the referee. The free throw must be taken from where the foul occurred or an area not closer to the attacking goal of the team awarded the foul. 

2) The player taking the free throw cannot shoot at goal after receiving a foul and defenders cannot interfere with the taking of the free throw.

3) All of the infringements below will result in a free throw being
awarded by the referee.
• A player cannot contact the ball with 2 hands (exception
being the goalie)
• A player cannot take the ball under the surface of the water
• A player cannot walk or run with the ball
• A player cannot hit ball with a closed fist
• A player cannot swim on or over an opponent’s legs
• A defensive player cannot contact an attacking player
• An offensive player cannot fend away a defensive player
• Offside play

Major Foul Infringements
1) Major foul infringements will result in a free throw awarded to the attacking team by the referee and the defending player excluded to his/her team’s corner of the pool for a period of either 20 seconds or when the referee signals the player back into the court of

Exclusion Infringements
1) Aggressive play and use of abusive language are prohibited from the game of Flippa Ball and the penalty will be exclusion for the remainder of the game WITH a substitute entering
play on signal from referee (aggression is defined as deliberately striking or attempting to strike a fellow player).

2) Team Players not in game are to sit on team bench or designated bench area.

3) Players are not to wear items such as jewellery, goggles, glasses or anything that could cause harm or injury to another player or yourself.

One Hand Only 
1) Players can use only one hand only to catch, pass, shoot or defend the ball. The exception to this is the goalie, who may use both hands.

No Ball = Walk; Ball = Swim Or Pass
1) The pool is shallow, (approximately 1m) allowing players to stand on the bottom of the pool. Players are permitted to walk along the bottom if they do not have the ball. However, If in possession of the ball the player must swim or pass.

Ball Under 
1) A player cannot take the ball under the surface of the water. Note that the player whose hand is closest to the ball will be the player deemed to have taken the ball.

No Contact
1) A player cannot swim on or over an opponent’s legs, a defensive player cannot contact an attacking player, an offensive player cannot fend away a defensive player – if this
occurs, a minor foul/free throw is awarded. 

2) NO splashing, sinking, holding or pulling back – or a major foul/exclusion for 20 seconds will be enforced. 

3) NO aggressive play (striking or attempting to strike another player) or use of abusive
language – this results in exclusion for the remainder of the
game with a substitute at the referees signal.

1) An attacker will be deemed offside if the attacker enters the attacking 2 metre zone if they are not holding or following the ball. If the ball carrier enters the 2 metre zone, other attackers
are then allowed to enter as long as they remain behind the line of the ball carrier. 

2) A Goalie is deemed offside if they enter their attacking half.

Neutral Throw 
1) When 2 players simultaneously gain possession of the ball, the referee will signal a neutral throw. The 2 players involved face the referee, close to the side of the pool, same side as
their goalie; the referee then blows the whistle and throws the ball high in the middle of the 2 players, who attempt to gain possession by jumping and tapping the ball to a player on
their team.

Holding the ball under the elbow when tackled
1) Holding the ball under the elbow (or in the crook of the arm) when tackled by a defender, is a foul with possession being awarded to the opposing team.

5 v 5 Floorball Rules & Regulations
A) Competition Format:
League system (2 groups, i.e. Boys Group and Girls Group)

B) Teams and attire
i. Each Faculty can only send in 1 boys team and 1 girls team.

ii. Each team consists of a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 10

iii. Each team has to provide a student helper, who will assist in officiating the games as referee or scorer.

iv. When the match is in play, each team can only field 1 school player.
v. There will be no destinated goal keeper.

vi. All players must be appropriately attired in their respective faculty t-shirts.

C) Venue: Hall

D) Duration of each match
2 halves of 5 min with 2min rest interval.

E) Substitution
i. When a player is injured during the game, the team of the injured player can request to the referee to make a substitution.

ii. Any other substitutions can be made during the 2min rest interval.

F) Scoring system
i. In any match, the winning team will score 3 points and the losing will score 0 point.

ii. In the event of a draw, both teams will each score 1 point each.

iii. At the end of the round robin (league), the 2 teams with the highest score will be the winner.

a. In the event of a tie in the score, the total number of goals scored will be used to determine the winner. The team with the larger goals scored will be the winner.

b. In the event of a tie in the number of goals scored, the goal difference will be used to determine the winner between the two teams. The team with the larger goal difference will be the winner.

c. In the event of a tie in goal difference, both teams will play a “Sudden Death”game (ie the team that score the first goal, will be the winner).It is based on the Golden Goal Rule.

