28 Mar 2009



Today was the 2nd batch of J1s going out for Fac CIP, and I bet all of you are super tired waking up early in the morning going to school to catch the bus which leaves at 8am >.< But it's all for a meaningful cause, this being the last Fac CIP for this year at Bedok for the J1s :D No one does Fac CIP the way Artemis do (:

Meanwhile, school is gonna get busier for alot of us for the next 1.5 months and so, with sports seasons coming up, SYFs for various performing arts groups, or for the many people in Artemis involved in Huang Cheng Ye Yun, or for the council candidates with their upcoming council campaign, or for those who are thinking of running for Fac Comm! It's never going get easy, but well, it's all worth it :D To fight for what we believe in, to strive for what our hearts desire, so that those hours of practice and training, sweat on court or on stage will be all worthwhile.

Who says school is only going to get more stressful, busier, more tired?

WATCH THIS SPACE, for we're gonna inject FUN (like this picture below!!!!!) into your school life, in the most breathtaking and odd way EVER!


Meanwhile, sleep more, rest more, drink more water XD



Did you know?
Kai Jian, your hunky Fac CIP i/c, is our Judo Captain!

"For the A Div Boys, we hauled a total of 2 golds, 3 silvers and 2 bronzes."

"The A division Girls swept an impressive 4 golds, 1 silvers and 1 bronze."


"Our basketball guys team emerged victorious against ACJC with a thumping result of 87-10."
"...Ah Bao, yet again, led all scorers, with 15 points, with Edward Ng and Wei Leong putting up 14 and 9 points respectively to help propel the basketball team one step closer to regaining their championships!"


It's irritating enough how our games always fall on the afternoons of CCA days and even more irritating that they're always at Singapore Basketball Centre, which is between the MRT stations at Aljunied and Paya Lebar.

In English, it means that the competition venue is incredibly far from Hwa Chong :(

Recalling our first match against RJC, it was a little pressurising with almost everyone at the courtside eyeing our match, waiting to see the 'defending champs' lose their opening game to RJC. And it wasn't exactly palatable having almost the entire courtside crowd cheer RJC on as they took a 1-point lead for a minute in the 2nd half.

But we fought on and won eventually. And we'll continue striving for another championship run, simply because we know who exactly we're fighting for.


Missed the game? =(
Visit http://hcunite.blogspot.com for the latest updates! =)

Wei Leong,

Your one and only hottest SIC from Basketball :D

(i sooo didn't sign off like this haha...)

25 Mar 2009

HC Unite!

Yo people!

BLOCKS ARE OVER!!!!! haha.. bet all of you have either been sleeping/gaming/chatting/surfing the net/eating non-stop since your last paper :D

Here's a piece of advice: DON'T STOP (yet). xD

while most of us have been studying really hard, many of our friends have also been training really hard for their ongoing/upcoming championships and nationals.

In fact, our Cross Country teams have only just completed their finals today, while our Water Polo and Basketball boys (AH BAO! =D) have already played a couple of games this week. Not forgetting the Judo-kahs with their Indivs and our paddlers with the Table Tennis championship starting next week.

Of course, the list goes on and on...and we will be facing many challenges along the way in clinching new medals and extending our reign. So, do look out for your class mates and help them take notes and wake them up during lectures/tutorials all right? :D (please wake me up as well >.<) Before I start dozing off in front of my comp... here's a site set up by ECACO with updates to HC's sporting events :)

3 cheers for ECACO!

http://hcunite.blogspot.com/ is one of the "sportiest" blogs ever made!

"The Hwa Chong Basketball Team......defeated National JC, with the score of 50-32. Yap Ching Poh, the Artemis Fac King, affectionately known as Ah Bao, scored a total of 20 points, to help defeat our neighbour from across the overhead bridge..."

"...you'll probably choose to be on the bench
than to be picked to defend him..."

So people! Do visit http://hcunite.blogspot.com/ and show your support for all our sports heroes & heroines out there via the Tagboard and "Comments" option :)

Apart from that, you can also SPAM the CCA Encouragement Boards near the Canteen! Just remember to be considerate and leave some space for other CCAs as well :)

'Cos it's always great knowing who exactly we're fighting for.

HC Unite!

Wei Leong.

22 Mar 2009

T&F Mania!

Say hello to current Olympic Champion and World Champion for the Javelin -
Barbora Špotáková!

that's 3/4 the 100m track. if you think that is far...

think again.

Meet 3-time Olympic Gold Medallist ('92,'96,'00) and
3-time World Champion ('93,'95,'01)...

Jan Železný!
Probably the best javelin thrower ever lived.

