27 Feb 2009


i really feel very proud of you guys! haha and im especially touched when all of us danced in the central plaza despite having no song at the end =)) all of us were shouting at the top of our voices. some counting. some trying to sing the song. others just shouting for no apparent reason. hahaha thank you all for making it such a magical nite for eileen and i <3

i know i've said this already. but we wanna express our grattitude to all those who were down there today. whether u were dancing or just standing by the side and watching =) we really did not expect the turnout to be so good. haha. for some of you out there today may be your 1st or 2nd fac dance session. but its ok coz im sure it was your best!! and to those who've come down for every single dance session. your efforts definately yielded results today =D and we will definately remember your faces when we see you guys around the school!

its kinda late already. but im still so excited that i just cant sleep! lol on a random note. I LEFT MY SCHOOL UNIFORM IN SCHOOL! hope its still there when i go school tml morning!! =X

seeyou tml then! ( some of you at least. lol )

PaoPao & Eileen <3
and for the last time.. GET READY TO INHALE THIS!! AHHWOOOOOOOOOO......

26 Feb 2009

POP Reminders

Hey Ar-Artemis!
Bet you guys are excited as we are. This will be the chance to show the entire school how you guys dance!

Some reminders:

Our preparations start at 4pm in the Inner Plaza. We'll have an hour break from 5-6pm for dinner (you guys can either go somewhere nearby to eat or order in) and the fac dance competition will start at 6pm! There'll also be a SODACHE session, so its really a night of fun with your classes! 

Attire for fac dance competition is ARTEMIS FAC SHIRT with JEANS

We'll be showing you the formations tomorrow, so do take note where your class is standing! And remember to find a partner if you haven't done so... Otherwise you might end up dancing alone, which is so sad... 

Anyways, also remember to bring a CAP! Yes imagine a sea of white heads bobbing up down left right, so cool right. Haha. Thats what the judges will see from the 2nd level by the way. 

And for those who missed today's session, don't worry! We'll have a final revision tomorrow from 4-5pm. Remember all the shoutings! (including the new 'AR-ARTEMIS' at the matrix part for the 2nd song) and our final bow. Yes, we are a respectful faculty. :)

SHAWTY, ITS TIME TO GET LOOSE! It's time to let the entire school INHALE our awesome fac dance! No matter the results, we're damn proud of you guys, and the thing that made us really happy over the past sessions was seeing you guys have fun!! 

Finally, remember to rest well and drink lots of water! Because the flu bug is going around...

xoxo (hahaha),
your DICs

25 Feb 2009

Dramafeste tickets!


Dramafeste tickets are finally up for grabs! Come on down on the 5th or 6th of march to support your fellow artemisians involved or simply to join in the fun! :D Tickets are priced at 6 dollars each and futher details are on SMB so please do check it out!

Hurry, cause we only have 75 tickets per night to sell! (on a first come first serve basis)

This was then.


What about now?

Find out for yourselves, see y'all there! :D:D

your dramafeste I/Cs SASOHJ

YOYO! The last time you saw US dancing was.......


This time round, POP will see

3. sodache session......

Most importantly, it's when WE come together and dance as a faculty!!!!!! :D:D:D:D

There is only one day left, what are you waiting for?

You don't have to be shy that you can't dance, I can't too (and my junior class everyday laugh at me HAHA >.< ) , but as long as you dare to give your very best, we're all in this together! (: The fac comm will make sure we teach you to our very best yeah :D


Shawty...it's time to get loose!

Fun fact: Shawty is actually another word for 'baby', used to address attractive females (that's us man! the girls of artemis whoohoo!)

Anyway, some changes to tomorrows fac dance session. It has been extended from 2pm-6pm instead of 4pm-6pm! So please come on down to the area outside the audi and we'll 'get loose'!
Of course, don't neglect meals, never ever come to a fac dance session hungry k, lets make that a policy. We regard your health with utmost importance! haha

And in case you guys didn't know, POP is this Friday! So what exactly is POP? No, its not N'sync's old song, its POST ORIENTATION PARTY! Our FAC DANCE COMPETITION will be held then, so GET READY TO D-A-N-C-E! We'll start preparations at 4pm at inner plaza, and the official competition starts at 6pm. 

