22 Jul 2009

Hey guys!

K there's something wrong with Blogger. Anyway, I know everyone's really anticipating the new blogskin for the Artemis blog, especially after viewing Athena and Ares' awesome new blogskins, but it will still have to wait.

Meanwhile, here's some introductory photos of the new Artemis Fac Comm 09/10... at their best. >:D

In case you've already forgotten our faces since the fac comm introduction.

We are all glam. :D Check out our profiles at the "About Artemis" button!

Also, so the blog would load faster. ^_^

I wonder who the most unglam glam person is. :D

Also, not forgetting all the senior fac comm has done for us, and all their efforts put in throughout the past year.

May them do well for A Levels. ^_^

With love,
Artemis FC 09/10!

18 Jul 2009


is a very special day!


-To be revealed soon-

5 Jul 2009


congratulations to all j1s for surviving our very first block tests! :D good job guys!
hope that all of you have tried your very best for BT this time round, if not, do work harder for promos! and do enjoy this long weekend break as much as you can, play hard and have loads of fun! but do remember to also take good care of your health, especially when the flu bug is spreading so rampantly around. drink lots of water and rest well during this break. :D

meanwhile, not forgetting our j2 seniors who still have a few more papers to go!
GOOD LUCK SENIORS! :D 3 more days!

but if you hope to take a break from studying, chill with this video!


with love,
Artemis FC 09/10!