F) Rules and Regulations
i. All players have to wear protective eye masks during the game.

ii. No players are allowed to enter the box (front of the goal post). Penalty (penalty shoot) will be given to the team committed the foul.

iii. After a goal was scored, the play shall be resumed with a Face-off at the centre of the court.

iv. There will be NO goalkeeper to defend the goal post.

v. In the event when the ball is out-of-bound, the play will resume with a Hitin.

vi. Players are NOT allowed to:
 Hold, check, block or trip an opponent.
 Hit, block, lift, push down or kick an opponent stick.
 Hit the ball with the stick or foot when the ball is above knee level.
 Lift the stick above the height of waist.
 Kick the ball twice when in possession of the ball.
 Touch ball with hand.
 Jump up to reach ball.
 Place the floorball stick between players’ legs.
 Play when any parts of the body, other than feet, come in contact with floor.

vii. The referee’s decision is final in all matters.

4 v 4 Street Netball Rules & Regulations
1. There will be a league format for the first round among the teams. The top 2 teams of
each group will compete in the semifinals and finals.

2. There should strictly be only One school college rep from netball for each team on court.
College sports rep are those whose names are registered for inter- schools competitions.

3. Each team should consist of 8 players (girls team and boys team). The teams not playing
will be the time keeper and scorer.

4. Duration for each game is 2 halves of 7 minutes.

5. Team Captains are responsible to get their teams on court on time. This will ensure that
games will start promptly without delay. Any team that arrives 5 minutes late will be
considered as a walk over. Game can begin when there are at least 3 persons from each
team on court.

6. Only the Team Captains are allowed to consult the Referee during the game.

7. The Referee’s decision is final in all matters related to playing the game and all players
are asked to respect this.

8. Substitution can be done at any time during the game. A penalty throw in will be awarded
to the opposing team should a Player enter court without approval.

9. Time continues to run unless directed by Referee. Only referee can call for injury time.
The Referee will use his/her sole discretion as to whether extra time is to be played.

10. No Time-Out for Team discussion will be allowed.

11. Players are required to wear proper sports attire plus faculty t-shirts. Players who are not in proper attire will not be allowed to play. Watches, necklace and ear rings must be removed prior to the game. All players must have their nails cut short; else they will be barred from game.

Game Start
1) It’s a half court game; captains are to toss coin to decide who will start the center pass in the center circle. 

2) Only 1 player from each team is allowed in the center third at the beginning of the game. The center pass is alternate between the teams. Once game start, center pass must be received in the center third.

1) ONE point is scored when the ball enters the goal basket.

2) Only 2 players from each team can enter the semi-circle.

3) Players can attempt to shoot from the goal semi-circle.

1) Attacking players must remain in the court at all times to score.

2) If the Ball is played out of the Court in any other part of the sidelines, the opposing team will do a throw in from the sideline where the ball went out. Feet must toe the line for throw in.

1) Only 2 attackers and 2 defenders are allowed to be in the goal circle at any one time.

2) There will be a turnover if more than 2 players, who are attacking, are found in the goal circle.

Defensive Foul includes:
1) When Defender hit the hand/s of the Attacker

2) When Defender take away the Ball while the Attacker is still holding the ball

3) When Defenders make body contact on the Attacker

4) Undue rough play toward another Player – pushing, kicking

5) A Penalty pass is awarded when a foul is committed. They will take the penalty pass at the point where the infringement has taken place.

Footwork foul
1) Players cannot run or walk with the Ball.

2) If players are running to catch the Ball, they can only take 2 steps after catching hold
of the ball.

3) Players cannot re-ground their landing foot and they can pivot with their landing foot.

Held ball 
1) Players cannot hold possession of the Ball for more than 3 seconds.

Traveling Foul
1) Players in possession of the Ball cannot jump and then land with the ball still in the hand.

2) Once a Player jumps (both feet leave the ground), the ball must be released from the hands.

3) A Player who jumps in mid-air to catch the ball and land can jump again to pass the ball.