By the way, we'll have a rehearsal on thursday, so do try your very best to come! we need to let you know your positions! 

eileen and pao pao

24 Feb 2009


Talk's controversial. Dance? Universal.

Well...everyone's been talking about fac points. everyone's talking about the fac shield. everyone's talking about the Post-Orientation-Party.

Everyone's talking about the Fac Dance Competition.

But hey, listen to what YOUR dance ic has to say about the

Artemis Faculty Dance ;)


haha... 3 cheers for JIAWEI! *clap clap clap......clap clap* JIAWEI! :)

all right, POP's in a few days' time, and Fac Dance Comp's the highlight of the NIGHT.

so all you wolverines out there...it's high time you ask your favourite shawty out for a little jiggle wiggle under the moonlight ;)

JIAYOU! haha...

Wei Leong -
Learn it. Show it. Love it.
Artemis Fac Dance 2009. Enjoy it.

23 Feb 2009

Fac Cip Lecture

Haha just kidding... but do take note of these essential tips for the coming Faculty CIP!

so what are you waiting for? (;

Hello people! POP is round the corner! so, get up and let's practice fac dance together!

Methods to practice fac dance:
1) invite your classmate of the opposite sex to start dancing with you during breaks, after
school, before lecture, after lecture, in between the change of lessons, when you go out for ct
outing or dinner, or as a forfeit >.<

2) grab any friendly fac com member that you see walking in the corridors and ask him or her to dance with you.

3) Go mug youtube

4) Attend the last few fac dance remedial lessons

5) You decide (;

So what are you waiting for?

We'll bring the house down on POP!Get ready to inhale this!
remember to bring your cap! (:

-hui juan-


A big thanks to all those who've come down during the fac dance sessions till now! =D and for those who went all the way to salt centre today despite the heavy rain... GOOD JOB on finishing the entire fac dance! woohoo! now that you've mastered the whole dance its time to pass it on to your friends =)

Update: there's fac dance remedial session at Amphi-theatre aka banner painting area @3.30 pm! And...it's for all those who wanna catch up on the fac dance, all those who have yet to learn anything, and for all those who simply love the artemis dance =D see you there!

p.s. the video is seriously damn farny! HAHAHA go watch!

paopao & eileen <3

Making of Fac Dance 09

Ever wondered how fac dance 09 was created?
Wonder no more! Here's a behind-the-scenes look into the MAKING OF ARTEMIS FAC DANCE 2009! Get ready for some laughs!

22 Feb 2009

baby photo dua

Me emo... So few ppl tagged to the prev baby photo post... Maybe that previous FC member ain't THAT interesting... But gj (as in good job, not my name) to the handful who tagged! Esp to the one who even gave his/her class and reg. no. haha, i feel your enthusiasm

Nonetheless, it was huijuan... i insist that i purposely left the file name unchanged to make it a no-brainer... i insist ~ and in case u didn't catch it, "stature" refers to "the natural height of a human or animal in an upright position"

And I still dunno who's the artiste =.= ... he's being chased by the police? Gah... enlighten me

Oh well, in the meantime, let's look at the second photo... which admittedly is super blur ~
I did not photoshop the pic k, she scanned the photo herself

But then again, if the photo ain't this unclear, it would be super easy to guess who she is...

PS hint lies in the most obvious of places

Ah Bao Says Hi!

Hey there, we've got a special guest with us today. Guess who? ;)

Blue is Cool. So are You.

Marie & Wei Leong.
路遥知马力,日久见心 xD

We can be Lycans.

I watched "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" yesterday! YIPPEEE~ haha..

To those who're fans of the Underworld series, "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" is actually not as bad as some of us thought!

To those who aren't, get your hands on Underworld and Underworld: Evolution! This series is more than simple vampire-slaying and lycan-chasing, so unless you're a BIG fan of Homo Sapiens and their Domination of Planet Earth, these movies shouldn't put you off :D

Chronologically, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is a prequel to the first Underworld while Underworld: Evolution tells the end of the feud between the two branches of the same family - Vampires & Lycans.

