29 Dec 2008

More of Guns N' Roses - Video Montage

Hi Artemisians,

Still remember the faculty montage that awed, tickled and touched you during the Guns N' Roses Faculty Outing?
Check it out once again!

Your Publicity ICs

6 Dec 2008

OCIP Cambodia!

Hello! Hope everyone out there's been having fun this year-end break =) and in the midst of it all, don't forget to start doing the interesting and brain-stimulating (not to forget, mind-boggling) holiday packages!

Some updates here...straight after our Fantabulous Fac Outing at Shaw Bugis with James Bond and his "Guns N' Roses", the seventeen of us, together with Mr Teo and Ms Tee, dove right into the final preparatory stages of our OCIP trip to Cambodia =D

And...after much planning, buying, packing and a short service session at Bishan Home, we're all set to depart for Cambodia...on the 7th of December, which is...tomorrow!

Hmm...for those who're totally in love with us and think you t'ak boleh tahan when we're not in Singapore, here's something for you to look at for the next 15days :)

May your holidays be strewn with purpose and decorated with unending laughter~

take care!
fac comm (:

25 Nov 2008

Guns N' Roses - Photos!

Thanks for waiting.. as promised here're the photos from Fac Outing 2!

9 Nov 2008

Hope you enjoyed fac outing 2 - Guns N' Roses

Pictures coming soon!

5 Nov 2008

Hey Artemis!

just TWO more days to go to the fac outing 2, and for those of u who are not familiar with Shaw Bugis, well, here's a simple guide to get there

1) Get to Bugis MRT
2) Take the escalator up to the Bugis junction - or alight alongside Victoria street if u're in a car
3) Go up to the 4th floor (#04-02 if u're not sure)
4) U are now in Shaw =D

Pls make ur way there at around 3.30pm to avoid jams at the entrance =)

see you there!
fac comm

4 Nov 2008

“A secret agent must be flexible and agile.”

our hint for the first game for the handsome and gorgeous fac kings and queens :D

it's THREE more days!!

attractive prizes wait too :D (nothing you can find in any other fac outings)

fac comm!

28 Oct 2008

Hi Artemis,

Thank you all for the tremendous response signing up for fac outing 2!

All the best for PW OPs in the coming week and cya all on the 7th Nov for GUNS N ROSES!

Meanwhile do cheer for our other facs as well =D

Artemis, Athena and Ares Side-by-side...

...and not to forget Apollo and HC idol

25 Oct 2008


HELLO!!!!! Hope everyone had fun during FOS :):):)


08s63 :P

Everyone looks stupid except RACHEL ;p

NETBALL at the NETBALL court!!!!



It's OKAY!!! You tried your best :D:D:D:D

Who are you smiling to :P:P:P

THE CHAMPIONNSSS!!!!! 08s6B :):):):):)

08s6D <3>



"I can fight three person!!!"

08s65 <3>

"Let me explain what's going on"

Calvin Sim!!! BASKET!!!


Did it cross the net???!!!

Grab that ball from her!!!

A sea of BLUE (and some yellow) :D

Melissa & Mellissa :P

08s65 volleyball girls!!!

08s65 <3>

Artemis vs. Artemis!!! Frisbee:P


& THANKS SUFEN:) for being our photographer :D:D:D:D

Marie & Weileong

22 Oct 2008

morning announcement!

i just took this for fun. for those who missed it, enjoy!
hope to see you guys at...GUNS N' ROSES!

(0)07 November 2007

Shaw, Bugis

Popcorn/Nachos Combo, Movie Ticket for Quantum of Solace, Buffet Dinner, Games, Prizes & Lots of Company :D (and you pay $12!!!!)

19 Oct 2008


We are really pleased to present a new movie for our Fac Outing 2:

Quantum Of Solace :D yes, the 007 movie. :D

Previously, we were unable to screen the movie due to legal issues, but we've continue to work with the vendors and we are glad to say that we are able to screen it for our fac outing, on 7th November 2008, (the opening night of the movie!!!!)

Keep a lookout HERE, for more updates :D It's definitely a WOW evening that you would not want to miss! :D

Artemis Fac Comm <3

14 Oct 2008



Previously, (if you can remember, a long long time ago) we asked the faculty to vote for their most-wanted-to-watch movie! The votes have been tallied and many of you (yes you out there!) chose blindness and city of ember.

HOWEVER, blindness has just been rated m18 (just recently) and city of ember has been pushed to open next year. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we cannot watch these movies anymore…  BUT, fret not! We went for a movie hunt and after a very long time we tracked down another very very very thrilling movie… (drum rolls!)

Yes, MAX PAYNE :D For the guys, Max Payne is a video game character! Now it’s a movie! And for the girls it’s about a story of a maverick cop determined to track down those responsible for the brutal murder of his family and partner. Persistent on revenge, his obsessive investigation takes him on a nightmare journey into a dark underworld. As the mystery deepens, Max is forced to battle enemies beyond the natural world and face an unthinkable betrayal. Your totally cool action-thriller movie :D

So, please do not watch this movie (yes, released on 16 October!) as we are, gonna, watch it, together as a FACULTY at Shaw Bugis coming faculty outing 2, your last faculty outing for the year 2008 as the year draws to a loud bang closure.

<33333333 LOVES,
Artemis Fac Comm :D

11 Oct 2008

Open House 2008!

thanks huishan for this photo! :)

ahh-woooooooooooo~~~ xD

it's been a really hectic week for all of us, FOS, Sabbaticals, Open House, Graduation Ceremonies for the JC2s and so on... Now that the rush is over, perhaps it's time to do a simple review of what flew past in err...120 hours? =D

Just 5days ago, the greatest battle in the history of our (short but busyyy) jc lives was fought in the many sporting arenas in hwa chong.

Nope, it wasn't some backyard dispute with any other class, nor was it some intergalatic warfare against the other gods/goddesses of the universe (it's amazing how greek mythology confuses modern people when it comes to genders...) , such as the gods/goddesses of endless wars and unbridled wisdom and our wonderful sun xD

Maybe it was packaged that way.

But for many of us out in the battlefields, wielding swords in shining blue armour, it was a battle against our fears.

Our fears of failure.
Our fears of the mightier.
Our fears of our own potential.

To share an anecdote, one of our teams chose to face the staff team head-on despite a choice to play a more relaxed game and advance to the next round. Yes, it may seem irrational, but it's this very spirit that keeps us going strong when the odds are against us.

Some of us might have loathed the fixtures, some may still be talking about the referees' judging errors. But sometimes, just sometimes, it is how we manage and overcome these inequalities that truly matters.

Just sometimes, knowing that our friends are always there for us may be all that matters.

To everyone out there who stood by our warriors and stuck with them through thick and thin, thank you for the support! Because to many of us, courtside cheering, treats in the form of drinks, or even a simple pat with a soft 加油! can be the energy bar that brings us back to our peaks =)

nownow...some trivia to have fun with! 无奖问答时间~

1) What does 'the call of the wild' mean?
2) Where do you think 'let it ring' was taken from?
3) Lastly, what does 'resonate' mean in Physics terms =P

This is supposed to be a short review so it's probably time to wrap up! Rest well, drink MORE water and let's go TURBO for PW!

Once again, a very big Thank You! to all of you who played, cheered, took photos and had fun in FOS 2008!


Marie & Wei Leong
Never say die!

6 Oct 2008


Whether you won or not, the most important thing (as always) is that you had fun and bonded with your class and the drinks stall uncle (his business today must be extremely good!)

Anyway, for the poor unfortunate souls like me who got sunburnt and your face is redder than snow white's apple, here are some tips to treat it...

~ moisturizers! to help cool the skin and lessen the itching
~ i heard aloe vera is very good too!
~ a hot shower immediately after sunburn can bring about peeling sooner and get rid of the discomfort quicker. but i guess thats too late now...
~ vitamins! E and C!
~ drink lots and lots of water

alright these might not be very useful but just remember to take care of yourselves! especially if your sabbats are very physical too.

have fun for sabbats!


5 Oct 2008

Rain or shine, we'll brave it together as one.



甚至敢跟捕杀它的猎人面对 面,直视著他的眼睛。狼可以独自应敌挑战敌手,也可以成群合一的出战任何强敌,他们的勇气是在一次次殊死的搏杀中产生




Artemis 烽火.


9.02p.m. it's a crescent out there. yet we see a full moon beckoning.

the full moon that brings forth the warriors in us.

the full moon, that represents the height of our reign.

the full moon...that touches the deepest corners of our hearts.

the same full moon.
that carries with it through the never-ending darkness,

the call of the wild

Let it ring.
Let it ring through the Night.
Through every camp of our foe.

