10 Aug 2010


Happy belated birthday SINGAPORE!
Heyo all! Last Saturday, we had flash mob! All faculty members and lucky people were chosen to participate in this event called flash mob. Basically, it was an event filled with joy and laughter! We had to dance infront of around 5000 citizens.
So on that day, we arrived at Jurong East mrt at around 4pm and then took a bus down to the venue. It was an open area where there were hundreds of tables and a stage for performances. We were one of the earliest performers to be there rehearsing. At the beginning, most of us were unsure of the dance moves but were still very enthusiastic and high!
After undergoing an intensive training from dance ICs, and also having sufficient talent(not referring to Murfei) all of us managed to learn the dance moves WELL. :) We were all excited and looking forward to the actual performance.
The performance lasted for about 5mins where we had to dance to 3 songs. (i got a feeling, shalalalala, we are family) Some super lucky people with great talent in dancing were chosen to dance on stage:) while others had to dance beside the tables. :(
Since it was a flash mob, we had to hide ourselves before the actual performance. Where did we hide ourselves? Good question! we hid ourselves under a HDB block behind a HDB block.
Our performance was at 8 30pm, and ofcourse delicious dinner was provided. During dinner time, other faculty members noticed and spotted a stalker who followed us around. He is around Jolin's height but definitely taller and as tanned as caleb. Oh well, He didnt follow me home.
So when it was show time, we ran, skipped, jumped, walked, hopped in from the entrance. All of the citizens there were shocked and they joined us in having fun! We performed well and enjoyed ourselves very much. Some of us went up on stage( included me) to join MPs in slicing the cake. The cake was a huge Singapore flag! On stage, they offered me a glass of yellow looking liquid in a wine cup! obviously i will think its champagne but it was bitter chrysanthemum tea! (felt cheated)
Anyway all of us had such great fun and looking forward to more !!!:)
<3 Jierong

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