Even though they don't really do the films justice (esp. the first two) nor do they reveal the parts with greater meaning, here're some trailers for you to take a break from homework and assignments :)

Underworld -

Underworld: Evolution -

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans -

We can be slaves...
Or we can be Lycans!

Speaking of which...we're just
5 days from Post-Orientation Party.
5 days from the Annual Faculty Dance Competition.
5 days from the Hunt.

so what are you waiting for?
get off your seat and move to the beat!

See you people at fac dance session tmr :)
(Meet PaoPao & Eileen at central/inner plaza first before going to SALT together!)

Wei Leong -
whoever said that wolves can't dance?
Even horses
and owls and 'bulls' can dance.
what's more, Lycans stand on two legs and do not have wings for hands.

19 Feb 2009

Fac Dance Teaching Vids!

yo blue people! fac dance teaching vids are up!

Teaching Vid 1 (Mirrored)
Teaching Vid 2 (Slowed and Mirrored)

and a gentle reminder that the next fac dance session is
on MONDAY @ SALT foyer. See you there!

your DICs :)

18 Feb 2009


Who: Everybody from ARTEMIS:D
When: 28 Feb! (DAY after POP!) & 1 March!
Where: Kampong Chai Chee
Attire: Fac CIP shirt (which will be distributed to you SOON) +jeans/bermudas/HC PE SHORTS

AND...this is what the J1s will be doing!
Pictures from FACULTY CIP 2008:D



Preparing PAINTS !!!


Painting EVERYWHERE...


MORE Cleaning...







MORE camwhoring (plus acting cute:p)



HELPING OTHERS:) and having FUN as a class!




..... And REMEMBER to be properly attired!
(FAC CIP Shirt + berms/jeans/HC PE SHORTS)

DON'T try to be OUTSTANDING and wear



Check out the blog next week for MORE updates!!!



With loves,
Fac cip i/cs,
Kaijian:), Renice:P and Marie:D


ONCE AGAIN.... The Artemis Faculty welcomes all J1s to this big family! :D

Today is the third day of school for YOU GUYS, juniors :D And perhaps the 3rd-5th day of writing Angels And Mortals with the senior class! Because we all need some love, GO AHEAD and pamper your angel and mortal with loads of sweets to keep them awake in lessons! :D

I think the j1s are DAMN AMAZING seriously. :D:D Today, HuiJuan and I were walking around the class benches and we saw

1. 09S6B mugging as a class at class bench (HAHAHA ANY FORM OF BONDING IS GOOD RIGHT!!)

2. 09s67 playing TABOO! They had team A and team B somemore and we played with them HAHAHA

3. 09s65 playing some dance floor mat thingyy.

OH MAN >.< I'M GETTING JEALOUS! :D To all seniors, have fun mugging :( BLOCKS IS !_(@*%##(!!)!#*@*@*@*@@@ HAHAHA :D

Your funky AIC,


p.s please go to smb and read the ultimate guideline to passing spotcheck tomorrow morning :\

17 Feb 2009

Fac Dance Update

Hi artemis!

please take note to the following changes in the fac dance schedule.

The thurs session for this week (19th feb) has been postponed to next thurs (26th feb) 4-6pm at inner plaza.

So the remaining session for this week is TOMORROW, 4-6pm at the area outside audi. 

during the long weekend, you guys can visit the wonderful youtube to revise or you can approach any fac comm member to teach you some parts, including the difficult-looking-but-is-actually-quite-easy "mummy" part!

see you tomorrow!

Your DICs!

16 Feb 2009

Artemis PUBics video 2009

Hi Artemisians!

Do you still recall the Publicity video which publicised the Publicity ICs during the Artemis Faculty Introduction Day? Did wanting to be an Artemis PUBic ever cross your mind?

Anyway, sit back, relax and enjoy the next 5 mins of your life!

