13 Feb 2009

blue flame

you guys were fantastic today!

6B and 6I did a marvelous job with the fac item and flag, so good job guys! even though we didn't win, i thought both items were really good and we're proud of the effort you all put in!
and to the rest of the fac, you guys were so supportive! i was especially touched when you guys cheered us on during our fac dance showcase. You guys rock man!

And during campfire tonight, even though there were some problems with our torch, i believe (even as cheesy as this sounds) that the blue flame was burning in our hearts as we cheered and celebrated the end of o1.

but don't be too upset, because theres still POP (post orientation party) to look forward to! where we'll dance our COOL SLEEK FAC DANCE! so go learn k!

have a good rest over the weekend!
and let me know if you want an artemis cap!

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