25 Nov 2008

Guns N' Roses - Photos!

Thanks for waiting.. as promised here're the photos from Fac Outing 2!

9 Nov 2008

Hope you enjoyed fac outing 2 - Guns N' Roses

Pictures coming soon!

5 Nov 2008

Hey Artemis!

just TWO more days to go to the fac outing 2, and for those of u who are not familiar with Shaw Bugis, well, here's a simple guide to get there

1) Get to Bugis MRT
2) Take the escalator up to the Bugis junction - or alight alongside Victoria street if u're in a car
3) Go up to the 4th floor (#04-02 if u're not sure)
4) U are now in Shaw =D

Pls make ur way there at around 3.30pm to avoid jams at the entrance =)

see you there!
fac comm

4 Nov 2008

“A secret agent must be flexible and agile.”

our hint for the first game for the handsome and gorgeous fac kings and queens :D

it's THREE more days!!

attractive prizes wait too :D (nothing you can find in any other fac outings)

fac comm!