Wei Ming
(on behalf of the PUBics)

15 Feb 2009

come on and dance!

it's time to get your dancing shoes on!

Artemis Fac Dance Sessions

Monday 16th 4-6pm @ Inner Plaza
Tuesday 17th 3-6pm @ SALT foyer
Wednesday 18th 4-6pm @ Area outside audi
Thursday 19th 4-6pm @ Inner Plaza
Monday 23rd 3-6pm @ SALT foyer
Wednesday 25th 4-6pm @ Area outside audi

In case of any changes, we'll let your ct reps know.
And a gentle reminder to come properly attired, because you just won't look cool dancing our fac dance in your brown skirt/pants.
see you there! 

your DICs!

14 Feb 2009

Fac Dance Vid 09


Note: The inhaling of the above may will cause prolonged HIGH-ness. Should symptoms persist, download the following prescription to enjoy yourself further. xD

Artemis Faculty Dance 2009 -
the coolest dance track ever made.


ps: those searching high and low for the "Artemis Font", get it here :)

baby photo uno

hope that you have been anticipating the inauguration (pun may be intended) of this game! Since this is the first photo, I thought I give y'all a no-brainer. Seriously, I personally think the facade and stature of the girl in the arms of the man hasn't changed much. Hmm, was that a hint? Who carez, TAG UR GUESS

Oh, extra points for those who can guess the identity of the man correctly. Apparently, he's an artiste.

Erm... since I'm at it... extra points for those who can fathom who's the boy... I think he's the FC member's sibling or relative... Oh well, for all I know, you may know him


for every end, there is a new beginning.

hey there.

feeling kinda washed out? just wanna stay in bed the whole day?

same here.

it's been a crazy fortnight, one packed with seemingly never-ending activities, ever-lengthening high-ness and a tear or two for some of us...

some of us who found it tough to venture beyond our OGs.

some of us who had found it tougher to end the night and part with our new-found classmates, even when it's just for the weekend.

some of us...who......happened to be around during the campfire and found ourselves bombarded by memories long-forgotten, buried, by the "mundanity" of our lives - Memories of us Jumpstarting a long long time ago.

sounds saddening...doesn't it?

but HEY! this is only the BEGINNING! :)



Xiao Yao 哥哥!哈哈……


Ms. He still remembers her mass dances! =O

dance dance dance~ Ming Yang likes to move it move it~

ahh...things like this happen when people get too high...


hmm...a giant lollipop in place of a bouquet? =P

Renice & her "younger siblings" - S7H!


the prettiest and shuai-est SPORTS ICs in the UNIVERSE :D

and there's so much more to look forward to!

Angel-Mortal Game. Post Orientation Party + Faculty Dance Competition.
Faculty CIP :) Cross Country. DRAMAFESTE!
Council Elections. Fac Comm Interviews :D
Faculty Outing 1~
Combined Sports Meet!

and so much MORE to go~~~

so...ARTEMIS! What are you waiting for?


haha...rest well people.

OH WAIT. guess what?
your very own ARTEMIS Faculty Dance 2009 is up on YouTube!

From your lovely DANCE ICs:
"Get your butts off your seats and revise the first few counts!
wanna see every single one of you up and DANCING on Monday~"

check it out! --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crpSLkT0Sp4#

Yours SICly,
Wei Leong

ps: check out the left nav bar. more photos @ PHOTOBUCKET!

13 Feb 2009


Good job everyone!! im sure you guys spent ALOT of time preparing your class items ( huh right 65?) haha so you should all be proud of your items and flags! =) even though we didnt get 1st but i think we totally ROCKED THE HOUSE TONITE!!! with all our hype and cheering!!! WHOOOO!!!! AH AH ARTEMIS!!!!

here i would like to specially thank the fac comm for training so hard for the past few weeks for both the 08 and 09 faculty dances! kudos to all the helpers who danced on stage tonite too!! you guys did a splendid job =D hope the juniors enjoyed them too coz we sure had a great time dancing them!!!

as we bid goodbye to our own '08 dance (credits to sijin and mag. who came back today to support us) ... the '09 dance is already here to stay!!! so j1s! make sure you guys treasure the 2 weeks we have left till the fac dance competition to master it so that we can rule the stage during the Post Orientation Party (POP) !

fac dance video may be up anyday now. make sure to check our blog often for the update k! in the meantime if you guys are interested... the 07 and 08 fac dances are already there since last year and last last year hahaha. so go check it out and inhale the artemis culture!!!


till our next fac dance practice.
signing off,


blue flame

you guys were fantastic today!

