31 May 2009

It's Holidays :O

MUG HARD, Seniors! :D

From Fac Comm 08/09 with love.

30 May 2009


THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE! wheeeeeeeeeeeee

haha okay. hols in JC are totally different from hols in sec or pri sch =/

but IT'S OKAY. we'll pull through blocks together (:

for those looking for some entertainment or recreation or hope amidst the seemingly endless, ridiculous, tortorous, saddistic yet ultimately beneficial mugging regime you've been heartlessly putting yourself through (inhales deep breath after long sentence), take some time off to watch/listen to the following~ :D

The School Nationals - with Ep12 - Volleyball finals (Zijie speaks!) and Ep13 - Basketball finals (Ah Bao as MVP :D) and more!

Love Story meets Viva La Vida! - Love Story and Viva La Vida mashed together into a great piano-cello piece :) oh...listen to Violet Hill if you have the time~

George Sampson - err...no need for more introductions i guess. go check him out!

Eason Chan! - Aren't You Glad - soothing, as always...

and......a 'must-listen' (:

Jake Shimabukuro - When My Guitar Gently Weeps (Ukelele)

MUG hard. PLAY hard! xD

Wei Leong.

23 May 2009

Thank You!

Here's a short note of THANKS to all who've participated/cheered enthusiastically in CSM (both during the heats and final day) and also our j2s who showed their support for CSM 2009 by simply turning up despite having to face the evil Physics SPA the same day.

and...on this note (haha..what a lousy 'pun' xD), we most certainly can't miss out the following people (:

Presenting to you...OUR 4x100m RELAY TEAMS :D

From left: Zhibin, Liang Tiong, Markus, Alan, Wee Teck, Guan Yu, Joel, Zijie :)

From left: Liza, Vernice, Sheila, Yee Lin, Gao Min, Min Xuan, Amanda, Jolyn :)

Special thanks (well actually ALOT more thanks if it's countable) to Guan Yu for helping us out from the very start :D would have been so much tougher without your expertise and advice haha.

and of course, thank YOU for coming down for all the 100m trials held, even when it meant cutting short lunch breaks and extending school hours >.<

Winning's not essential, putting in all we've got is.

Lots of <3s
Marie & Wei Leong (:

PS: Photos here! Do pass all the photos you've taken during CSM to your ct reps so that they can upload it onto our photobucket :D

17 May 2009

odd ball photos

Check out more photos in the photobucket

Lol i guess this effect was unintended but it's cool :)

In case you dunno, this is the prev fac head KOH JUN SHYANG

the prev faccomm

Reinstate: I, ME, MYSELF is from this primary school though i doubt u care anw

Look, it's a bird. No, it's a plane. Wait, it's an odd ball.

No comments.

IMHO the banner is the most eye-catching in this photo

Ok random photos below

gj. again, more photos in photobucket. dun waste MR TEO's effort in uploading the huge number of photos :)

15 May 2009

Faculty Committee 09/10

Today was a day filled with anticipation because it is the day of release of the new Faculty Committee results! (:
CONGRATULATIONS to those who got selected! and here will be your Faculty Committee for the year 2009 and 2010.

Faculty Head:
Aw Wen Hao 09S67

Deputy Faculty Head:
Yip Hui Ming 09S6B

Teh Kai Ni 09S67 (CT rep)

Activity IC:
Jin Hao 09S61 (CT rep)
Deborah Lim 09S7H (CT rep)
Leon Lee 09S6F (CT rep)
Cheryl Lee 09S7D (CT rep)
Sheila Koo 09S63

Logistics IC:
Ning Yu 09S6B (CT rep)
Ian Chua 09S6D (CT rep)

Publicity IC:
Liu Yingda 09S6K (CT rep)
Lee Yijiao 09S61
Shen Baolin 09S63 (CT rep)
Nicholas Chua 09S7H

Dance IC:
Patricia Pang 09S67
Wang Chi 09S69

Sports IC:
Danette Tan 09S69 (CT rep)
Low Minron 09S65 (CT rep)

Once again, CONGRATS to the new fac comm!!

We would also like to say a big THANK YOU to all other nominees for taking time off for the interviews and for all the preparations you all have done for the interviews. We really appreciate your time and effort spent during this entire process. (:

Lastly, we hope that the faculty would give your new fac comm the greatest support in all events and work well with them especially since they are also your CT reps. Artemis Fac Comm 09/10 promises to put in our 101% in all that we do for you and give you the best that we can! (:

Hope to have a great year ahead with the faculty! :D


Wen Hao & Hui Ming

14 May 2009

CSM 2009!

The season is here.

The time is now.

Combined Sports Meet 2009.

Here and Now. haha...sounds so much like Lee Hwa Jewellery...Anyway, thanks for ALL your enthusiatic sign-ups for the many events @ CSM 2009! :) we know some of you have been unable to make it for certain events and are feeling quite bad and down about it :(

but hey! we understand! :) so long as you support your classmates and beloved faculty friends (bff! haha) and cheer for them when they're out there competing against everyone else,
you are already doing your part :)

And yes...the final day beckons...

the day we gather as one Artemis and cheer our hearts and lungs and guts out for our BFF's :D
the day we have fun together and queue up for the Milo Truck together lol.
the day we sweat it out and feel good just being with our friends chattering non-stop under the GIANT tentage :)

the day we show everyone in attendance once again that...