Obstruction Foul
1) Players without the Ball cannot hinder the movement of Players with the ball.

2) Body contact is not allowed.

3) Defenders must stand at least 3 feet from Opposing Players who are holding the ball.

4) Players can intercept the ball before it reaches another Player’s hands or if the Player loses the ball or does not hold it properly.

Charging Foul
1) Players with the Ball cannot perform a body charge on another Player

Bouncing / Rolling Foul
1) While moving, players cannot dribble the ball.

2) Players can bounce or roll the ball to pass to another Player.

3) Players cannot deliberately drop or bounce the Ball to get a better grip on the Ball or
to get into a better position or to shoot.

4) Players can bounce the ball once to gain control of it.

Kicking Foul
1) Players cannot deliberately use their legs to play the ball (e.g. kicking, stopping or
catching with legs). However, if the Ball does touch/hit a player’s legs accidentally, the
onus is on the Referee to continue play.

One third foul
1) All passes cannot cross 2 transverse lines else the ball has to start at the
place where the infringement takes place.

The team opposing team needs to clear the ball out of the goal third transverse line, once
the attack is being interrupted.

5 v 5 Street Soccer Rules & Regulations
Venue: Street Soccer Courts

1) The tournament will be played on an INTER-FACULTY basis and on a roundrobin system. DURATION OF EACH MATCH IS 1 HALF OF 7 MINUTES.

2) The top 2 teams from each group will qualify for the semi-finals.


1) All teams must complete the registration and submit by the deadline. ONLY REGISTERED PLAYERS ARE ALLOWED TO PLAY. No changes shall be made to the teamlist unless a valid reason is given i.e on MC. The player to replace the player on MC must be from the same Faculty and is not registered to play in another game.

2) Each Faculty can register up to 10 players including 7 reserves per team.

3) Bring your EZ link for identification.

4) A team who did not report on time or is absent will be DEEMED TO HAVE GIVEN A WALKOVER AND WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE COMPETITION, while the opponent will be given 3 points with 3 goal difference.

5) A team who did not provide a referee or if the referee is late shall be deducted 1 point.

1) A player can be substituted anytime behind his team’s goal UPON THE REFEREE’S ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.

2) There are no restrictions on number of substitutions.

3) If a player is substituted out, he may still be substituted back into the match.

College representatives
1) Only one school team rep is allowed to be playing at any one time.

1) Players are to be in faculty shirts.

2) Players must keep their shirts on at all times.

1) A team can be disqualified for the following reasons:
a. Failure to report on time or absent for the match
b. Player/s improperly attired
c. Player/s behaving aggressively or causing disruption to the match
d. Fielding more than 1 college rep at any one time
e. Fielding an illegal player (e.g. unregistered player, more than 1 college rep, failure to provide referee etc)

Technical Rules
1) Match starts or restarts after a goal is scored at the centre mark in the centre circle.

Out of bounds
1) Ball must not touch the hand or arm during play.

2) Ball that goes out of the sideline shall be taken as a kick-in by non-offending player.

3) The defending team must be at least 1.5m away from the kick-in, freekick, goalkick, corner kick, unless the freekick is on the edge of the penalty area – defenders may form a wall on the penalty area line.

4) No direct shot on goal is allowed for kick-in.

5) Ball that is last touched before it is out of the touchline by the defending team shall be taken as a corner kick-in by non-offending team.

6) Ball that is kicked out beyond the touchline by the offensive team shall be taken as a goal kick from within the penalty area.

1) Goalkeeper can only handle the ball when the ball is inside the penalty area.

2) A free-kick is awarded to the non-offending team if point 8 is violated. The indirect free-kick will be taken at the spot where the offence was committed.

3) Goalkeeper must stay in the penalty area at all times.

4) If the Goalkeeper handles a back pass, an indirect free-kick shall be awarded to the non-offending team anywhere on the edge of the penalty area.

5) Goalkeeper must release the ball within 6 seconds after making a save or receiving a pass.

6) An indirect free-kick anywhere on the edge of the penalty area will be awarded to
the other team if point 12 is violated for time wasting.

1)  A goal can be scored from anywhere in the playing area outside the penalty areas, including defending half.

2) There is no offside rule.