6B and 6I did a marvelous job with the fac item and flag, so good job guys! even though we didn't win, i thought both items were really good and we're proud of the effort you all put in!
and to the rest of the fac, you guys were so supportive! i was especially touched when you guys cheered us on during our fac dance showcase. You guys rock man!

And during campfire tonight, even though there were some problems with our torch, i believe (even as cheesy as this sounds) that the blue flame was burning in our hearts as we cheered and celebrated the end of o1.

but don't be too upset, because theres still POP (post orientation party) to look forward to! where we'll dance our COOL SLEEK FAC DANCE! so go learn k!

have a good rest over the weekend!
and let me know if you want an artemis cap!

12 Feb 2009

The Dummy's Guide to the Angel-Mortal Game


1. Pick out an unsuspecting mortal from your senior/junior class. How you are assigned is up to your creative imagination. Make sure you do this discreetly and most of all, dun tell the person who you are! (Duh!)

2. Having made your random selection, begin your first letter to your unlucky victim with a nice introduction about yourself. Of course, you wouldn't want to reveal your name yet...no need to be so kan chiong la.

3. Increase the entertainment value of your letter with amusing trivia and artsy doodling. But if you're somebody who ain't no Shakespeare or Picasso, then make up for your linguistic and artistic inadequacies with a nice chocolate or two! Just remember to secure your gifts to the letter, so that naughty people like me won't go around pilfering sweets that are not theirs.

4. Fold your letter and place in the box. If you are helplessly clueless about how a piece of paper can be magically transformed into a letter, just Google "letterfolds" and there'll be a whole plethora of guided instructions! Or, if you're one of the more lazy types, just approach any one of your seniors or Pub/ics!

(*Oh, don't forget to write your mortal's name on the letter!)

5. Anxiously await, in suspenseful anticipation, for your mortal to reply. This could take from a few minutes to a few days.

(*Mortals, write "[your name]'s Angel" on the letter. Even if you somehow figured out the identity of your elusive angel, just feign ignorance and pretend not to know...)

6. Aha! Once the letter arrives, tear it apart, read it, and reply.

It's as simple as that!



hey artemis! orientation is ending soon...and everyone must be super excited about campfire tomorrow!
we're excited too! haha we've worked really hard for orientation, hope you guys enjoyed fac day! and our dancing. we may not be the best dancers, but we really improved alot and if fac comm can dance, you guys can dance too! 
watch this space for the upcoming FAC DANCE VIDEO! and you can go learn our cool fac dance. 
heres a cute photo from one of our fac dance practice sessions. i know its quite small, guess who the sleeping boy is! (clue: his name starts with a M and rhymes with sayang)

9 Feb 2009

HELLO C1s...

Welcome to Artemis... I shall leave my identity undisclosed for the moment... but you shall find out who I am in the very near future... :->

new blood.

it's amazing, isn't it?

amazing how a year flew past like that (snap your fingers.)

just like that (snap them again.)

maybe some of us seniors have already forgotten all of what we did during our own orientation, maybe some still remember every single detail...

how much do i remember?

it's tough defining how much i remember about Jumpstart '08...

Perhaps it stops at the many hours spent playing og and ct games, while cheering our lungs (and throats) away.

Or maybe it extends to the late nights spent rushing our class flag, having '金鸡' together under the lecture theatres and getting chased out of school by the security guards.

