14 Feb 2009

for every end, there is a new beginning.

hey there.

feeling kinda washed out? just wanna stay in bed the whole day?

same here.

it's been a crazy fortnight, one packed with seemingly never-ending activities, ever-lengthening high-ness and a tear or two for some of us...

some of us who found it tough to venture beyond our OGs.

some of us who had found it tougher to end the night and part with our new-found classmates, even when it's just for the weekend.

some of us...who......happened to be around during the campfire and found ourselves bombarded by memories long-forgotten, buried, by the "mundanity" of our lives - Memories of us Jumpstarting a long long time ago.

sounds saddening...doesn't it?

but HEY! this is only the BEGINNING! :)



Xiao Yao 哥哥!哈哈……


Ms. He still remembers her mass dances! =O

dance dance dance~ Ming Yang likes to move it move it~

ahh...things like this happen when people get too high...


hmm...a giant lollipop in place of a bouquet? =P

Renice & her "younger siblings" - S7H!


the prettiest and shuai-est SPORTS ICs in the UNIVERSE :D

and there's so much more to look forward to!

Angel-Mortal Game. Post Orientation Party + Faculty Dance Competition.
Faculty CIP :) Cross Country. DRAMAFESTE!
Council Elections. Fac Comm Interviews :D
Faculty Outing 1~
Combined Sports Meet!

and so much MORE to go~~~

so...ARTEMIS! What are you waiting for?


haha...rest well people.

OH WAIT. guess what?
your very own ARTEMIS Faculty Dance 2009 is up on YouTube!

From your lovely DANCE ICs:
"Get your butts off your seats and revise the first few counts!
wanna see every single one of you up and DANCING on Monday~"

check it out! --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crpSLkT0Sp4#

Yours SICly,
Wei Leong

ps: check out the left nav bar. more photos @ PHOTOBUCKET!

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