3) No players are allowed in the penalty areas except the respective goalkeepers

4) Points scored will be in this order: 3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, 1 point for loss, 0 points for walkover.

5) The results of the tournament will be based on the following criteria in this order:
(i) Total points 
(ii) Goal difference 
(iii) Total number of goals scored.

6) In the event that there is still a tie after point 18, head-to-head record between the
tied teams will determine the winner.

7)  In the event that there is still a tie after point 19, a coin toss will determine the

8)  All infringements during play would be awarded with an indirect free kick except
the following which shall be awarded a direct free kick to the non-offending team:
(i) deliberate hand ball outside the penalty box
(ii) tripping a player 
(iii) pushing a player 
(iv) rough/unsportsmanlike play

1) All players must shake hands before and after their game.

2) All players are to behave in the spirit of sportsmanship.

3) All players are prohibited from using obscenities. A yellow or red card will be awarded.

4) There shall be no tackling with 2 feet, high kick and other forms of dangerous play.

Other Matters
1) Each team is to provide 1 referee (preferably a school team rep). The referee’s duty roster is indicated in the fixtures.

2) The referees’ decisions are final.

3) Any other matters arising that are not covered shall be decided at the discretion of the PE department.

Rules and Regulations for Table Tennis
1) The tournament shall be conducted on an inter-faculty basis and run on a league system. Each tie consists of the following 5 matches :
(a) 1st Boy's Doubles
(b) 2nd Boy's Doubles
(c) 1st Girl's Singles
(d) 2nd Girl's Doubles
(e) Mixed Doubles

2) In the first round, best of 3 sets in each match and 11 points in each set will be played. In both the semi-finals and finals round , best of 5 sets in each match and 11 points will be played.

3) The matches shall be played in the above order.

4) No students are allowed to play more than one match for each tie. Line-up for each tie may be different.

1) Each Faculty must register two (2) teams of 10 players (5 boys and 5 girls) each, all MUST be from the same faculty. Players are not allowed to switch teams.

A team will be disqualified under any one of the following conditions:
1) Failure to turn up for a tie.

2) Failures to continue play for reasons other than injury.

3) Player(s) improperly attired. (You are to wear Faculty T-shirts)

4) Player(s) behaving aggressively and cause(s) disruption to the tournament.

5) Fielding more than one college rep in Table Tennis in one tie.

6) Fielding player(s) from other Faculties(s).

7) Any other situation deemed fit by the Chief Umpire to order a disqualification.

8) Players are late for more than 5 minutes grace.

1) Substitution is allowed only before the start of a tie. Once the line-up has been submitted, the persons so named are required to play. If a player is injured during a match, a walkover shall be conceded.

College Representatives
1) Each team is allowed to field only ONE College Representative in Table Tennis for each tie.

1) Only Faculty t-shirts are allowed.

Waiting time
1) Only 5 minutes waiting time is given to any participating team.

Other matters
1) The Chief Umpire shall deal with any issue not mentioned here. He reserves the right to change any of the rules without prior notice and his decisions shall be final.

2) Chief Umpire: Mr Lum Siew Chin

7 v 7 Ultimate Frisbee Rules & Regulations
Ultimate in 10 simple rules:
1) The playing field is regular rectangular shaped with end zones at each side of the field, marked with cones at the 4 corners.

2) Initiate play - Each point begins with both teams lining up at the front of their respective end
zone line. The defense throws ("pulls") the disc to the offence. The game has 7 players per team,
with at least 2 girls.

3) Scoring - Each time the offence completes a pass in the defense's end zone, the offence scores a point. Play is initiated after each score.

4) Movement of the Disc - The disc may be advanced in any direction by completing a pass to a
teammate. Players may not run with the disc. The person with the disc ("thrower") has ten seconds to throw the disc. The defender guarding the thrower ("marker") counts out the stall count. If the thrower fails to throw by 10 counts, possession goes to the marker.

5) Change of possession - When a pass is not completed (e.g. out of bounds, dropped, blocked, intercepted), the defence immediately takes possession of the disc and becomes the offense.

6) Substitutions - Players not in the game may replace players in the game after a score and during an injury timeout.

7) Non-contact - No physical contact is allowed between players. Picks and screens are also prohibited. A foul occurs when contact is made.

