31 Oct 2010

FO2: Cool-Blue-Clue-Do 2


are you guys excited about fac outing 2? here's another clue to keep you all guessing (:

it's located very conveniently...
with cool air-conditioning...
cool chairs...
unexpected wall decorations...
crowning of royalty...
rewarding 'notoriety'...

and that's all you'll get for now!


30 Oct 2010

Fac Outing 2: Cool-Blue-Clue-Do 1

"Men in Blue"

Hello Artemis!!

Official school days are (finally) over! Clap Clap. Not that we don't like school haha. Alright enough of celebrations, J1s still have PW OP to prepare for, and J2s still have As to tackle! Strive on everyone!

Do anticipate our annual Cool Blue Artemis Faculty Outing 2!! Coming your way on 12 Nov, Friday, if you haven't been informed. Do free up that Friday evening and prepare for a Cool Blue time of food, games and really really really ATTRACTIVE prizes!

Meanwhile you can also check out all of the (unfiltered) photo captures of the Faculty Breakfast and FOS at the Artemis Faculty FaceBook page(look under photos tab) =)

Check back tomorrow for another Fac Outing 2 clue! XD

Drawing your attention,
your oh-so-cool CBAPIC (Cool Blue Artemis Publicity IC)

Artemis Fac Comm 2010/11

27 Oct 2010


On the 4th level of a shopping mall,
Is where you will meet us all,
To play games under a disco ball,
Which is definitely not in the school hall.

Conveniently connected to the MRT station,
It adds to the satisfaction,
As you rush to get to the registration,
Wouldn't that be a great sensation?

Our Faculty Outing is so so soon,
It is definitely not at Sunway Lagoon,
Could it be under the bright full moon,
Or maybe under the sun at noon?

Any Guesses?

24 Oct 2010



Stay tuned for more details!

23 Oct 2010

Fac Breakfast 2010

Hello Artemis!!

Check out our Fac Breakfast photos!! ^.^

Hope you all had a great time and enjoyed the meal! =j

Remember eating breakfast is important for each day! Get energized!

With loads of 'heartz',
Artemis Fac Comm 2010/11

FOS 2010 Artemisians In Action!

Also Check out all our Cool Blue Artemisians in action during FOS!!

Special thanks to Kenneth Lu for some of the nice photos! =j

Do save any photo of your classmates in action that you like! Can use it for class montage next year =j

Enjoy! Jia You for OP J1s! Jia You for As J2s!

With loads of 'heartz',
Artemis Fac Comm 2010/11