Artemis is KING! :D

Haha..super HIGH tonight :D
okay here's a little flashback for our juniors and something exciting for our seniors ;)

Let the Hunt begin.

jiayou people! :)

LOTS of <3s
Marie & Wei Leong :D

note: no hard feelings k! we (still and always) believe in the fa(r)mily :)

11 May 2009

to dics wannabes

To all Dance IC wannabes,
A gentle reminder to bring your mp3 to play your music tomorrow during your interview. Please also come properly attired for dancing. 
We look forward to seeing you dance! :)
Thank You!
Artemis FC

10 May 2009

To find out more about what's happening around the many competitions, http://hcunite.com :D

Meanwhile, for the entire of this very busy week,

Congratulations to:
Band, CO, Choir for their job well done at SYF :D
Next week will be a very important and physically strenuous week for all the sports people in the whole school!
Do support your friends at their matches! (We do have quite a number of players in Artemis :D)

AND... JIAYOU for the remaining Faculty Committee Interviewees :D

Artemis Fac Comm :D

9 May 2009

THE ODD BALL- 2009 Fac Prince n Princess' Intro

Introducing again........the 2009 Artemis Fac Prince n Princess', of the ODD BALL!

Here's the wacky video of all 11 pairs of Fac PnPs! If you couldn't catch some of the humour and dialogue in the video screened during the event, here's your second chance!

Wei Ming =)

6 May 2009

Artemis Fac Outing, THE ODD BALL-- 2009 Video Montage

Hi Artemisians,

I'm sure you all enjoyed the Western FOOD, GAMES, the 'ODD BALL' and of course all the VIDEOS screened during THE ODD BALL!

The first video for now would be the: 2009 Video Montage

Wei Ming

4 May 2009

Your New Fac Heads!

Hey Artemis, we know now that it is kinda lag to post this but nonetheless...

Faculty Head: Aw Wen Hao (09S67)
Deputy Faculty Head: Yip Hui Ming(09S6B)

We thank you for your support for The Odd Ball and hope you will continue to give your fullest support for the new faculty heads.

Let the Artemis legacy live on:) Artemis is King! xD

Ming Yang & Lian Seng

3 May 2009

The ODD Ball!

Artemis Fac Comm would like to thank the following people for helping us put together a wonderful night of fond memories, great fun, nice food, crazy dressing, camwhoring and more camwhoring in The ODD Ball :D

Canoe girls + Eldwin from 08s65 for their unwavering determination in helping us blow 200 balloons!
The PA AVA Crew for making the event possible!
The Faculty Prince and Princess nominees!
The performers, namely Sherry, Jason, Jie Hui, Lijie, Oral Participation and our MAD dancers!

Huang Cheng for kindly lending their structures to us (which're really sturdy and beautiful :)
Mr Teo, Ms Tee, Ms Ho!

Last but not least, YOU :D

We hope everyone had a really ODD night :D

Artemis Fac Comm <3

2 May 2009

Fac Comm Interview UPDATES

To all fac comm wannabes!

You will need to be prepared for the interview so START PREPARING NOW! These are the different tasks required for the respective portfolios. Please prepare for your back-up portfolio as well:)

1. Bring along relevant portfolio.

1. Prepare a detailed proposal for a Faculty Outing(Event name, venue, selling points etc.)

1. Prepare a cheer unique to Artemis (keep in mind the feasibility of the cheer)
2. Prepare a practical plan (with specific examples) proposing how you would go about getting the faculty to participate in say CSM or FOS.

1. Design a publicity poster/banner for a Faculty Outing(Event up to your imagination but stay realistic)
2. Create a new design for the faculty shirt.
3. Bring along your relevant portfolio and/or achievements.

1. Choreograph eight-eights. Four-eights of dance that is fac dance standard, four-eights of anything creative.
2. Revise your FAC DANCE 09!

Interview is scheduled to start from the coming Wednesday! your new fac heads (Wen Hao and Hui Ming)will be contacting you to update you about your interview slot soon. Please be prepared for general questions as well and bring along any achievements/portfolio etc that will make you stand out! :)

Ming Yang!
The day is here :D


记得我们的约会 :D

5.30PM, Central Plaza
Collection of Goodie Bag using your ticket will start from around 5.15PM!

Should it rain, fret not for the show will go on,
because Artemis is KING!

<3 Artemis Fac Comm

Last but not least: Prince and Princess 3 (:


Now.. revealing our last 3 pairs for Fac Prince and Princesss..

Drum rollll....... 




From 09S6K....... Going Heroooo

09s7D: Housewife and Househusband

                                                              The weirdo pair from fairywonderland of 09s7H

See Ya Tomorrow at the Odd Ball! Be THERE, be ODD and be COOL (: 

It's the first night for Artemis of 09.. The howling Wolves! 

We are the King! Let's keep this legacy on for The Odd Ball! xD 

Lian Seng