30 Sep 2008


In view of the successful organisation of the Singtel-Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix, the first ever Night Race in F1 history, and the never-ending commercial benefits to come, the Physical Education Department of local premier school, Hwa Chong Institution, has decided to hold HCI’s annual Festival of Sports (& Health) ON THE COMING. MONDAY. NIGHT! =D

=O =O =O

Just kidding xD

all right, Singapore’s night scene was really prettyyyyy, and so was Hwa Chong’s during MAF and any night of the year at our clock tower (我左眼见到鬼了~你呢?), but what’s really making the headlines this monday MORNING (repeat: MORNING!) will be YOU! Having lots of fun and laughter in sports and games! Wheeeee~~~

Don't navigate elsewhere yet! Here’s the important part!
For all of you who aren’t playing but doing your part cheering and screaming and providing influential court-side support…
Remember your cameras!

Take more photos and videos and show your sportsmen and sportswomen later on! Helps with montages and videos etc that you may want to make as a class in future too.

So…watch this space for more FOS updates and…
JIAYOU for promos, all you budding Physicists, inspiring Poets, and geo-political-socio-economic Experts of China!

21 Sep 2008

We are the Kings!

Heyyyy Yo!! Artemis!

The J1 Promos is starting in 3 days!!! Time really flies! It seems not so long ago that we were all struggling hard to triumph over the 'blocks', and now the final challenge "Promos" lies in wait for us. Artemisians, don't worry and fret not for you are not alone, and definitely not the only one!

Artemis, WE ARE THE KINGS! Nothing can stand in our way unless we let them to! Just like the strength of a wolf lies in its pack, and the strength of the pack lies in the wolves, let us all stand united and walk together to conquer PROMOS! Hang in there! =D

We will make it all together! Yes! Every single one of us, with the strength of the Artemis Spirit,

Lastly, May the Force Be With You! Strong in you, Always!

On behalf of the Artemis Fac Comm 08, we would like to wish all C1s All the Best and Good Luck!!!:D

加油!! Jiayou!!

Lian Seng

16 Sep 2008

Being Sporty Has Never Been So Easy =D

Hmm... don't laugh at the title of this post. A GREAT deal of time and effort was expended to make it sound...err catchy =D

All right, shall drop the formalities for this post, guess we're all seeking some release from all the studying. Before we go into the main topic, can every one of you, YES YOU!, remind your senior class to submit the forms for Graduation Day by this friday, if they haven't done so already? THANK YOU!

NOW, for the really fun stuff. FESTIVAL OF SPORTS!

By now, every class should have submitted their forms for the games that you are taking part in. So, all of you should already know some of the things to look out for. In any case, here are some reminders:

We are playing by classes, but fighting as one faculty. All points accumulated by your class will contribute to defining the performance of Artemis and our FAAAAAMILY ;)

There are about TWENTY-FIVE bullet points in the "Rules & Regulations" document released by the PE Department, but don't worry, here's everything summarised and complete with illustration!

1) Safety & Sportsmanship

First of all, please do take care of your health before and during FOS (do pardon us for nagging). Next, take note of the rules on school team players.

A team can register more than one school player per game. However, only 1 school player is allowed to play in a match at any one time

As much as we would love to go out there and dominate(!), we have to cater to the general school population...so to all our finest "sports-boys" and "sports-girls": we know you want to fight for our faculty more, and so do the two of us. But let's play fair and let everyone enjoy the games =)

and...no lowly fouls or jeering. we're dignified people around here.

2) that Passion in YOU

a picture is worth a thousand words eh? then a video should be able to express almost everything we want to say...

There is no 'i' in TEAM. You are never alone! Enjoy the games with your friends (:

3) "This is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain, and 100% reason to remember the name."

ahh...couldn't resist posting this...apologies to those who find it mundane, it is really amazing to save the game with 35 seconds left, and 13 points to make.
it's tough, not impossible.
We just have...to

Always there to SUPPORT
and err...with lots of LOVE <33333
Marie & Wei Leong!

2 Sep 2008