26 Apr 2010


BLUE ROYALE was a blast!
Thank you Artemis for making this event a success and creating good memories for all of us.
Thanks also for turning up in your regal, pretty, handsome and quirky outfits! Let's look at all the glamourous girls and guys from our Artemis!

Presenting to you our Fac Prince and Fac Princess of 2010, Bryan and Rui Min of 10S6D!

Mr Teo crowns them...

and presents them with their gift of a ZINC bag each! Look at the happy smiles on their faces :)

Also, special thanks to all our performers who brought us fun and laughter that night! Most importantly, we thank the performers for their graciousness despite the not-so-satisfactory sound system!

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam- seng!

Oolalah! Avatar girl turns gaga!!

Paopao, our regal Dance i/c 08/09, sister of the tiaras!

New artemis councillors
Jaiho.... Bailah bailah!

Mr Teo and his young friends!

Wenhao and Huiming with their council friends~!

Blue Royale... brought to you by the ARTEMIS FAC COMM 09/10

25 Apr 2010

Fac Comm Interviews!

Hello Artemis!

For those who are aspiring to be in the next fac comm, here's what you gotta do for your interviews! (Prepare for the post (s) that you have indicated interest in!)

-Prepare an event proposal. Make it as detailed as possible.
-Include venue, event name and rough outline of programme.

-Prepare a cheer unique to Artemis (it must be something you can imagine 300+ people cheering!)
-Think of plans to increase participation for Combined Sports Meet and Festival Of Sports.

-Design a publicity banner/poster for a Faculty Outing (The event is up to your imagination, but in case you really cannot think of anything, use Blue Royale =D)
-Suggest designs for faculty shirt.
-You may bring along your own artworks or designs.

-Choreograph 6-8 eights. About half should be feasible moves for fac dance. The rest can be used to showcase your dance prowess.
-Learn your Fac Dance '10 well (:

Don't worry too much about when your schedule is, your newly elected fac heads will be contacting you soon (:

All the best!

ArtemisFC 09/10

Faculty Heads 2010/2011

Hey Artemis!(:

Last night was a total blast! Hope all of you had a great night of fun as well. We will be featuring the event soon, so check back for updates alright! For now, let us introduce your newly elected Faculty Heads!

Faculty Head: Tan Jo Lin 10S63
Deputy Faculty Head: Ong Mur Fei 10S7D

Thank you awesome people for showing your support by coming down to Blue Royale!
Do continue to give your support to Jolin and Murfei as they begin their one year term as your faculty heads(:

Looking back on how far we've come is really sweet.
Having a successful event is a really happy thing, but it's even happier to see the entire Artemis family having fun together ^^

THANKYOU once again!
And of course to our dearest FACCOMM, love you all so much for never giving up.

Wen Hao & Hui Ming

22 Apr 2010

HEY ARTEMIS! Blue Royale is just in a few days' time! Aren't you guys excited? :D

Anyway, a few days ago, YOUR CLASS FPPs (for the J1s only) were busy posing their best for their photoshoot and here's presenting to you.... the fac prince and princess nominees of Artemis!

From 10S61:

From 10S63:

From 10S65:

From 10S67:

From 10S6D:

From 10S6F:

From 10S7B:

From 10S7D:

From 10S7F:
From 10S7H:

Show your support for them by cheering them on during their FPP games during the fac outing! :D

Oh, and for more specific instructions, with guided pictures on how to get to Dragon Gate Restaurant, continue reading!

Exact address: 1 Maritime Square, #04-01 HarbourFront Centre ...........not like that's going to help us recognize where to go. So, our kind Pub I/Cs have taken a few photos to guide you there!

Step 1
Locate the extremely large Arrivals/Departures sign on the 1st floor of harbourfront center.
Step 2
Walk towards the Passenger Services area and you should see a money changer

Step 3
Beside the Money Changer is Lift Lobby C. Take any of the lifts to level 4.

Step 4
After walking out from the lift, you should reach our own private reception area, and our friendly Faculty Committee members will be more than willing to guide you from there onwards. =)

Alternatively, for teachers (or students...?) who drive, you may enter from the carpark entrance. Similarly, look for Lobby C on the 4th floor, and Dragon Gate restaurant.

See all of you on the 24th of April (This Saturday) at..............

Artemis FC 09/10

21 Apr 2010

Faculty Head Elections!

Dear one and all,

...while the entire faculty committee is in the midst of preparing for the much anticipated, most happening, extremely majestic FACULTY OUTING, we are also excited to present to you the nominees of the Artemis Faculty Heads Election 2010!! :D

In no order of preference, they are...

Tan Jo Lin 10S63

Kenji Ong 10S69

Chiam Yunxin 10S6F

Ong MurFei 10S7D

Two of them are gonna become YOUR new faculty heads, and they'll be the ones leading YOUR faculty! Hence, do choose wisely and vote for the ones who can best represent YOU in the next year.

The elections will be held on 23 April (1 day before Fac Outing!!), 3-4pm during your CT session. It'll only last an hour long so we hope you guys will lend them your ears and ask questions if you need!


Wen Hao & Hui Ming (: