30 Apr 2008


29 Apr 2008


Dear nominees,

Many of you have indicated only one post that you are interested in. Do also think about another post that you might be interested in if you are not offered your first choice.

Also for those who have indicated special talent or abilities, do bring along your portofolio to show the Fac Comm during your interview. These might give you an edge.

Finally, do prepare for the interviews... we want the best and the most committed among you!

Mr Teo

26 Apr 2008

Artemis Faculty Committee Interviews

Dear Artemisians,

If you guys are running for the posts in the FACULTY COMMITTEE, you guys MUST come prepared. Here is what you guys should prepare, and START PREPARING NOW!


· Prepare a cheer unique to Artemis (keep in mind the feasibility of the cheer)
· Prepare a practical plan (with specific examples) proposing how you would go about getting the faculty to participate in say CSM or FOS.


· Choreograph eight-eights. Four-eights of dance that is fac dance standard, four-eights of anything creative.


· Propose a venue and concepts/ideas for the next faculty outing. (include name of event + selling point etc.)


· Given a chance, how would you re-design the faculty shirt? (Rough ideas and design)
· Given a chance, how would you re-design the faculty mascot? (Rough ideas and design)
· Conceptualise and design the publicity material for a faculty event. (event up to their imagination – should be realistic) (Main component)
· Please bring along your relevant portfolio.

To end off, the interviews will start on Tuesday(29/4) next week. Subsequent interviews will during the following week starting on 5th May!!! Your new faculty heads will be contacting you guys to update you. Please be prepared for general interview questions too.

Jun Shyang and Teng Seng

Artemis Faculty Head Elections

After an hour of grueling speeches and asnwers, while Jun Shyang and Teng Seng were enjoying themselves all the way, your new faculty heads are born. They are:

Artemis Faculty Head: Tay Ming Yang 08S63
Artemis Deputy Faculty Head: Tan Lian Seng 08S6D

So while we are officially expired, you guys can now look forward to seeing your new faculty heads onstage. We hope they will be as good as us. All the best, Ming Yang and Lian Seng!

Artemis, we the kings,
Jun Shyang and Teng Seng

24 Apr 2008

Faculty Head Elections 2008

All good things/people must come to an end. Even though Jun Shyang and Teng Seng are so, very, super, ultra happening faculty heads, it's time to make way for a younger dynamic duo. Simply put it, we are getting too old for our own good :(

YOU GUYS have the power to choose who you want.

So here are the 5 candidates running for ARTEMIS FACULTY HEAD 2008:

1) Jolyn Foo 08S61
2) Tay Ming Yang 08S63
3) Chia Sheng Hui Christopher 08S6B
4) Tan Lian Seng 08S6D
5) Sherry Lim 08S6P

Faculty Head elections are this Friday. Whichever 2 become the faculty heads, you guys have gigantic shoes to fill. Good luck to our 5 candidates.

And here's an appeal to VOTE WISELY.

Yeah! Artemis, we are still, the King.
Jun Shyang

21 Apr 2008

Hat That!

Before we show you cool photos, we would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support towards our event!

Our Sponsors are:


And for the long awaited...

Photos from Hat That!!!

With the 'ding' of a triangle, your friendly fac heads will now introduce some photos from Hat That!

First up, let's congratulate the senior-junior class 07S69/08S69 who won best dressed CT!

And our Fac Prince and Princess Tan Zijie and Ng Min Xuan from 08S6B! (Note: I am not referring to the two random people at the extreme ends...)

What's everyone looking at?

It must the two fac heads who think that they LOOK cool! (actually they look cool la...=) )

Our oh-so-cool and handsome dep fac head who can sing, play the guitar and..

...have his own fan club!!!

Your friendly fac comm members!

Our cool dancers!
Who said Fac Prince and Princess nominees were glam?!!!
The hairstyling game where everyone on stage regretted going up!

Who said hats were made up of just fabric?

and where did the rabbits come from?

The chefs behind our great buffet!!! (im sure...)
The Fac Comm would like to thank everyone for their active participation during Hat That!

We hope you all had fun and look forward to the upcoming events that will leave you in awe of the great events Artemis has!

17 Apr 2008

Dear Artemisians,
For those who have been selected as nominees to represent your class on the Fac Comm, do look out of the EMB notice that will be posted tomorrow.
You are to fill up the application form and hand it in to your Fac Heads. Please think about the posts you want to run for and why.
Further instructions will be posted shortly on this blog. Do return regularly to check out the latest instructions.
Mr Teo

16 Apr 2008

How to Get to Mt Faber SAFRA for your Artemis Fac Outing!

A step by step guide of getting to "HAT THAT!" @ Pioneer Springs, Mt Faber SAFRA from your lovely fac comm.

