25 Dec 2009


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<3 Artemis FC

17 Nov 2009

Post Phile Play


On 16 Nov, we had our very own FACULTY OUTING, PHILE PLAY! It was a night of fun and laughter, as we witnessed the crowning of our Faculty King and Queen, GALEN AND YIZHANG of 09S61.


The hottest couple that night, they displayed chemistry and affection only a couple would have. Living up to everyone's expectations, they managed to clinch the Fac King and Queen title with ease.

Another round of applause for Galen & Yi Zhang!

Coming up in 1st runner-up is Eugene from 09S65 and Xingxuan from 09S7H! They probably made everyone so envious as we witnessed the power of love emitting that night.

Xingxuan and Eugene! Ready, steady, pom pee pee!

Other contestants include Leona and Wen Chi from 09S6K, Jiaming from 09S69 and Jinqing from 09S6D, Caleb and Hui Min from 09S6B and Yee Nam and Grace from 09S7H.

Leona tells Wen Chi, "Don't drop me!"

Jia Ming and Jin Qing: We can do it! :D

Caleb and Hui Min say CHEESE!

Grace and Yee Nam all prepared for the contest

Food wise, we had a class bonding session for the classes as they put in effort to barbecue their food for the night.






Third auction item ICE CREAM was also the hottest item that night, sold for a bid of more than a 100 boxes!

Congrats to Eugene and company who won the top prize of the auction! *fireworks*

The night ended with the crowning of our Faculty King and Queen and a montage, with faint light from the sparklers in the cool night.

Not enough? Here are more pictures of the night!

Pre-event performance!

Our talented fac king and queen!

Edwin, The Yoyo Man!

Our guest performers, Chin Kiat, Christabel and Waiyee!


AV man of the day, Ricky!

Bartenders of the night, Baolin and Jinhao!



09S7D! *star gazing*

Post-event performance

Xiao Hui, Ryan, Yexun and Jaron!

Wee Teck and our beloved fac heads, Wen Hao and Hui Ming!

For more photos, please visit photobucket.

The event wouldn't be a success without the support of the following people:


1. Chin Kiat, Waiyi and Christabel
2. Edwin
3. Galen and Yi Zhang
4. Wee Teck
5. Xiao Hui, Ryan, Yexun and Jaron


Photographers: Wei Rong and Joon Fai
AV Controller: Ricky


1. Kai Ni's father for the Ipod Shuffle (top prize of the Fac King & Queen Contest)
2. Star Service Co. for the tables and chairs

All those who helped to shift the pits into the shelter and started fire when the rain didn't stop, all the participants, as well as those providing moral support from overseas!


See you guys next year during Faculty Outing 1!

Artemis FC

15 Nov 2009

Getting to Phile Play

Hello everybody!

Our very own faculty outing, Phile Play, is TOMORROW! ARE YOU EXCITED?! Just in case anything crops up at the last minute, here are the different ways you can get to Aloha Changi Chalet:

1. Report to school at 4pm at the area outside Audi.

2. Report at Pasir Ris MRT Station's taxi stand at 4pm.

3. Report to school at 6pm at the area outside Audi (only for people who have commitments before fac outing and are unable to catch the earlier bus).

4. Take bus 29 from Tampines bus interchange.

Don't be afraid of getting lost. Signages will be put up near the area to guide you there. (:

For more information, please visit:


Artemis Faculty Outing: Phile Play
16 Nov 2009
Aloha Changi Fairy Point Chalet 7

Are you ready to inhale this?

Artemis Faccomm

14 Nov 2009

Oh Honey Honey


Does this look really familar to you?

ArtemisFC presents part 2 of our promotional vids for our very own faculty outing, PHILE PLAY! (:

Itching to know more?
Find out on 16th Nov, 2009 (:

Phile Play,
loving the fun (:

9 Nov 2009

Huh Phile Play?!

Not sure what Phile Play is all about??

ArtemisFC proudly presents series 1 of our promotional videos for the much-anticipated faculty outing, PHILE PLAY. :D

8 more days to PHILE PLAY!
get ready to inhale this PLAY

3 Nov 2009


This year, the Artemis Faculty Committee presents to you...

-drum rolls-

~loving the fun

When? 16 Nov! 5-9pm!
Who? YOU, cool dude!
Where? Aloha Changi Fairy Point Chalet 7!
How? Transport provided just for you!
Ticket price? $10/-

There are fun-filled activities installed for you like the annual Fac King and Queen contest as well as performances by our talented ARTEMISIANS! Of course, when there is contest, how can we forget about the rewards? This time, we will be giving out prizes as attractive as iPod Shuffle to our newly crowned Fac King and Queen and also fabulous vouchers!

We promise a night of FUN and HAPPINESS and a TOTALLY DIFFERENT outing that guarantees a BOOMZ!

To cater to most students' needs,
we will be chartering buses TO & FRO hwachong and aloha changi!

Catch our daily promotional videos on our very own fac blog over the weekends for a sneak preview of the upcoming fac outing!!

More details will be released in the videos in the next few days,
till then, you can approach your CT reps for any help or for any information!