8) Fouls - When a player initiates contact on another player, a foul occurs. When a foul disrupts
possession, the play resumes as if the possession was retained. If the player committing the foul
disagrees with the foul call, the play is redone.

9) Self-Refereeing - Players are responsible for their own foul and line calls. Players resolve
their own disputes.

10) Spirit of the Game - Ultimate stresses sportsmanship and fair play. Competitive play is
encouraged, but never at the expense of respect between players, adherence to the rules
and the basic of joy.

Competition format
1) Preliminaries will be played in a league format sub-divided into 2 groups. The top 2 teams from each group will proceed to the semi-finals. Each faculty can send 1 or 2 teams.

2) If 2 or more teams score the same number of wins, the 2 teams that have the highest total score-concede difference will advance.

3) All games will be played in games of 10 minutes each (no half time). All teams are to report at
least 5 minutes before scheduled game time. A team will be disqualified if it fails to report on time.

4) Each team shall register a minimum of 7 players and a maximum of 14 players, maximum of 10 boys and 4 girls. Each team must have at least 2 female players during play. Only 1 school
team representative per team is allowed to play at any one time. No replacement is allowed
unless a valid reason is given i.e. medical certificate. The replacement player must be from the
same faculty and is not registered to play in another game.

5) Fielding illegal players will result in the disqualification of the team from the entire UF competition. All its scores will become 0 – 5.

6) All players are to present their student pass or NRIC for verification purpose.

7) Only Faculty t-shirts are allowed to be worn during the game. If both teams from the same
faculty meet in the semis or finals, bibs will be given to one team.

8) For all games, if a draw occurs when the time is up, the team to score the next point will be the winner.

9) Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 teams of the competition.

10) Any other matter arising that has not been covered shall be decided at the discretion of the PE department.

Teacher-in-charge of competition:
Mr Alex Tan

6 v 6 Volleyball Rules and Regulations
Date : 10 / 10 (Monday) and 11/10 (Tuesday, when necessary)

Time : 1pm – 6pm
Gather at the volleyball courts by, 1.00pm

Venue : HCI volleyball courts (both)

Net Height : Current height, no adjustments

1) Each faculty can send 2 mixed teams for the competition.

2) Each team must have a minimum of 6 players (minimum 3 girls) and maximum of 12 players
(minimum 3 girls).
Only registered players on the faculty team list are allowed to compete. No changes shall be
made to the team list unless a valid reason is given e.g. on medical leave. The replacement
player must be from the same faculty and is not registered to play in another game.

3) Only 1 school team player per gender in the team is allowed to be playing on the court at
any one time.

4) All teams are to report 5 minutes before the match time to register.

5) Students are to wear only their Faculty T-shirts to participate, failing which they will not be
allowed to compete.

Competition Format
1) Each team from each faculty will be grouped into A or B and each group will compete in a
round robin system. Top 2 teams from each group will proceed to the semi-finals and finals.

2) A grace period of 5 min is given for teams that come in late. Any later than 5 min will
immediately warrant a walkover and 3 points will be awarded to the winning team. The
walkover team will also be disqualified from the entire competition.

3) There will be no time allocated for teams to warm up on the court before the game. When 2
teams are playing, the other 2 teams must be on a standby beside the court as their match will
start once the current match has ended. Any team that is late by more than 5mins late might
concede a walkover to the other team.

4) Each match will be played on a one set, 25-points basis. It means that for 1 set 25 points has
to be reached. The first team to reach 25-points will be declared the winner of the match. There will not be any deuce.

5) Teams will be awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a loss and 0 point for a walkover/

Technical Rules
1) All standard volleyball rules apply.

2) Substitutions are allowed during the match, according to standard volleyball rules.

3) Referee’s decision is final. Any complaints can only be made by the team captain to the
respective teachers-in charge.

1) All players must shake hands before and after their game.

2) All players are to behave in the spirit of sportsmanship

Teacher Coordinator
Mr Foo C C

Thats about it! If you have any enquires, please contact your Artemis Sports I/Cs Jinghan ( "9-6-7-0-7-4-4-7", "jinghan.0402@gmail.com") or Jingwen ("9-1-7-3-2-6-5-6", "jingwen56@gmail.com)! 

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