1) Find your way to Harbourfront Centre / Vivocity.

[Exit B of Harbourfront MRT]

2) Walk in the direction from Vivocity to Harbourfront Centre towards the bus stop and hop onto bus 131.

[Check out the buses that bring you to VIVOCITY/ HARBOURFRONT CENTRE]

3)Press the bell at this bend.

[Notice Mount Faber SAFRA is visible.]

[For those riding with cabbies or daddies, Mount Faber SAFRA is located at Telok Blangah Way]

4) Alight at this bus stop.

5) Cross the road and walk backwards along this path.

[Buses 131,195 and 124 will bring you to Mount Faber SAFRA's doorstep]

6) Turn into Mount Faber SAFRA when you see this sign.

7) FINALLY. Pioneer Springs Restaurant is on the 2nd storey. WALK RIGHT IN.

<3 Your Faculty Committee. See you there!

13 Apr 2008

Combined Sports Meet! :D

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow is an important day leading up to the Annual Combined Track and Field Meet 2008, because a lot of you will be running in inter-CT relays and of course, the super-anticipated inter-faculty relays.

You guys and your friends will be running the 8x200m (mixed / boys / girls) and 4x400m (boys / girls) tomorrow! So do come and cheer them on tomorrow if you are free or if you happen to be hanging around the track when the relays are on! :D Which a lot of you will be, because you will have other heats on as well!

Support your friends, they need your encouragement! And support your faculty too, we need your cheers!


Wen Jing
(Sports IC)

10 Apr 2008


Dear Artemisians who are in the running for the Faculty Committee, please note the following dates:

Fac Comm Training Camp
27th - 29th May (1st week of mid-year hols)

Overseas Service Learning & Leadership Training Project
16th - 28th Nov

Do keep these 2 sets of dates free...

Mr Teo

9 Apr 2008

Hat Intro#3:


Akubra is an Astralian brand of hat, whose wide-brimmed styles are a distinctive part of Australian culture, especially in rural areas. The name is believed to be derived from an Indigenous Australian word for head covering.
Akubra's best-known products are made from rabbit fur with wide brims, and the term "Akubra" is often used to refer to a hat of this kind.

Why you should wear it:

1) Cos it looks cool!

2) You can say you are wearing something simliar to a bra but is not a bra!

3) You will look great should you want to gay with anyone although it is not a cowboy hat.

4) You can easily obtain crocodile meat cos you will be the crocodile hunter (or rather look like him...)

Hat Intro #2

Boater (Reminder: Focus should be on info, not photo!)

A boater (also basher or skimmer) is a kind of hat associated with sailing and boating.
It is normally made of straw and has a flat crown and brim, typically with a ribbon around the crown, which is often in colours representing a school, rowing crew or similar institution. Boaters were popular as summer headgear in the late 19th century and early 20th century, and were supposedly worn by FBI agents as a sort of unofficial uniform in the pre-war years. Nowadays they are rarely seen except at sailing or rowing events, period theatrical and musical performances or as part of old-fashioned school uniform, such as at Harrow School.

Why you should wear it:

1) Wear it with a checkered shirt and you can look like Tom Sawyer

2) Wear it and say you came in a boat!!! (since it is a boater...)

3) You can dismantle it and use it as straws to drink from since they are made of straws!

4) Try and crash the outing by wearing it with a random uniform and say you are from Australia and scam your way into the outing (im sure you can do it...)

5) You can just wear it and feel like an FBI agent!!! (wonder which agent passes off as a random person just by wearing this hat..)

7 Apr 2008

Due to the upcoming Fac Outing, the fac comm has prepareda comprehensive introduction of various hats to consider for fac outing! Due to the lack of interesting facts of most hats, we addede exciting ways to wear it! So here goes!

Hat #1: The Bowler Hat

Most famously worn by: Charlie Chaplin

Basic Facts: The bowler hat, a.k.a. the "Derby", was designed by the hatters James and George Lock of Mr. Lock of St. James's Street, a firm founded in 1676 and still in business as of 2007, and was dubbed by them early on as the "iron hat". It was hard in order to protect the head of a man on horseback against low tree branches.
Exciting ways to wear it:
1) Wear it with Charlie Chaplin style
2) Carry it with goldfishes in it! (since it looks like a bowl)
3) Use it to kope more food from the buffet dinner!!!
4) Swim with it (with the goldfishes you brought in it) in the HUGE BEAUTIFUL pool below the restaurant -- good bonding session with your pet
5) Fight with other faculty members with it during the games session since it is so hard!!!
That's all we have for now!
Look out for the next hat introduction!
And watch out for the upcoming publicity stunts for Fac Outing 1 -- HAT THAT!!!

5 Apr 2008

Hey hey!