We promise a PHILE PLAY that boomz.

Artemis FC <3

28 Oct 2009



Well done all of you who took part in a sport yesterday! All of you did a good job and played to your best! (: Heres the overall results for all the games:

Ares was overall champions while the other 3 facs (Artemis, Athena and Apollo) tied in 2nd! Congratulations Ares and well done to all the other faculties! (:

And a big thank you as well to all those who came down to cheer for your classmates and the faculty! (: Hope everyone had fun and enjoyed yourselves! For those who couldnt be there on Tuesday, here are some photos and a brief recap of the games. Enjoy! (:

Our soccer players did us especially proud, emerging as champions among the 4 faculties! Despite stiff competition, our players showed us what true sportsmanship really is and what the love of the game is all about.

The boys' volleyball team put up an especially exciting teamplay against the various faculties and eventually emerged as 1st runner ups, losing narrowly to Ares by a margin of 14-15 for the first set. Artemis supporters were also often rewarded with well-executed moves from our players.

Our boys' basketball team performed equally well, putting up a strong fight against other powerhouses, securing their position as 2nd amongst the faculties.

Although the girls teams did not do as well as the guys, they should be commended for their great efforts too! Considering that many seldom played the sport before taking part in FOS, it was very brave of them to step up to the challenge despite the more experienced players from the other faculties. A BIG PAT ON THE BACK TO ALL OF YOU!

Knowing that the team was not as strong as the others in the first place, our volleyball girls maintained their hungry strive for success, practising with grit during every interval.

Our girls basketball team, despite their more petite frames as compared to the other players, did not let us down and put up a good fight on Tuesday.

Although many of our netballers were unable to play due to injuries and illnesses, thank you to all those who remained optimistic and player your hearts out!
All in all, FOS would not have been this successful if the all players had not put in their hundred and one percent and if we did not have the rest coming down to support them. Though we may not have won, but THANK YOU ALL FOR DOING YOUR BEST and continue supporting other faculty events such as the upcoming PHILE PLAY at aloha changi on 16nov! (hehe more advertisement for fac outing) (:
minron & danette

25 Oct 2009



Hope everyone had fun and ate your fill at BABE (: Thanks for participating so enthusiastically! now heres the next event for you to be excited about: FESTIVAL OF SPORTS (FOS)!! Heres the details for this upcoming inter-fac event:

Date: 27 October 2009 (THIS TUESDAY)
Time: 4-7pm after school
Venues: volleyball courts, basketball courts, netball court and college field

Although each faculty is only allowed to have one team per game, we've tried our best to include as many people as possible. These are the teams that are taking part for each event (names in bold are the captains) :

Volleyball (Boys)
Low Minron 09S65 91732199
Andie Hartanto 09S6F
Tiah Cherng Yew 09S69
Olivier Tan 09S69
Low Kok Seng 09S6B
Yeo Kia Guan 09S69
Nicholas Chua 09S7H
Tan Sheng Jie 09S69
Lester Leong 09S69
Leon Lee 09S6F
Tan Yi Zhuang 09S6B
Glenn Lee 09S69

Basketball (Boys)
Ervin Seng 09S6B 96620814
Joel Seow 09S63
Jonathan Lian 09S63
Thomson Wong 09S69
Daniel Seetoh 09S63
Hong Tian Ci 09S61
Tey Yi Shun 09S6D
Alan Teh 09S6D
Zhang Qiming 09S6D
Tang Jiuyun 09S6D
Kevin Toh 09S69
Shen Licheng 09S69

Soccer (Boys)*
Kang Ha Min 09S69 98574095
Tan Mou Sheng 09S6D
Melvin Goh 09S69
Ang An Rui 09S69
Eugene Ho 09S65
Samuel Pang 09S65
Tan Wee Teck 09S69
Zheng Ye Xun 09S7H
Ng Jun Ying 09S65
Toh Yi Zhang 09S61
Koh Yee Hong 09S65
Ryn Aldrige Wu 09S6F

*NOTE: For safety reasons and by instructions from the PE department, all soccer players MUST wear boots and shinguards. So please get the appropriate gear by Tuesday (:

Volleyball (Girls)
Debbie Tan 09S61 98350665
Sylvie Tan 09S61
Eunice Kho 09S61
Ooi Ee Ning 09S61
Lee Yi Jiao 09S61
Teh Kai Ni 09S67
Guo Xin Yan 09S67
Danette Tan 09S69
Phua Rou Ying 09S6F
Yuanchen Xueyan 09S6F
Yang Han 09S6D
Ma Yun Fei 09S6K

Basketball (Girls)
Long Qian Qian 09S67 96507152
Rachel Quek 09S63
Lee Shu Zhen 09S63
Jessie Koh 09S61
Chou Yun 09S65
Heng Xin Yu 09S65
Chen Chen 09S65
Jocelyn Ang 09S65
Tang Yinglu 09S67
Yuanchen Xueyan 09S6F
Wang Xun 09S6B
Amanda Lau 09S6F

Netball (Girls)
Chua Kah Hsing 09S6B 96168451
Toh Jia Le 09S7H
Li Ao Yuan 09S7H
Tay Xing Xuan 09S7H
Fong Li Ying 09S7H
Portia Lim 09S7H
Vernice Yap 09S6D
Gail Chong 09S6B
Lau Hui Min 09S6B
Yip Hui Ming 09S6B

As you can see, many of you have classmates representing the faculty, so PLEASE GO DOWN TO CHEER THEM ON! (: we'd need all the support we can get from all of you to encourage our sportsmen and women from Artemis so see yall there! (:

Just to end off with several quotes provided by Minron:

There are admirable potentialities in every human being. Believe in your strength and your truth. Learn to repeat endlessly to yourself. "It all depends on me." -Andre Gide

Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire. -Arnold H. Glasglow

To all those taking part on Tuesday, ALL THE BEST AND PLAY YOUR BEST FOR ARTEMIS! (:

your sports ics
Minron 91732199
Danette 98186754

24 Oct 2009


Having breakfast is good,
but what good is it eating it alone? :D

On 20th October 2009,
some 270 people gathered in the canteen for...

Bring A Baguette Each! (BABE!)

It was an awesome 1 hour, with good music and good food!

We would like to thank everyone who participated enthusiastically in this event, especially those who brought their baguette to school! :D

Hope all of you had a great breakfast that day. (:

It's weekend!

ArtemisFC 09/10

18 Oct 2009



It has been some time since promo has ended and we hope that you guys have been playing your hearts out amidst all other cca commitments for this past week! :D Have your fair share of enjoyment this long weekend because following that, the dreadful papers will be returned to us...


The Artemis Pubbies will like to appeal to YOU artsy, talented, creative artists to come up with designs for our very own FACULTY PULLOVER!
YES! this is a chance open to you all out there to play a part in the design of Artemis Pullover 2010 and we hope that interested Artemisians will take part in this enthusiatically!

The dateline for submission of your design is 28 October 2009, Wednesday, 2359 hr.
Send your designs to artemis.hc@gmail.com by then because late submissions will not be entertained!

Have fun designing for YOUR own faculty pullover and we hope to hear from you guys soon! :D

with regards,
Artemis FC 09/10

16 Oct 2009

Hi everyone!

As everyone must have noticed, we are having our FACULTY BREAKFAST on the upcoming Tuesday!

This event is titled BRING YOUR BAGUETTE EACH! BABE!

Therefore, remember to bring your baguette on Tuesday! Various spreads for the baguettes will be provided. There will also be games where the winning classes can win more food for the class!

Do come with a more empty than usual stomach to fully enjoy this Faculty Breakfast as a whole Artemis Faculty!

Artemis FC

7 Oct 2009

All the best!!!

Hey Artemis juniors!!!

The C1s may not know me but well it doesn't matter, I'm just a random senior dropping by to wish you guys Good Luck for your promos!

And to the C2s, Good Luck for your A levels. Whether you like it or not, A levels is seriously life and death! Make sure that there aren't any regrets after you've taken your papers. I know it is tough, but it'll pay off, believe me. :)

Cheers peeps!!!

Si Jin (07/08 Fac Comm)

1 Oct 2009


Dear C1s,

All the best for your Promos!!!


P.S. Work hard, and look forward to the next Faculty Event!!!

13 Sep 2009

Another Fac Shirt Design!

Hey guys,
here's the 2nd design we showed you all a few weeks ago!

And this is the 1st design!

Which one do you prefer?
Leave a tag or email us at artemis.hc@gmail.com!
Constructive comments are welcomed!

Mug hard!
Artemis FC

10 Sep 2009

Just A Little Reminder

Hello Artemis!

Please remember to bring a WORKING ODT on Monday when you return to school! :D

Artemis FC!

7 Sep 2009


Dear C2s,

加油!Here's wishing you all the best for the prelim exams ahead...

Remember that Prelims are meant to help you assess how much you already know, how much more work you need to get that A for the A level exams plus what are your strong and weak areas for each subject... so just focus on understanding the concepts, remembering the facts for now... and remember also to take breaks in between to relax... your teachers are 100% behind all of you!

If you need any help, do look for me or Ms Tee or Ms Ho any time... you can get our numbers from any of your fac comm in your class!

Mr Teo

31 Aug 2009

Teachers' Day Whacky Awardees!

The recipients of the whacky awards for TD 2009 has been announced during the TD celebration just now! And we'll like to congratulate 3 of our Artemis teachers for clinching 3 very WHACKY titles!




Congrats to these three teachers once again and also wishing all teachers a HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY! :D

Artemis FC!

30 Aug 2009

HCunite: featured athlete of the month!

We're are very proud to announce that the featured athlete for this month is an ex fac comm member, CHUA KAI JIAN from 08S6D!


Read more at hcunite.com!

Artemis FC! :D

16 Aug 2009

Fac Shirt Design 2010!

Hey cool people,

Our sincere apologies for the long wait.
But it's sure worth it yea?





New stocks will arrive after promos, so do check out the welfare room or hcunite.com after promos for the latest updates!

Meanwhile, mug hard for the upcoming SPAs!

Fac Comm 09/10