Then again, my 'memory space' could have run out only after we took a 'cross-generational' photo with our seniors from 07s61, 06s61 and 05s61.

but all that is not important. what's important is,
how much...do
you remember?


hellooooo J1s :D

hmm...okay, leave the oldies to struggle and recall what they did last year. we're gonna talk about YOUR orientation on this half of the post :D

you've seen the class tee, you've heard about the war games, but you've probably not heard about......the class flag.

and so the story goes:

once upon a time...06S61 represented the faculty in the class flag competition.

a looooong time ago...07S61 represented the faculty in the class flag competition.

...and won it :) YAY YAY YAY!

well...not too long ago...08S61 represented the faculty in the class flag competition...and...

you guessed it.

we won it again
xD *applause*

haha check them out in greater detail!

07s61 ---

back then...our mascot was a shark-dolphin hybrid.

08s61 ---

Too docile a wolf to win? maybe. maybe not.

it's not only how you paint it that matters, but how you sell it...and who you had slogging their hearts out with you.

and most importantly, who you had (and still have) watching your back and pushing you on.

and that means you, you and you.
in fact, ALL of you who watched our backs and supported us last year.

and for that...we owe you a very big thank you :)

Wei Leong (:
Your Sports IC. the SICly one.

ps: to 09s61, your seniors are here to say..."HI~" to all of you out there :D
cya soon~

8 Feb 2009

Extreme Makeover 2009!

Desperate to clock up some cip hours? Unable to assuage your insatiable thirst for service?

Don't worry! Extreme Makeover is back once again!

Date: 28th Feb, 1st Mar
Venue: Bedok – Kampong Chai Chee

Soooo, J2s, please don't sign up for any Core Modules on the 28th!

And to those J1s who are already viewing this, welcome to Artemis! Extreme Makeover is your first faculty event of the year. We look forward to having you.

7 Feb 2009


Speculations on ISP and blahblah since yesterday night, hello to all potential (and hopefully) J1 ARTEMISIANS :D WE WELCOME YOU to Artemis, the coolest and most zai faculty on behalf of all the senior classes! School has never been so noisy without your presence. LOL.

BE PREPARED for a whole load of fun with the CT orientation and meeting your future classmates and US :) (we'll be following you guys for some time........ :D)


P.S. this was the winning class teeshirt from our fac during orientation 08: JUMPSTART! :D 08s6Banananananana. HAHAHAHA.

RuiWen, your AIC (:

1 Feb 2009


hey artemis!
looking for a cool looking something for your head? look no further!
 our very own FAC CAP is here! 
you might have already seen some fac comm members wearing it around, 
and now here's your chance to get your own cap! 
simply let any fac comm member know, and we'll go order them. price is at $9.  
you may go find any fac comm member to take a closer look at the cap. theres also an artemis logo at the back of the cap which is not shown in the photo. 
(*please note: bedazzling/blinging service not included, so it'll just be a plain white cap without the crystals) 

YO YO ! :D CALLING ALL SENIORS (yeah we seem so old now :( )



This year, it's called REV-IT-UP! The first week will be their OG orientation (yes you can go stalk the OGs of your classmates in council who are OGLs) :D The second week will be their CT orientation!!!!

Remember how we got "tortured" by our seniors during games....? Remember the times when YOU learnt fac dance......? Remember the times you start to talk and remember the names of your seniors......? Remember the times when you had to sit on the floor because the classbenches were too squeezy......?

Or do you remember the times when we had STJ (not JTS 'cause we had to pay. MUAHAHA) ....?

11th FEB will be YOUR CHANCE to play with the juniors and torture them HAHAHA! And for the classes playing angel and mortal :) You can always go for CT dinners and get to know your juniors!

12th FEB will be WAR GAMES! :D :D :D

13th FEB will be the CAMPFIRE NIGHT! In the afternoon, fc will be judging their flags and performances and all are welcomed to come and have sneak peaks unless the LT gets too packed >.<>27th FEB will be FACULTY DANCE COMPETITION 2009!! :D Come down and learn the new fac dance with the j1s (: Some of us have already started learning! :D:D Must support eileen and paopao. hhahaha :D

YAY because orientation lets us start school at 8.30am tomorrow. HAH :D

RUIWEN, your Ai/c (: