29 Dec 2008

More of Guns N' Roses - Video Montage

Hi Artemisians,

Still remember the faculty montage that awed, tickled and touched you during the Guns N' Roses Faculty Outing?
Check it out once again!

Your Publicity ICs

6 Dec 2008

OCIP Cambodia!

Hello! Hope everyone out there's been having fun this year-end break =) and in the midst of it all, don't forget to start doing the interesting and brain-stimulating (not to forget, mind-boggling) holiday packages!

Some updates here...straight after our Fantabulous Fac Outing at Shaw Bugis with James Bond and his "Guns N' Roses", the seventeen of us, together with Mr Teo and Ms Tee, dove right into the final preparatory stages of our OCIP trip to Cambodia =D

And...after much planning, buying, packing and a short service session at Bishan Home, we're all set to depart for Cambodia...on the 7th of December, which is...tomorrow!

Hmm...for those who're totally in love with us and think you t'ak boleh tahan when we're not in Singapore, here's something for you to look at for the next 15days :)

May your holidays be strewn with purpose and decorated with unending laughter~

take care!
fac comm (: