5 Aug 2010

Fac Comm Reunion Photos!!!

Check out the FC reunion photos:

What a crowd!
Group photo of everyone who turned up (:
(Thank you Mr Teo for taking the photo xD)

Fac Heads!
1st row L-R: Jolin 10S63 FH, Mr Teo, Hui Ming 09S6B DFH
2nd row L-R: 10S7D Mur Fei DFH, Wen Hao 09S67 FH, Chengxian 06S63 FH, Ming Yang 08S63 FH, Lian Seng 08S6D DFH

Secretary-treasurers! (hm all ladies~)
1st row L-R: Chong Wee 07S61, Stellicia 06S63
2nd row L-R: Han Yi 10S7F, Kai Ni 09S67, Renice 08S6P

Activity I/Cs! The largest subcomm/group!
1st row L-R: Jonathan 07S69, Yi-en 06S63, Mr Teo, Monica 06S63, Nicola 10S7H, Xinyi 10S6D, Low Ann 10S63
2nd row L-R: Tingyu 07S65, Michelle 07S67, Sheila 09S63, Hui Kuan 08S67, Cheryl 09S7D, Caleb 10S69, Wee Lynn 10S65
3rd row L-R: Sabrina 08S6D, Rui Wen 08S6B, Wei Han 08S6F, Deborah 09S7H, Jin Hao 09S61, Leon 09S6F, Chern Yuen 10S7D, Ray 10S7B

Dance I/Cs!
1st row L-R: Paopao 08S63, Mr Teo, Michelle 06S65
2nd row L-R: Wang Chi 09S69, Zheng Xiang 10S63, Hui Jun 10S7H, Patricia 09S67, Eileen 08S6B

Publicity I/Cs!
1st row L-R: Anne-Marie 06S6K, Mr Teo, Wei Xin 06S67
2nd row L-R: Wenhao 10S63, Nicholas 09S7H, Yingda 09S6K, Yijiao 09S61, Ding Fang 07S6D, Joshua 07S67, Jennifer 08S6H
3rd row L-R: Baolin 08S63, Yong Hwang 10S63, Wei Ming 08S63, Guo Jun 08S63

Logistic I/Cs!
L-R: Lu Chang 10S6F, Lihui 10S6B, Daoyuan 08S69, Mr Teo, Ian 09S6D, Ning Yu 09S6B

Sports I/Cs!
1st row L-R: Zhi Wei 07S6B, Mr Teo, Wen Jing 076B
2nd row L-R: Wei Leong 08S61, Marie 08S65, Danette 09S69, Zexin 10S67, Minron 09S65

Absent: Song Jun 06S63 DFH, Yan Han 06S67 AIC, Haoqi 06S67 DIC, Junshyang 07S61 FH, Si Jin 07S63, Magdalene 07S67 DIC, Kai Jian 08S6D AIC, Jeremy 08S6K PIC, Jie Rong 10S61 SIC

Not in picture: Teng Seng 07S6F DFH

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