30 Sep 2010

Hey all =)

Today marks the first day of study break.

As you guys mug hard (instead of face-booking all day), it is important to keep a positive outlook.

Yep, it is undeniable that it is a stressful period right now, regardless of our intended targets. Be it to get all As, get to study H3, or just to do well, it is hard not to be worried about our study progress and how we would do.

Stress somewhat motivates us to work hard, but being over-worried will only have an adverse effect on you. Right now reality may seem harsh on us, but that doesn't mean we should be harsh on reality. Being pessimistic isn't realistic. So don't over-think and start doubting yourselves because everyone has the ability to do well as long as we work hard =).

So have faith in yourselves people =D. You guys can do it. Only a few more weeks to go before exams are over (and PW hard work begins =X).

Sometimes, the answer is right there in front of us:


With love,
Artemis Faculty Committee 2010 :)

29 Sep 2010


tomorrow marks the start of our study break, and we hope that you guys would mug your ass off for these few days for the stella results you've been dreaming day and night for!!!

here's something interesting.. :)

this is a very interesting video which really reflects very much on us as students. when we approach problems (i.e. questions in the exams), we are sometimes very straightforward in our thinking that there is only one way to solve that problem. however, from the video, we can see that sometimes the right thing to do is to be a little more flexible and try out other means of solving the problem or resolving the situation. so this is just a gentle reminder that ALL QUESTIONS SET FOR PROMOS CAN BE ANSWERED! IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF US KNOWING HOW TO ANSWER THEM, WHICH MIGHT REQUIRE US TO THINK OUT OF THE BOX AND SOLVE IT BY UNCONVENTIONAL MEANS!!


PLEASE remember to still keep yourself in good shape because the FESTIVAL OF SPORTS is coming and WE WANT TO WIN!!!! so please have enough sleep as well. THANK YOU! :D

lots of love,
Artemis Faculty Committee 2010 :)

26 Sep 2010

Hi Artemis!

Did you have mooncakes for mid autumn festival? Hope you had good fun eating mooncakes, drinking tea and if were lucky enough to see the moon, be really really happy cos Singapore was really cloudy on Wednesday!

If you were not lucky enough to see the moon, fret not! The next full moon will only be 10 days away!

So mean while, just hope that the following Wednesday would not be a cloudy one!

Fun Facts about the Moon:
1) It is 4.5 billion years old

2)27 days, 7 hours , 43 minutes, 11.6 seconds is the time needed for one orbit around the Earth

3)It takes 130 days to travel by car to reach the moon!

These facts might just come in handy for GP/Physics or they are just good to know!


Artemis Fac Comm10/11

25 Sep 2010



No point reminding you all that promo's coming start studying blah blah blah cz bet you guys are already working your furry butts off for it:D

ANYWAYS! Here's just a little motivational quote for you wolflings:)

" For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack"

So we're all in this together! Jia you!


Just two more weeks.


Artemis Fac Comm 2010/11

23 Sep 2010

Dont give up (:


Hows the mugging going? Here's an inspiring poem, and we'll just wanna tell you, THAT NO MATTER WHAT, dont GIVE UP! To the J2s, you're really at your final stretch of your JC life and we'll just like to say, jiayou!!!!!!!, cuz it'll all be over soon (: we'll be behind you, all the way.

To our fellow batch mates, promos is just in 1 week. And we as well, are at the FINAL STRETCH of our J1 term! Lets all work hard so that we can PLAY HARD after promos.(think sabbaticals and FESTIVAL OF SPORTS!) Not forgetting FAC BREAKFAST AND FAC OUTING :D:D:D

Here's the video!

Rest, if you must but dont you quit
you never can tell how close you are,
it may be near when it seems so far
so stick to the fight when you're hardest hit
its when things seems worst that you must not quit.


Artemis Fac Comm 2010/11

22 Sep 2010

Last Stretch!

Hello Artemis!

Hope you guys enjoyed the free teh bings yesterday (: Hopefully most if not all of you remembered to go get yours! They are meant to encourage you all to mug hard, so remember to put in your best effort in your studies yeah? Promos are in just 12 days, so grab time as hard as your can (抓紧时间) and press on in this last stretch!

We're all in this together fellow mugging comrades, JIAYOU :D

18 Sep 2010

MORE PEE !!! (:


Part 2 of the long-awaited PEE Video is here !!

Promos in two weeks ! Omg.
But don't worry, because the Fac Comm has come to the rescue !!!
We've decided to give ALL Artemis J1s a little bit of love by giving out FREE TEHBING on Tuesday (21 September) !

Check out the video below !

Yay are all of you excited ? (:
Your CT reps will be giving each of you a coupon (with a little message from us) that you can use to redeem your free tehbing from the drinks stall.
So, all the way with your studying, and remember we're all behind you ! (:

Peace out !
Artemis Fac Comm '10/11

Faculty Outing 2!!!

Hello Artemisians,

We hope you guys enjoyed the pre-exam encouragement video and are mugging really hard!

Faculty Outing 2 (FO2) is round the corner and we hope you are looking forward to it as much as we do! We are settling some details now and will disclose the theme after promos. Meanwhile, stay excited and make sure you study hard for promos.

We are calling for ARTEMISIANS to showcase your talents during FO2. So if you would like to wow! yours friends and be part of the FO2 cool blue Artemis performing crew, do drop us an e-mail at artemis.hc@gmail.com to indicate your interest in performing. Please include the following information:

1) Name(s), do indicate if it's a group performance
2) CT
3) Short description of what you want to do
4) Duration of your performance

Please send in your application by 7th October. Auditions will be held after promos.

