13 Feb 2009


Good job everyone!! im sure you guys spent ALOT of time preparing your class items ( huh right 65?) haha so you should all be proud of your items and flags! =) even though we didnt get 1st but i think we totally ROCKED THE HOUSE TONITE!!! with all our hype and cheering!!! WHOOOO!!!! AH AH ARTEMIS!!!!

here i would like to specially thank the fac comm for training so hard for the past few weeks for both the 08 and 09 faculty dances! kudos to all the helpers who danced on stage tonite too!! you guys did a splendid job =D hope the juniors enjoyed them too coz we sure had a great time dancing them!!!

as we bid goodbye to our own '08 dance (credits to sijin and mag. who came back today to support us) ... the '09 dance is already here to stay!!! so j1s! make sure you guys treasure the 2 weeks we have left till the fac dance competition to master it so that we can rule the stage during the Post Orientation Party (POP) !

fac dance video may be up anyday now. make sure to check our blog often for the update k! in the meantime if you guys are interested... the 07 and 08 fac dances are already there since last year and last last year hahaha. so go check it out and inhale the artemis culture!!!


till our next fac dance practice.
signing off,


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