29 Apr 2009

Prince N Princess 2: The Sequel

Here comes.....
Our next 4 pairs of Fac Prince and Princess!!! Hail them! (=

S69: The Pink..Panthers 

S6B: Gripping/Pulling!!

S6D: The Jap and Arab!!

S6F: Spellbinding pair!

Remember that our dress theme is odd! AND COME DOWN ODDLY DRESSED AS A CT!! 

Attractive prize to be won for the Best Oddly Dressed CT! Don't Miss this Opportunity!

Be There, And see yaa on 2nd May: The Odd Ball!! (:

Rock on,
Lian Seng

27 Apr 2009

Prince and Princess aka PnP!

We know you have been waiting...

Presenting to you our first 4 PnP pairs!

S61: Whacky!

S63: Going fairytale!!

S65: CUTE!

S67: Back in the 80s!

Come as oddly dressed as possible as we will be looking out for the faculty's ODDEST person for the night!
Continue to check out the blog for more details of our PnP and ideas for you to dress up as appropriately on Saturday!

Ming Yang:):)

26 Apr 2009

The Odd Ball

If you guys have been observant, look at the top right hand corner of the screen :D

Yes, Faculty Outing 2009 is coming to you!

We have many people coming to ask for ideas, here here are some ideas to dress up!!!

Head Gears

1. Paper bags with two holes for your eyes

2. Googles on your head !

3. Nerd specs

4. Rabbit ears

5. Some damn cool HAT (If you can find, look at what Faculty Prince and Princess TAN ZI JIE AND NG MIN XUAN wore last year :D )

6. Flowers on your head, GUYS!

7. Chinese traditional headpiece (Check out P&P posters outside fishtank too!!)

8. For guys, LOUD COLOUR hairband

9. Winter gear (Ear muffs)

You pay $6 for this event with western buffet... But the joy, fun, laughter you have with your class, faculty-mates, watching your classmates sabo-ed for the Prince and Princess games, in The ODD Ball, everyone being dressed up in the ODD-est way ever? Priceless.

Love, Rui Wen (:


It's often the start that stops people.
Every accomplishment begins with the decision to START.

How HIGH you go depends on how much you try.

Little by little one runs FAR.

They exist when you take your eyes off your goals.

It divides the task, and mutiplies the success.

It's not just about sports;
It's about life too.

Marie & Wei Leong:D

CSM 2009!

On our trip to Neverland yesterday, we saw......

Pinocchio breaking the Evil Witch's record in the Pole Vault event with a height of 10.987m!
makes us wonder exactly how many lies he told...

Peter Pan shattering the 3000m record with a timing of 2min 5sec!
though Neverland's officials suspect cheating by use of Fairy Dust and has decided to review his doping tests.

The Disney Princesses winning the 4x100m relay! with Ariel (the little mermaid) watching at the terraces 'cause she still hasn't got her legs back. and...Cinderella almost missing the reporting time 'cause she lost her shoe (yet) again xD

All right, to all PE and CT reps out there! here's the Heats Schedule for Combined Sports Meet 2009!


Do remember to remind your classmates to go for their events :) and encourage everyone else to go support them! We'll be passing most of you the photocopied registration forms to refer to.

To everyone: Should you forget which event you registered for, approach your CT and PE reps to find out :D and...we believe the PE department wouldn't mind you registering on the spot. Afterall, we're promoting a Sporting Singapore! haha..

Schedule for Monday

At 1600h:
Shot Put Girls (Finals)
High Jump Girls (Finals)
Pole Vault Boys (Finals)
Shot Put Boys (Finals)
100m Girls (Heats)
100m Boys (Heats)

at 1615h:
1500m Boys (Finals)
1500m Girls (Finals)

cya at our Track & Field grounds!

don't take the wrong turn and go to Neverland.
Come for The Odd Ball on 2May instead :D

Marie & Wei Leong

24 Apr 2009

Britains Got Talent 2009--BE INSPIRED!


Here's your regular dose of youtube videos!
Susan Boyle, 47, coincidentally her surname sounds like our FAC OUTING: "BALL"!
Her dream is to become a professional singer. Is it going to come true?
Watch this video to find out more!

To all DIC wannabes, check this out!
Flawless - Dance Act - Britains Got Talent 2009

Wei Ming

23 Apr 2009

baby photo six

Hello everyone, gj here again. Yesh, I'm still posting baby photos. And I'm intentionally posting it at such a low frequency so that i can continue to exert my presence on this blog after I step down... boohoo

Yesh, baby photo five was marie... i have no idea how u guess it =.= owell dun care, try to guess this one..

Meanwhile, back to the topic of stepping down... NOTE TO ALL ASPIRING FC MEMBERS: this year's faccomm camp would be held from 1st to 4th june and as usual, there is an ocip trip to Cambodia during end-of-year holidays. Keep these dates free if ur crystal ball tells you you're bound to enter fc.

NOTE TO ASPIRING PUBIC, PUBBER, PUBBY: be prepared to stay inconspicuous in the background whilst ur DIC counterparts rock the stage, ur SIC friends lead cheers and ur HEADS tell ppl we are the king. Unless you're a loud person unlike us four... my point being be prepared to work your guts out for everything (since everything needs some form of publicity/design/art/aesthetics - things that look nice nice basically) and not feel that you're not being appreciated (eg getting jealous when everyone cheers for the groovy dance ics) haha

ok, i'm just kidding on that last example.

anyway, @jeremy, jennifer and weiming, anything to add?

last but not least, NOTE TO EVERYONE: upcoming fac event is odd ball, not even ball. And, i hope u think the banner is cute.

signing off



Dear Artemis C1s,

This is an update about Faculty Committee interviews... by now, your CTs would have conducted at least one round of class elections for 4 nominees from your class to come for the interviews... the interviews will take place in the two weeks (4 - 13 May) after the Faculty Heads elections (30 Apr).

Some general information for the nominees:

1) Each class will provide 4 nominees to attend the Faculty Committee interviews. Only one candidate will be selected from the 4 so that each class has one representative on the 2009 Faculty Committee. This selected person will also be the CT rep of your class.

2) In addition, special auditions for Dance and Publicity i/cs will be carried out outside the 4 nominees in the event that none of the 44 nominated students are interested in these portfolios. If you are interested in dance or publicity, but not in the list of 4 nominees for your class, please approach your Faculty Heads and apply for these posts via the special auditions.

3) Do look for the Senior Faculty Committee members and find out from them what it means to be in the Faculty Committee and the committment it entails. Also find out from them what each portfolio's duties are and the job scope. This is quite important as it will affect your performance at the interviews.

4) We are looking for people who are:

a) Responsible, mature, committed, caring

b) Academically decent

c) Enthusiastic, friendly, outgoing

d) Talented, creative, daring

5) The 6 portfolios are:

- Secretary-Treasurer

- Activities i/c

- Dance i/c

- Publicity i/c

- Sports i/c

- Logistics i/c

Note the the composition of the Faculty Committee is not fixed. The composition of your Senior Faculty Committee may not be representative of the composition of the Junior Faculty Committee for 2009.

6) The Faculty Committee interviews will be held in the evenings from 6 pm onwards. The roster will be released only after the final 44 + special auditions names are submitted to your SC on 29 Apr. Keep a lookout for the interview roster on the EMB & Artemis Blog.

7) The following are important dates:

24 Apr Submission of confirmed candidates for Artemis by CTs

27 Apr Release of applications for all nominees & those interested in publicity &

dance portfolios through Fac Heads.

30 Apr Faculty Heads Elections

4 May -

13 May Faculty Committee Interviews

15 May Faculty Committee finalised. Presentation of 2009 Faculty Committee

during C1 CT period.

22 May Briefing for Faculty Committee Training Camp

8) These are core activities that the Artemis Faculty Committee must commit to:

a) 1 - 4 June Faculty Committee Training Camp (M'sia)

b) Nov/Dec OCIP Cambodia

If you are interested but are unable to attend either or both trips for a valid reason, please look for Mr Teo at O3 to explain your situation.

So unleash your talent and charm the interview panel!

Mr Teo Ming Ern

Ms Tee Su Yin

Ms He Jiawen

22 Apr 2009

Artemis Fac Comm presents to you,

The Odd Ball

Date: 2nd May 2009
Time: 5.30PM - Approx 9.oo PM
Venue: Central Plaza

Come dressed in the odd-est manner ever! Be it as an individual, or as a CT :D (Yes, our dress theme is ODD!!!!)

Have the odd-est, most fun, and coolest night ever! It's the first Faculty Outing of the year 2009 for the juniors, and the very last one for the seniors! Expect games, performances, crowning of our Faculty Prince and Princess 2009 :D More importantly, we are feeding your stomach with Western Buffet!

HUNT your CT-Reps down to tell them your attendance! Meanwhile, check out this space for more updates :D

Be ODD, Be there!