Let it be heard, the song of the century.
Let it be heard. the rumblings of the gathering storm.
Let it be heard -

the War Cry of Our Pack.

Because no matter rain or shine, we'll brave it together as one.


Because no matter rain or shine.



As usual...
Always there to support!
and with lots of <33333
Wei Leong & Marie!

4 Oct 2008


After so very long, they are finally out! YES they are all out and piping hot -

ALL the rules and fixtures of FOS 2008!

The greatest downloading craze since the release of Promos Timetable 2008 has begun! The first hour of posting saw sign-in rates TRIPLE on emb and download rates increase by TENFOLD.

impressive isn't it?
fret not if you can't squeeze through the high network traffic, for the ERP system in the world wide web is still under construction haha.. here's just about everything you need, in ONE zip file.

No more multiple downloads that take away TOO MUCH youth and time, that should be spent basking in the post-promo sunshine and admiring sailormoon cats (which are really cuteee) =D


here's a very important message from the PE Department regarding FOS!

JIA YOU and have fun! xD

Wei Leong & Marie
the COOLEST & MOST IT-SAVVY sports ICs in the universe.

Artemis Fun Facts

marking our 48th post with 5 things we bet you don't know about ARTEMIS!

1. In greek mythology, Artemis is the TWIN sister of Apollo 

2. Artemis is a CAT in the once-popular Sailor Moon series. and she's very cute!

3. Theres a geostationary satellite named Artemis. And all you physics people still remember the long definition of geostationary right?

4. Artemis Investment Management Limited is a leading UK Fund Manager. Their tagline? The Profit Hunter. 

5. Artemis Pet Food Co. Pet food for both dogs and cats. hmmm...

haha the link between 'profit hunting' and artemis is already weak enough, but for pet food? kinda no link. haha


2 Oct 2008

FOS - Basketball!

Hmm...today's the...2nd of October. HAPPY belated CHILDREN'S DAY xD haha.. almost everyone, (apart from those inspiring poets) should have been 'liberated' from the heart-stopping, mind-boggling, palm-sweating promos. so...to the majority of you out there, give yourself a pat and say


remember, what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.

and so...it's time for some light-hearted chit-chat =D
Till now, FOS has been an interclass competition, with 1 point given to each participating class and a range of five to EIGHT points for the top 4 teams, and 4 points each for the rest of the top 8.

Without saying, the more points we get, the better we perform as compared to our fellow faculties (like duh...). Well...and again without saying...we're gonna grab as many points as we can!

But since it's a festival, do enjoy yourselves =) otherwise, even EIGHT HUNDRED points won't mean a thing. And since it's a festival, we really ought to learn something from it. So here's Basketball 101, a beginner's guide to conventional and FOS Basketball!

For FOS, we'll be playing 'double-knockouts' for both guys and girls, so we'll get to play at least 2 matches! (Note: guys are playing the usual 5on5 full court games and girls are playing 3on3 halfcourt games)

Erm..for all our hungry masculine wolves out there, we'll be playing 7min halves with 1min break in between on running clock. IF the above sentence looks like some GP vocabulary explanation question, it basically means we'll be playing 14-min games without any time stoppage for fouls/change in possessions etc. so every second counts!

Girls will be playing on running clock as well up to 14mins or 21points whichever comes first.

Basketball is basically a game with a ball, and 2 hoops to shoot the ball in. There are generally 2 sizes of basketballs, 1 for guys and 1 for girls. So if you happen to find the ball a tad too large or small, please alert the referees about it!

Conventional game rules will apply for both genders in FOS, i.e. MAXIMUM of FIVE fouls, free throws and three-pointers counted, no travelling (walking with the ball in hand for more than 2 steps), no back hand/carry (flipping the ball over to talk to it while dribbling =/), no moving screens (purposely moving in the way of the defender to aid your team-mate in attacking the basket, which isn't very gentlemanly, or ladylike for that matter), no back-court (walking over the half court line again and again and again with the ball) and the likes =D

A whole lot to learn? Don't worry, the basketball team will be conducting mini briefings for those who don't understand on the day itself, and you'll soon get the hang of it! And for all who are interested, check out FIBA's website for more details on conventional basketball!

