9 Feb 2009

new blood.

it's amazing, isn't it?

amazing how a year flew past like that (snap your fingers.)

just like that (snap them again.)

maybe some of us seniors have already forgotten all of what we did during our own orientation, maybe some still remember every single detail...

how much do i remember?

it's tough defining how much i remember about Jumpstart '08...

Perhaps it stops at the many hours spent playing og and ct games, while cheering our lungs (and throats) away.

Or maybe it extends to the late nights spent rushing our class flag, having '金鸡' together under the lecture theatres and getting chased out of school by the security guards.

Then again, my 'memory space' could have run out only after we took a 'cross-generational' photo with our seniors from 07s61, 06s61 and 05s61.

but all that is not important. what's important is,
how much...do
you remember?


hellooooo J1s :D

hmm...okay, leave the oldies to struggle and recall what they did last year. we're gonna talk about YOUR orientation on this half of the post :D

you've seen the class tee, you've heard about the war games, but you've probably not heard about......the class flag.

and so the story goes:

once upon a time...06S61 represented the faculty in the class flag competition.

a looooong time ago...07S61 represented the faculty in the class flag competition.

...and won it :) YAY YAY YAY!

well...not too long ago...08S61 represented the faculty in the class flag competition...and...

you guessed it.

we won it again
xD *applause*

haha check them out in greater detail!

07s61 ---

back then...our mascot was a shark-dolphin hybrid.

08s61 ---

Too docile a wolf to win? maybe. maybe not.

it's not only how you paint it that matters, but how you sell it...and who you had slogging their hearts out with you.

and most importantly, who you had (and still have) watching your back and pushing you on.

and that means you, you and you.
in fact, ALL of you who watched our backs and supported us last year.

and for that...we owe you a very big thank you :)

Wei Leong (:
Your Sports IC. the SICly one.

ps: to 09s61, your seniors are here to say..."HI~" to all of you out there :D
cya soon~

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