We look forward to your active participation and let us work together to guarantee a fun-filled night! Meanwhile, study hard but remember to destress too!

With loads and loads of love,
Artemis Fac Comm 10/11

16 Sep 2010


Hello Artemis!

Are you still exercising? Afraid of being super unfit after promos? Fret not! AN EXCITING EVENT that requires a lot of physical activity awaits you!

drumroll drumroll drumroll



There are a total of 8 sports available:

Field Soccer: 2 boys teams and 2 girls teams; 7 aside with 5 substitutes

Basketball: 2 boys teams and 2 girls teams; 5 aside with 5 substitutes

Captain’s Ball: 2 mixed teams; 4 boys and 3 girls with 5 substitutes

Volleyball: 2 boys teams and 2 girls teams; 6 aside with 6 substitutes

Floorball: 2 boys teams and 2 girls teams; 5 aside with 5 substitutes

Flippa Ball ( similar to water polo): 2 boys teams and 2 girls team; 5 aside with 5 substitutes

Ultimate Frisbee: 2 mixed teams; 4 boys and 3 girls with 5 substitutes

Netball: 2 girls team; 7 aside with 5 substitutes

So have you chosen the sport of your choice?

Inform your CT rep or you can always tell us( zexin and jierong ) if you see us around!

There is approximately 280 people that are required to participate in this AMAZING ACTIVITY! Do not worry that there will be no space left for you.



with lots of love,

Your Sports I/C

Zexin and Jierong

back to school...


the first week of term 4 is ending! who misses the times during the holidays when we could sleep to whatever time we liked? i know i do!

but fret not! a few more weeks and then promos will be over! then there'll be a whole slew of fun events like sabbaticals, festival of sports, fac breakfast (!) and FAC OUTING 2!!!!

lots to look forward to! are you guys excited?

and leaving you with something cool and blue,

(it's a frozen tsunami. how cool is that?!)

Lots of love,
Artemis Fac Comm '10/11

14 Sep 2010


'Elloz Artemisians!

MAF was nothing but total fun! A pity if you couldn't go due to various reasons.. The lighting up of the four white lanterns and the Centerpiece was simply stunning. Under the bright moon, spotting mooncake everywhere, feeling like over the moon, doing moonwalk.. We obviously didn't want to miss out on all the hype and the Hwa Chong Spirit!:

Say Cheeze!

Who's that behind us?!

Look out for more coming up! Mug all you can at the same time! XD


Artemis Fac Comm 2010/11

12 Sep 2010


YOYO Artemis!!!
Here is a video by Mr Brown that shows you why stress is good :)

From this video, we can learn that sometimes things that come to you may seem very hard to solve but as long as you persevere and you manage to solve that problem, it differentiates you between you and other people.

Jia you everybody, the Artemis faculty loves you all and always standing behind you fighting this battle with you! :)

Artemis Fac Comm 2010/11

8 Sep 2010

Encouragement for you guys!!!

hellooooooooooo artemis! WASSUPP!

How's your preparation for Promos and Prelims? hope you guys are coping well. :)

Anyway, here's one video to encourage you guys to keep going and DON'T STOP!

but...... thats not the end of this post from us!

I know its been really tough, mugging... and its very stressful fo some of you who really want to do well for your exams. WANNA SCREAMMMM right?

sometimes you get tempted by FACEBOOK and suddenly you realised 5 hours just flew past! whoops~
and then you start to get frustrated and go on a rampage like a brainless dinosaur.

who suffers? (other than yourself? DUHHHH....)
YOUR family members of course!

so here's another video now,
to remind you the importance of being sensitive to your family and don't forget to spend time with them as well.

aw aw awwwwww.... sweet right?
guess you guys know better, we're just here to remind you.

Cheers, (now shoo, go back to studying! haha)
Artemis Fac Comm 2010/11

6 Sep 2010


A funny video about love and determination... Seniors, something to relax over...

4 Sep 2010

Happy Holidays:)

Hello Artemis:) It's tiring to study all day so here's something to cheer you up! Enjoy~


With love,
Artemis Fac Comm' 10/11

1 Sep 2010


Hello Artemis!

Today is TEACHER'S DAY!Apart from the holiday that we all enjoy, we should really thank our teachers from deep within our hearts. So here's something for the teachers:


Hope you guys enjoyed the performance for the teachers day celebrations, especially the pleasant surprise put up by our very own fac heads! (: What they did on stage was a small part of the Artemis fac dance 2008. You guys can check it out on youtube if you guys are interested to learn the moves.

For the J1s, the next big thing before promos will be MAF! As usual, the council will be organising MAF. It will be an event where by a lot of teachers, alumni, seniors and juniors will gather back in school to celebrate as one Hwa Chong Family. As our seniors are working very very hard for their prelims and the upcoming A levels, it will be nice to give them some support. Buying a box of mooncake for the senior class will be a really nice way to show your appreciation towards them for guiding you through the past 9 months in college(: Also, do remember to share a box of mooncakes with your own class so as to strengthen ties with each other. MAF is an occasion whereby family members gather together to celebrate as one. It is a great opportunity to interact with your peers, your seniors or even your seniors' senior and get to know them better.

Next up, we will be changing the fac board located at the fishtank soon. So when you drop by fishtank to get a quick bite or drink, do remember to check out the fac board for the latest updates on upcoming events. We will also be putting up photos of Artemis on the fac board and try to spot your friends or even yourselves in those photos.

Lastly, to the J2s! YOU SHOULD BE STUDYING! just kidding(: Short and meaningful breaks are important and do come back and visit the coolblueartemis blog more often!:D Jiayou seniors! Have faith and you will soon see light at the end of the tunnel!

Artemis fac comm 2010/11