NOW, for the advanced learners, here are some interesting videos to look at. You may find links to other videos from these too...


and...perhaps one day, you'll be able to do this

or this.

Keep the adrenaline pumping people!

Wei Leong & Marie
Sports. for. LIFE =D

Join the fight. be part of the 蓝 色 风 暴 .

30 Sep 2008


In view of the successful organisation of the Singtel-Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix, the first ever Night Race in F1 history, and the never-ending commercial benefits to come, the Physical Education Department of local premier school, Hwa Chong Institution, has decided to hold HCI’s annual Festival of Sports (& Health) ON THE COMING. MONDAY. NIGHT! =D

=O =O =O

Just kidding xD

all right, Singapore’s night scene was really prettyyyyy, and so was Hwa Chong’s during MAF and any night of the year at our clock tower (我左眼见到鬼了~你呢?), but what’s really making the headlines this monday MORNING (repeat: MORNING!) will be YOU! Having lots of fun and laughter in sports and games! Wheeeee~~~

Don't navigate elsewhere yet! Here’s the important part!
For all of you who aren’t playing but doing your part cheering and screaming and providing influential court-side support…
Remember your cameras!

Take more photos and videos and show your sportsmen and sportswomen later on! Helps with montages and videos etc that you may want to make as a class in future too.

So…watch this space for more FOS updates and…
JIAYOU for promos, all you budding Physicists, inspiring Poets, and geo-political-socio-economic Experts of China!

21 Sep 2008

We are the Kings!

Heyyyy Yo!! Artemis!

The J1 Promos is starting in 3 days!!! Time really flies! It seems not so long ago that we were all struggling hard to triumph over the 'blocks', and now the final challenge "Promos" lies in wait for us. Artemisians, don't worry and fret not for you are not alone, and definitely not the only one!

Artemis, WE ARE THE KINGS! Nothing can stand in our way unless we let them to! Just like the strength of a wolf lies in its pack, and the strength of the pack lies in the wolves, let us all stand united and walk together to conquer PROMOS! Hang in there! =D

We will make it all together! Yes! Every single one of us, with the strength of the Artemis Spirit,

Lastly, May the Force Be With You! Strong in you, Always!

On behalf of the Artemis Fac Comm 08, we would like to wish all C1s All the Best and Good Luck!!!:D

加油!! Jiayou!!

Lian Seng

16 Sep 2008

Being Sporty Has Never Been So Easy =D

Hmm... don't laugh at the title of this post. A GREAT deal of time and effort was expended to make it sound...err catchy =D

All right, shall drop the formalities for this post, guess we're all seeking some release from all the studying. Before we go into the main topic, can every one of you, YES YOU!, remind your senior class to submit the forms for Graduation Day by this friday, if they haven't done so already? THANK YOU!

NOW, for the really fun stuff. FESTIVAL OF SPORTS!

By now, every class should have submitted their forms for the games that you are taking part in. So, all of you should already know some of the things to look out for. In any case, here are some reminders:

We are playing by classes, but fighting as one faculty. All points accumulated by your class will contribute to defining the performance of Artemis and our FAAAAAMILY ;)

There are about TWENTY-FIVE bullet points in the "Rules & Regulations" document released by the PE Department, but don't worry, here's everything summarised and complete with illustration!

1) Safety & Sportsmanship

First of all, please do take care of your health before and during FOS (do pardon us for nagging). Next, take note of the rules on school team players.

A team can register more than one school player per game. However, only 1 school player is allowed to play in a match at any one time

As much as we would love to go out there and dominate(!), we have to cater to the general school population...so to all our finest "sports-boys" and "sports-girls": we know you want to fight for our faculty more, and so do the two of us. But let's play fair and let everyone enjoy the games =)

and...no lowly fouls or jeering. we're dignified people around here.

2) that Passion in YOU

a picture is worth a thousand words eh? then a video should be able to express almost everything we want to say...

There is no 'i' in TEAM. You are never alone! Enjoy the games with your friends (:

3) "This is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain, and 100% reason to remember the name."

ahh...couldn't resist posting this...apologies to those who find it mundane, it is really amazing to save the game with 35 seconds left, and 13 points to make.
it's tough, not impossible.
We just have...to

Always there to SUPPORT
and err...with lots of LOVE <33333
Marie & Wei Leong!

2 Sep 2008