Interestingly, both of them are Czech...guess it runs in the farmily :D

More links for general knowledge on the Javelin:

(Marie + Wei Leong) x Artemis = AWESOME! xD

21 Mar 2009


JIAYOU JIAYOU! :D It's the final lap to the end of Blocks 1. Press on... ! We'll see the light soon :)


Artemis Fac Comm!

18 Mar 2009

group shot!

nice right!
thanks to our senior who took all the o1/pop photos!

17 Mar 2009

Made to Break ;)

Or... ... to be broken.

Shaq's done it before.

Jordan's done it before.

and......apparently, our Fac King'08 (Ah Bao) has done something similar in a random basketball court back in his hometown as well...

But Shaq up-ed it one notch by doing these as well.

Now watch.

whoever said we can't dance ;)

Sports people CAN dance xD

haha...just a little entertainment for those drowning in organic solvents and flying nowhere on planes. and...to our fellow sportsmen (and sportsWOMEN),

All the best for all your seasons/championships/nationals ahead :)


the Funkiest Sports ICs in the universe,
Marieeeee & Wei Leonggggg. ^-^

15 Mar 2009

Let's put our hands and legs together and congratulate those who participated in Talentime 2009 - Dare To Air (:

Yan Ming from 09S7D, CHAMPS for vocal solo!

Chow Jie Hui from 08s6H, 2nd runner up for vocal solo!

Lester Leong and Ryan Cher from 09s6B from Oral Participation, CHAMPS for vocal group and also Overall CHAMPS!

Hiroshi Kondo from 08s6B from I Crushed A Snail On Wednesday, CHAMPS for Band!

Hew Li Wen Galen from 09s61 and Ng Jun Ying from 09s65 from Petrol Station, 2nd runner-up for Band!

Lim Xiao Hui from 09s6B Band Finalist, and the very nice yoyo performance by Edwin from 09s6B too!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :D:D:D:D:D I really envy the J1 days :(

RuiWen, AIC (:

10 Mar 2009

baby photo four

Yay, you ppl didnt get it right on the first tag the last time round~ *pats myself*

As pink plush pretty Eileen had tagged, the pink plush pretty baby in the previous photo is pink plush pretty Eileen... seriously, muggin for physics has eroded my flair - if any, that is - for more creative sentence compositions than this~

Anyway, here's the next photo for your perusal whilst the J2s pull through our long and arduous Blocks.

I dunno about you but when I first saw this photo, i was quite perplexed as to the letters in the lower left. The words strangely resemble "ONG HUI KU....

And thanks to the bleary quality, where this photo is taken remains food for thought

oh well, back to muggin


It's all about Heart.

it really is.

it's been a really busy year (even though it's only been erm...2months? >.<) with Orientation, Campfire, Fac Dance :) , POP!, Extreme Makeover (Faculty CIP), Dramafeste all squashed into TWO months. (hmm...maybe even less than 2months...)

but it's been fun (:

and then there's Blocks. but hey, We're All In This Together! haha.. (hmm...i remember watching HSM 3 and walking out stunned. But that's another story...)

for the J1s, there's CROSS COUNTRY for all of you to work those muscles and INHALE nature xD

for the J2s, fret not! 'Cos we'll be having fun scribbling on test scripts, clearing RAM on our Graphing Calculators and rushing to the toilets right before (and after) the ridiculously long papers we have.

it's gonna be tough. the odds are against us. but we'll brave it together as one.

Some of us have magic formulae for revision, some practise a certain ritual before every paper, some simply believe in the benefits of sleeping on the pile of chemistry notes while others prefer reciting ancient Chinese poetry to every person they see.

However you intend to conquer the Blocks, it all boils down to one thing.

it's about how much you want, how badly you want it and how far you're willing to go.

at the end of the day, it's all about Heart.

i remember watching "Glory Road", this movie based on a real life story about a basketball team in Texas Western. and...these lines have been a source of inspiration for me ever since.

"Right now it's not about talent, it's about heart. It's about who can go out there and play the hardest; who can go out there and play the smartest..."

"Now, they've been here before, they're not gonna give it to us. We gotta go out there and we gotta take it. Right. Take it! I want you to go out there and take it!"

here's a clip nearing the end (: would recommend watching it entirely though.

(heh sorry it has to be such a lengthy post, but i'm just naggy like that :D )

I remember a match we played in Secondary 4, this match against Bukit Panjang Government High. We were off to a slow start.

A really sloooow and bad start. And...by half-time, HCI was losing by ~18points, which is really A LOT.

the half-time whistle sounded really painful to our team, not because we were losing, not because we had a bad game, but because...we had let our coach down.

Yet he patted our heads and said something along the lines of..."赢不赢已经不是重点了,专心打好球。" or simply "Play your game."

And so we did.

By the final moments of the 4th quarter, we were behind by 2points, all the way from an 18-point deficit.

