25 Jul 2010

Beware Of The Failness Out There.


Time for some laughter to keep the mugging spirit going! Check this out!:

Enjoy the medicine, enjoy the "failness" of things out there, but make sure none of your tests end up in the category! Push on!

With lots of love,
Fac Comm 2010/11
HEYO Artemis!

How's life?

J2s jiayou for prelims! You can do it!

J1s, have you seen the sabbatical that you got allocated to?

Block test results are out! So if you think you didn't do too well, it is ok! You can work harder for Prelim/Promos. If you did well, you still have to conquer Prelims/Promos. So either way, we all have to study hard! So lets all start early and not hug the buddha's foot at the last minute!:)

With much Love,
Artermis Fac Comm 2010/2011

7 Jul 2010

'block' test...?


How has school been so far? Don't be disheartened by your test results; you tried your best and that's what matters!

J2s, today was your last paper! Aren't you relieved?

A little 'block' test for fun (: run your mouse over the middle tab, and see how many 'blocks'/cubes you can count in the shape!

With much love,
Fac Comm 2010/11

6 Jul 2010


Fac Comm Camp 2010
Jeram Besu, Pahang, Malaysia

2 Jul 2010


HOW ARE YOU NOW? Hope you are still fine!

CONGRATS J1 physics students! Blocks are over.
Bio students only have their last paper..................BIO! Jiayou and all the best! It would be over by Friday afternoon! :)
J2s, you have papers till wednesday! ALL THE WAY! YOU CAN DO IT!
Good luck everyone for your remaining papers!

With much love,
Fac Comm 2010/2011