24 Dec 2010


Hello Artemis!

Hope all of you have been enjoying your holiday so far:) Time to start on the voluminous amount of homework if you haven't!!

It's Christmas eve today and we're sure most of you have got wonderful plans to celebrate Christmas regardless of whether it's with your family or friends.

Something funny to share with all of you:

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Love loads,
Artemis Faculty Committee 10/11

23 Nov 2010

Which organ's in charge?

Well, if you haven't checked out Fac Outing 2 photos or the video montage, they are right below! Something else that hopefully brings a smile to your day (:

In the human body, which organ is in charge?

All the organs of the body were having a meeting, trying to decide who was in charge.

The brain said: "I should be in charge, because I run all the body's systems, so without me nothing would happen."

"I should be in charge," said the heart, "because I pump the blood and circulate oxygen all over the body, so without me you'd all waste away."

"I should be in charge," said the stomach, "because I process food and give all of you energy."

"I should be in charge," said the rectum, "because I'm responsible for waste removal."

All the other body parts laughed at the rectum and insulted him, so in a huff, he shut down tight. Within a few days, the brain had a terrible headache, the stomach was bloated, and the blood was toxic. Eventually the other organs gave in. They all agreed that the rectum should be the boss.

The moral of the story?

You don't have to be smart or important to be in charge... just an *sshole.

Happy holidays! :D

18 Nov 2010

FO2 photos!

As promised, presenting the FO2 photos!

Courtesy of Kenneth Lu =) Thanks Kenneth! Check out his FaceBook album for other FO2 photos!
If that's not enough, check out Pub IC WenHao's FaceBook album too =)

Enjoy your hols!


Harry Potter

Hello Artemis,

Hope that you guys have been having a good holiday.

Anyway, today is the release date for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! For all Harry Potter fans, remember to go watch it!

Artemis FC

13 Nov 2010

FO2 Montage!


Enjoy the FO2 photo montage! The montage was ready for screening, but Sorry the computer had some problem outputting to the projector =/ Looking on the bright side, we had a bit more time correcting minor flaws in that video, so HERE IS THE FO2 MONTAGE! XD

That's all folks! With that, FO2 has officially come to a close. Hope you enjoyed our Faculty Outing 2: MATCH THAT and see you next year at FO1 2011!

But wait! Look out for photo updates coming soon... ^.^

Your Pub ICs, WenHao & Yong Hwang

I love my faculty.

Hello Artemis (:

Im really really really beaming with pride and bursting with joy right now over our first major event, MATCH THAT. It wasnt an event which we were confident of. Right from the start, when we started sourcing for a location, when our events owners CALEB AND ZEXIN started calling up PLACES AFTER PLACES, (and getting rejected again and again), when we FINALLY SETTLED ON SCARLET CITY and then we started getting headaches over our theme and our event name, and then brainstorming on our programmes and games, it was really a hell of a ride. but we made it here, and its all thanks to you guys (:


when the first round of cheers came about,

when i saw the faces of people whom i know will be flying off at 1 am in the morning,

when i saw how spontaneous the fac king and queens from every class were,

when i saw the big bad wolf nominees gulping down bottles of water,

when i saw people singing along with murfei and i,

it was really an overwhelming feeling. To see our faculty supporting the event, and enjoying it. And this support will really really bring us a long way.

Being up there just now, singing for all of you, we screwed up, real bad. We couldn't sing to save our lives, and we even forgot our lyrics at some point of time. But you guys still gave us your support, and you guys cheered for us. That really meant alot. I really cant emphasize how much that means to us in this small space here, but we really really appreciate it. This event wasnt perfect, there were mistakes along the way, (especially at the end when the photo montage wouldnt play), but thank you for not losing your enthusiasm (:

And to end off this post,


to our faculty teachers Mr Teo, Ms He and Ms Huo, for your understanding, patience and support throughout the whole planning of this event(:

to the Civic tutors and other teachers, for your support and attendance tonight,

Smily and Darren,
MAD hiphop,
The band,
Patricia, Alex and Jin Jin
for your wonderful performances,

All the fac king fac queen big bad wolf nominees, for being so spontaneous,

And everyone else who turned up tonight,

becuz without you guys, this event wouldnt be possible. You guys are the best audience ever (: I really hope all of you enjoyed the event, because we really enjoyed organising this event for you. Photos and the photo montage which was supposed to be screened just now will be uploaded soon, so do keep a look out. Holidays are here, take your well deserved break and have a good rest! We love you (: once again, thank you so much for your support(: This event is a dream come true for us.

Last but not least, thank you, our beloved fac comm, you guys are an awesome bunch (:

Once again, three cheers for Artemis (:

With loads and loads of love,
Your fac heads, Jolin and Murfei (:

11 Nov 2010

The Day Before FO2

Hello Artemis!

Here is a little bit of final update for FO2 before it arrives!

Check out the list of Fac Kings, Fac Queens and Big Bad Wolf nominees:

1. 10S61

FK: Neo Eng Chuan

FQ: Charmaine Oh

BBW: Lim Chieh Loong

2. 10S63

FK: Josie How
FQ: Jeanette Lai
BBW: Pamela Tay

3. 10S65

FK: Ng Shi Kai

FQ: Jasmine Wong

BBW: Aaron Ho

4. 10S67

FK: Daniel Kho

FQ: Ong Yong Le

BBW: Huang Shiriong

5. 10S69
FK: Lim Jun Xiang
FQ: Cassandra Tay
BBW: Qing Shan

6. 10S6B
FK: Lee Shyh Horng
FQ: Ayla Mark
BBW: Lu Tseng Wei

7. 10S6D

FK: Wang Ying

FQ: Tian LingYi

BBW: Liao Jun Xiong

8. 10S6F

FK: Sean Tan

FQ: Cheng Lin Chuch

BBW: Clarence Shen

9. 10S7B

FK: Tan Run Xian

FQ: Dang Thuy Linh

BBW: Chen Yang

10. 10S7D

FK: ??

