13 Sep 2009

Another Fac Shirt Design!

Hey guys,
here's the 2nd design we showed you all a few weeks ago!

And this is the 1st design!

Which one do you prefer?
Leave a tag or email us at artemis.hc@gmail.com!
Constructive comments are welcomed!

Mug hard!
Artemis FC

10 Sep 2009

Just A Little Reminder

Hello Artemis!

Please remember to bring a WORKING ODT on Monday when you return to school! :D

Artemis FC!

7 Sep 2009


Dear C2s,

加油!Here's wishing you all the best for the prelim exams ahead...

Remember that Prelims are meant to help you assess how much you already know, how much more work you need to get that A for the A level exams plus what are your strong and weak areas for each subject... so just focus on understanding the concepts, remembering the facts for now... and remember also to take breaks in between to relax... your teachers are 100% behind all of you!

If you need any help, do look for me or Ms Tee or Ms Ho any time... you can get our numbers from any of your fac comm in your class!

Mr Teo