We were that close to reversing the tides, that close to breaking into the nationals and that close to fulfilling our dreams......when two of us had to sprain our ankles on court, and be helped out of it.

So the two of us spent the final minutes laying there with ice packs on, silently cursing Lady Luck and helplessly watching our game slip away.

Helplessly watching. And knowing our batch may (later on we came to know we will) never come this far again...

The answer is Yes.

"Yes, it will be tough."

for every mission you undertake, for every cause you advocate, it will be tough.
but impossible is nothing, as long as you're willing to try.
impossible is nothing, as long as you've got your friends, buddies and team mates with you.

Impossible is Nothing, as long as you put your Heart into it.

this year, our B division team's going to the nationals.

Good luck for Blocks!

Lots of HEARTS,
Wei Leong.

8 Mar 2009

Jia You!

HEY J2s!

YES, you, J2.

Happy MUGGING or trying to MUG for the impending BLOCK TESTS 1 (yes, sigh, it's only the beginning)...


"We're all in this together"
- High School Musical.

Love <3
Artemis Fac Comm!

ps: Photobucket updated with MANY MANY photos (:
photo post coming sooooonn~~~

3 Mar 2009

Faculty CIP 2009!


Fianlly, the video is on youtube! Here is the video montage of the much-cherished moments captured throughout the 2 tiring but fulfilling days of Faculty CIP 2009! It was also screened at the block party on the evening of day 2. For those who have not watched it, enjoy! For those who have watched it, enjoy again!

Jiayous for up-coming blocks!!

Wei Ming

baby photo three

Haha, somehow guessing the identities of these FC babies hasn't been much of a challenge. Oh well... it's not a competition anyway~ But hope you enjoy these random peeks into our bygone years!

Indeed, baby photo DUA belongs to our half-malay Fc member Sabrina, lol. Hope you caught that hint. Haha, but I think the photo was very much a giveaway anyway.

I think that this next photo, however, presents more of a challenge than either of the prev 2 photos. Lol, I'm so praying that ppl won't get it correct on the first tag this time round so i shall not give any hints...........

Ok, one clue. Think about the most recent faculty activity.



Dear Artemis,

We would like to thank you each one of you for your effort and cooperation during the Faculty CIP on Saturday and Sunday. I do hope that it has been a meaningful CIP, having made a difference to the lives of the residents of the units you worked with...

You've been a fabulous group of people to work with and the the Kampong Chai Chee grassroots leaders were very impressed with your hardwork, dedication and committment in transforming the homes of the less fortunate.

For the C1s, there will be another round of CIP at the same estate to touch up whatever was left undone and also to interact with the residents. This will be held in conjunction with Founder's Day. We'll put up more information when the time is right. C1 CT reps, it's time to earn your keep!

For the C2s, all the best for Blocks! 加油!

Mr Teo, Ms Tee & Ms He

2 Mar 2009

Made the difference


A BIG thank you to all of you who participated in Extreme Makeover 2009! It would not have been such a gargantuan success if not for YOU!

To the C2s: we really appreciate your taking time off mugging for blocks just to come down for the cip!

To the C1s: look forward to another round of fun and laughter with your classes on Founder's Day CIP. (so don't throw away your fac cip shirts just yet kay!)

And to all of you, we hope that you had a memorable and meaningful time serving the community! Nothing is more rewarding than to see joyful residents with smiles flashing across their countenance. We hope that the residents have made a difference to your lives, as much as you have to theirs.

Once again, THANK YOU EVERYONE! You have shown the public what Artemis can do! We are all proud of you! :D

Yours truly,
Kai Jian, Marie, Renice
Your Fac CIP ICs

p.s.: upload all your photos!

Things to do on the 5th and 6th of March

"In the immortal words of Heidi Klum: in the world of fashion - one day you're in, the next day you're out. Betrayals and backstabbing are fashion staples when it comes to the runway, but murder turns out to be the new look this season when a famous designer drops dead. "

Hey Artemisians!

Wondering how you could spend a lazy Thurs evening? Or thinking of having a CT outing on a Fri night?

Why not come down to support your seniors' and classmates' very own Dramafeste production, Justea?

Simply follow these few simple steps and you'll be entitled to a night of fascination and mystery.

1)Log on to your favorite website, SMB, and click on either option A (for Thurs) or option B (for
Fri) in the Artemis Dramafeste post

2)Meet either Sabrina (08s6D) or Hui Juan (08s67) to collect your tickets (you'll be
notified of the time and venue once we have confirmed your orders)

Well, let's get it started ha! We want to move it move it! Remember, time waits for no man! (;

Your's truly,

Artemis dramafeste! see you there! We'll be right here waiting for you!