FQ: ??

BBW: ??

11. 10S7F:
FK: Sim Meng Ying
FQ: Ke Yu He
BBW: Nicholas Low

12. 10S7H

FK: Kang Tai

FQ: Tang JingFang

BBW: Wan Tian Chong

Here's a bonus: Be there early to enjoy the Early Bird TimeOut chocolate we have in store for you!

1 more day to FO2! See you there!


8 Nov 2010

FO2: Getting to Scarlet City

Hello Dear Artemisians!

Here is a little direction guide to help you get to Scarlet City for our Artemis Fac Outing 2! =)

When you pass the MRT gantries and walk straight, you will see this row of escalators on your right

Head down...

Walk through the tunnel...

Path 1: Walk to the the short escalators on the left
(Path 2 is shown in the video)

Go up the short escalator to floor B1

Walk towards the giant 'Level B1' sign

Aha there's the lift!

Press the button for 4th level

Hum... Going up

Turn to your right and Voila! Scarlet City is RIGHT in front of you =)

And here is the video guide (path 2) as mentioned earlier on:

That's all for now, see you at Scarlet City on 12 Nov! =))

4 days to FO2!


5 Nov 2010



Enough suspense already (and really sorry if you are still confused :/), our THEME for Faculty Outing 2: MATCH THAT is… drum roll please… tada!:


Alright, sadly the word itself isn’t symmetrical.

The word isn’t, but we certainly can be! Besides making sure the outfit is matching, do try to come in individual symmetrical attire OR symmetrical attire in pairs OR symmetrical attire as a class OR form symmetrical patterns as a class, etc etc etc. Being symmetrical is a bonus*! Well, really there is no limit to the combination! Use your creative brain juices!

Just in case you have forgotten (unlikely), our FO2 will happen on 12 Nov 2010, 5pm at Scarlet City!

Scarlet City is conveniently located at AMK Hub, less than 5 min walk from Ang Mo Kio MRT station. It is on the fourth floor of AMK Hub, same floor as the Cathay cinema there. It is RIGHT there for you to spot it once you come out of the lift :)

Directions photo guide to lead you to our FO2 venue coming soon! Do check back ^.^

remember! MATCH THAT!


4 Nov 2010



i bet you guys are super curious about what to wear for MATCH THAT!

well, basically you can wear anything! as long as it fits the theme. you can come dressed to match your friend, friends or even come as a unified class!

check out these people who had the foresight to wear matching outfits at blue royale!

so yes! it's all up to your imagination (: but keep in mind that scarlet city has some restrictions:
No bermudas, singlet and slippers allowed for both guys and girls.
Girls cannot wear shorts only 3/4s or longer for pants.
No minimum length for dresses or skirts.


8 days to FO2!


Pre-OP (POP) Encouragement cont'd

Hey Artemisians!

One more hilarious POPcorn video XP:


3 Nov 2010

Pre-OP (POP) Encouragement

Hey Artemisians!

Take a break from OP for a while! Check out these funny and cute POPcorn ads =P:

Have a laugh. Train your diaphragm.
Now get back to OP preparation =D

Stay tuned for more POP (XP) and FO2 updates!


2 Nov 2010

FO2: Cool-Blue-Clue-Do 3

"Hikaru and Kaoru: mirror image"

One last clue! Keep guessin'! You should more or less have an idea of the theme already hmm..?



31 Oct 2010

FO2: Cool-Blue-Clue-Do 2


are you guys excited about fac outing 2? here's another clue to keep you all guessing (:

it's located very conveniently...
with cool air-conditioning...
cool chairs...
unexpected wall decorations...
crowning of royalty...
rewarding 'notoriety'...

and that's all you'll get for now!


30 Oct 2010

Fac Outing 2: Cool-Blue-Clue-Do 1

"Men in Blue"

Hello Artemis!!

Official school days are (finally) over! Clap Clap. Not that we don't like school haha. Alright enough of celebrations, J1s still have PW OP to prepare for, and J2s still have As to tackle! Strive on everyone!

Do anticipate our annual Cool Blue Artemis Faculty Outing 2!! Coming your way on 12 Nov, Friday, if you haven't been informed. Do free up that Friday evening and prepare for a Cool Blue time of food, games and really really really ATTRACTIVE prizes!

Meanwhile you can also check out all of the (unfiltered) photo captures of the Faculty Breakfast and FOS at the Artemis Faculty FaceBook page(look under photos tab) =)

Check back tomorrow for another Fac Outing 2 clue! XD

Drawing your attention,
your oh-so-cool CBAPIC (Cool Blue Artemis Publicity IC)

Artemis Fac Comm 2010/11

27 Oct 2010


On the 4th level of a shopping mall,
Is where you will meet us all,
To play games under a disco ball,
Which is definitely not in the school hall.

Conveniently connected to the MRT station,
It adds to the satisfaction,
As you rush to get to the registration,
Wouldn't that be a great sensation?

Our Faculty Outing is so so soon,
It is definitely not at Sunway Lagoon,
Could it be under the bright full moon,
Or maybe under the sun at noon?

Any Guesses?

24 Oct 2010



Stay tuned for more details!

23 Oct 2010

Fac Breakfast 2010

Hello Artemis!!

Check out our Fac Breakfast photos!! ^.^

Hope you all had a great time and enjoyed the meal! =j

Remember eating breakfast is important for each day! Get energized!

With loads of 'heartz',
Artemis Fac Comm 2010/11