12 Feb 2009

The Dummy's Guide to the Angel-Mortal Game


1. Pick out an unsuspecting mortal from your senior/junior class. How you are assigned is up to your creative imagination. Make sure you do this discreetly and most of all, dun tell the person who you are! (Duh!)

2. Having made your random selection, begin your first letter to your unlucky victim with a nice introduction about yourself. Of course, you wouldn't want to reveal your name yet...no need to be so kan chiong la.

3. Increase the entertainment value of your letter with amusing trivia and artsy doodling. But if you're somebody who ain't no Shakespeare or Picasso, then make up for your linguistic and artistic inadequacies with a nice chocolate or two! Just remember to secure your gifts to the letter, so that naughty people like me won't go around pilfering sweets that are not theirs.

4. Fold your letter and place in the box. If you are helplessly clueless about how a piece of paper can be magically transformed into a letter, just Google "letterfolds" and there'll be a whole plethora of guided instructions! Or, if you're one of the more lazy types, just approach any one of your seniors or Pub/ics!

(*Oh, don't forget to write your mortal's name on the letter!)

5. Anxiously await, in suspenseful anticipation, for your mortal to reply. This could take from a few minutes to a few days.

(*Mortals, write "[your name]'s Angel" on the letter. Even if you somehow figured out the identity of your elusive angel, just feign ignorance and pretend not to know...)

6. Aha! Once the letter arrives, tear it apart, read it, and reply.

It's as simple as that!


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