6 Aug 2010

Loooonnnng weekend finally here!


National Day celebrations was awesome! All agree? Two thumbs(!) up for the main emceess, the games emcees, dancers, choir, etc. Did everyone get a chance to throw the green circular fan (yes, it is for fanning, not a frisbee actually - -||| ) around? And do check our this year's NDP theme song if you haven't!:

In addition, congratulations to 10S6B for coming in as one of the winners for the kite making competition! Really MEANINGFUL kite you've got there. Very well explained. =D Awesome effort!

Enjoy the extended weekend, and brace yourselves for the upcoming lecture tests and SPA exams!! You don't want to SPAce out or get SPAsm during SPA exam period! XP

With lots of love,
Fac Comm 2010/11

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