Artemis Faculty Comm <3

19 Apr 2009


remember the cool white caps we wore for fac dance competition?
well...they're back! with completely brand new looks!

haha. actually we have some leftover caps. so we decided to design some of them and sell them!  so here they are. these designed caps are priced at $3 only. The extra $1 is to cover some extra costs such as the spray paint as well as the effort which went into each design. so we are not making any profits

these caps are one-of-a-kind! so its actually very worth it. if you're interested, please contact your DIC Eileen! You can find her at S6B's class bench or get her contact from any fac comm member. Please tell her which design you want, and she'll make further arrangements with you. 

sales will be done on a first-come-first-served basis. so if you like a design you better hurry and 'book' it from Eileen yeah. 

Design 1: Blue Wings

Design 2: Silver Dragon

Design 3: Golden Phoenix

Design 4: Music=Life

Design 5: Butterfly 1

Design 6: Butterfly 2

we also have plain white caps for sale at $2 only. so if you would like to design your own caps you can also order from Eileen. we have 6 of them left.

lastly, we also have 2 artemis caps (the spray painted ones that we gave out during POP). so if you happen to want one as a souvenir you can also get it from Eileen at $2. 

please note: all sales are non-refundable. caps are non-washable...i think. don't try though. 

haha :)

17 Apr 2009



BOgged down by your school work? Don't FRET! It's the weekends, and here are 2 videos to spice up your life!


14 Apr 2009

Welcome to Hell ;)

"Do you ever feel like breaking down?"

If you were by coincidence a fan of Simple Plan, this line should ring a familiar tune :) and here's the chorus of THAT song.

To be hurt
To feel lost
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked when you're down
To feel like you've been pushed around
To be on the edge of breaking down
And no one's there to save you......

If you are indeed feeling like this and really wanna scream "you don't know what it's like"
then......welcome to my life Welcome to Hell :D

haha...only that Hell becomes ironically entertaining when Rowan Atkinson's there with you.

Enjoy~ (Disclaimer: Purely for entertainment. Not for the faint-hearted.)

Have a good laugh, roll a little (ROFL), TAG on the little box on the right --->
and...you're all recharged for your next academic battle tonight :)

fac comm <3

T&F Mania!

remember Jumpstart? :D
remember the jump shot some of our fac comm girls took
(or rather, tried to take)
remember the many jumps you did for NAPFA? =(

think what you did was really Jumping?

Meet she-who-can-be-named...

Blanka Vlasic
- 207cm for World Champion.

She who re-defined 'Jump'.

She who danced her way to victory,
who made jumping MORE than jumping.

She who made every spotlight shine her way.

Blanka Vlasic -
who made the world her Stage.

Have fun JUMPING for CSM (:
Marie & Wei Leong.

4 Apr 2009

baby photo five

I admit I'm a lagger to be posting this... 3 weeks after kaijian's photo

If you are seeing 2 photos with 2 kiddies in each of em above; and you think you are seeing double, dun wry, i am too. And if you wanna know which of the duo u're supposed to guess the identity of, dun ask me cos i also dunno. If you really wan a hint, let's just say (in view that 4th April just passed) this girl's hotter than "WAH" can possibly express. (dun read too much k I'm on harmonious terms with many ppl in the yellow faculty, seriously!)

Honestly i doubt ppl can get her (yes it's a her) identity right on the first try. And honestly, I can come up offhand with a few giveaway hints but the game wouldnt be interesting this way right? So why dun u jus go drink some H2O or SPRITE to clear your mind, blow a few BUBBLES, or even ask YIP HUI MING, then hope against hope that by chance or by some other-worldly intervention u can actually get her identity right. If you get THIS ONE correct, you can give youself a pat on the back for being such an AWESOME forensic conjecturer of sorts. After all, the JOY(-DEN) that you will derive from this game is something money can't buy, right WEETECK?

me is still pro

Table Tennis!

Did you know?

...that the Captain and Vice-Captain of our Table Tennis team both hail from the coolest faculty in Hwa Chong?

You guessed right.

they're both from Artemisssss :)

Presenting......Captain Leonard Leong from 08s61 and Vice-Captain David Wong from 08s6F!

"The first doubles marked the return of duo pair Leonard Leong and David Wong after their rest in the second round. Despite losing the first game, the pair kept their cool and went on to win the set 3-1."

Catch more of David (left) and Leonard (right) in action as they lead their team closer to the championship trophy this April!

For more details on the exciting victories by both our guys and girls teams, check out HCunite!