As we all look forward to faculty outing 1 HAT THAT, the fac comm has decided to come out with a short trivia for you to try! There will be no prizes for correct answers but there might be for future trivias!!!

Title of trivia #1: Howmuch do you know about your faculty?

Question 1: How many faculty outings do we have a year?

Question 2: What is our current mascot?

Question 3: What classes is your fac heads from?

Question 4: How many members are in the faculty committee?

Question 5: (WARNING: SUPER DIFFICULT!!!) How TALL is Teng Seng?

ok! so here's the first trivia you will all have! The questions are rather easy but watch out! The difficulty level will go up! But so will the prizes at stake! Have fun! Answers for this trivia will be out soon!

Sleep early! Night!

4 Apr 2008

Faculty Committee Interviews


Dear C1 Artemisians,
It's time to select a new Faculty Committee... for all aspiring Fac Comm applicants, it's time to show your CTs and ECs that you've got what it takes to step up to the plate, to lead your class and your faculty!

Some general information:

1) Each class will provide 3 nominees to attend the Fac Comm interviews. Only one candidate will be selected from the 3 so that each class has one representative on the 2008 Fac Comm. This selected person will also be the CT rep of your class. Of the two remaining candidates, one of them will be selected to be the Assistant CT Rep who will then sit in the SNEC (Student National Education Committee) and represent Artemis in planning for all NE events in school.

2) In addition, special auditions for Dance and Publicity i/cs will be carried out outside the 3 nominees in the event that the 33 nominated students do not want these posts. If you are interested in dance or publicity, please try to get nominated as one of the 3 candidates for your class first. Otherwise, please approach your Fac Heads and apply for these posts via the auditions.

3) Please approach your CT if you are interested to run and let him/her know which post you are interested in. Your CT will decide how the nomination process will be held. Your class will have input in the final 3 candidates. Please use your input wisely. Your CT will also reserve the right to veto anyone who is deemed unsuitable from running. The selection process will be starting from next week onwards.

4) Do look for the Senior Fac Comm and find out from them what being in the Fac Comm entails. Also find out from them what each post's duties are and the job scope.

5) We are looking for people who are:

a) Responsible, mature, committed

b) Academically decent

c) Enthusiastic, friendly, outgoing

d) Talented, creative, daring

6) The Fac Comm interviews will be held in the evenings from 6 pm onwards. The roster will be released only after the final 33 names are submitted to the ECs on 21 Apr. Keep a lookout for the roster on the SMB and Artemis Blog.

7) The following are important dates:

7 - 21 Apr Selection process for the 3 candidates per class (CT to decide)

21 Apr Submission of confirmed candidates for Artemis

25 Apr Faculty Heads Elections

29 Apr - 8 May Faculty Committee Interviews

9 May 2008 Faculty Committee finalised. Presentation of 2008
Faculty Committee during C1 CT period.

8) These are core activities that the Artemis Fac Comm must commit to:

a) May/June Fac Comm Training Camp (M'sia)

b) Nov OCIP Cambodia

If you are interested but are unable to attend either or both trips
for a valid reason, please look for Mr Teo at Q3 to explain your

So unleash your talent and charm the interview panel!

Your ECs,

Mr Teo Ming Ern

Ms Tee Su Yin

2 Apr 2008

19th April 2008

1 Apr 2008

Congratulations to the 12 Artemisians who are now officially Council Elects!

Lijie, Chirstopher, Elson, Fransisca, Jolyn, Xiao Yao, Sherry, Lian Seng, Ming Yang, Coco, Meng Yu and Wenbo!!! All the best in your Council packed council life!!!

In the meantime, here comes the more important and exciting thing that EVERYONE should be watching next! FAC COMM NOMINATION AND INTERVIEW!!!

Are YOU interested in being part of the main 10 event of the Fac comm? (Fac Outing 1 & 2, Festival of Sports, Faculty Dance Competition, Breakfast Brawl, B.Y.O.B, Cross Country, Faculty CIP, Combined Sports Meet and Dramafeste)

Are YOU interested in wearing blue and doing everything just for blue blue ARTEMIS?

Are YOU dying to do something for the faculty and lead Artemis to greater heights?

Are YOU wanting to be go for the exclusive fac-comm-only fac comm leadership camp in June and artemis-fac-comm-only OCIP Cambodia at the end of the year?

Are YOU dying to be part of the group of people whom the J1s first meet from the faculty next year?

Are YOU ready to join the Fac Comm?

Nominations for Fac Comm is now officially open! If you wish to get nominated for the Fac Comm and be interviewed by the wonderful Fac Comm, go to your CT this very moment and express your intentions to him or her! He/ she will know what to do!

What are you waiting for?

Artemis Fac Comm -- can you be part of it?